Thursday, August 21, 2008

First E Mail

I just wanted to let Everyone know that this is my E-mail. Everything here has been so great. The first few days were the hardest because it seemed all so overwhelming. All I can say is prayer is so important with everything that I do. I pray before anything because the greatest gift that we will ever receive is the Holy Ghost and if we pray as it says In John 16:14 at least I hope that it is that one that the Holy Ghost will teach us all things and with all those things we will remember them. I have been able to teach lesson one a couple times so far and Elder Wood and I my companion have had the spirit with us. The food here is better than I could of expected but even Better at the Provo Temple. I have been able to play soccer with a bunch of missionaries from Germany and over in other European regions. They are good and it just helps me to become better. I can see the blessings already from daily scripture study as you pray before and after you study. As I study the scriptures I have been able to remember so much more than I have used to be able to. Dallin H. Oaks came and had a devotional about the importance of the Holy Ghost and Renewing your baptismal covenants so you can always have the spirit with you.
I can't expound much more on that as I am under a minute but always follow the teachings of the prophets and his servants.
I love all of You,
Elder Regan Hansen

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