Monday, April 26, 2010

Regan, April 26, 2010

This past week has been really great and we were able to witness of the truths of the Plan of Salvation. With Brother Olsen's passing it brought sadness, but it also brought hope to many of those people who were needing the understanding of gospel truths and reassurance.

Monday we started off the morning by doing some service for Brother Curtis. His son was picking up a few things and taking them back to Louisiana, so we helped them pack all of it up. We then continued our day with cleaning the apartment and making sure that we had everything planned out and ready for Elder Bawden's surgery next week. We had a great dinner with the Hearn's and Mason and set up a time to do some service for the Mason's. We finished the night by visiting with the Byrd family. Sister Byrd has been feeling really ill lately and we were able to help her out a bit. We are working on finding her a ride to church because her husband works so much that he rarely gets a day off.

Tuesday we had a really great district meeting. As a group we were able to keep our thoughts and actions focused on the true meaning of the Atonement and strive to become a better group of missionaries. We were able to have some great role plays and focus a bit on our goals and what we are doing to work effectively throughout the week. After lunch we continued the day with tracting which went really well. We were able to talk with quite a few people that were willing to give us some referrals. We also talked with Frank Watts and set up an appointment with him. We visited with a few less active families in between and invited them back to church. We had dinner with the Fairchild's that evening which went really well. We're keeping our focus on Brother Fairchild so we can be guided on how to encourage him to act and come back to church. We finished the night with Family Home Evening with the Parkes family which went really well. We showed there family how to mark the promises in the Book of Mormon and committed them to continue every day.

Wednesday we went early to the Doctor so Elder Bawden could have his pre-operation appointment. All went well and everything is still continuing to go as planned. We came back and had studies which went really well and we learned a lot of great things but more importantly we have continued to learn how to be continually consistent. We went and visited with Sister Evans and had a really great lesson with her. We have been working on helping her to be consistent in involving her husband in more gospel discussion when he is at home. We then visited with Sister Colvin which was really great. She has been dealing with a lot of different things lately because of her mother have kidney cancer and multiple tumors but she is doing as good as projected. We're hoping that we can get everyone in the ward involved in helping her out during these trying times. We finished the night by going to the young men and young women's combined activity which went well. We invited a few less active youth earlier throughout the week and a few of them were able to make it which was awesome.

Thursday we started off the morning by cleaning up the church before Brother Olsen's wake and funeral. Sister Singleton has had a lot of different things that she has been having to do, so we figured we could help lesson the burden which has been upon her. It was really great being able to do all of that for her and for the Olsen family. We then did a lot of planning and really focused on what we were going to do this next week because it is the week of Elder Bawden's surgery. We were able to set up with individuals that we are focusing on having daily contact with but also those we are hoping to set up appointments for later on in the week. We went and visited with Brother Felton after and he is doing really great. He has done some Chemo treatments but it is just a precaution even though he is cancer free which is awesome. He shared with us that he has been able to watch part of conference from the sessions that he recorded. We finished of the night with Brother Olsen's wake and funeral. The spirit was very strong and you could really feel the love that was there. Brother Olsen has really been a great example to me and really everyone that he has ever associated with. As it says in Elder Cook's talk at General conference "The symbol of Christ for the Latter-day Saints will be found in the meaningful expression of our faith and the way we live His gospel." This is what I know by heart what Brother Olsen did each and everyday of his life.

Friday we had the opportunity first thing to do service for Brother Mason. We were able to remove a lot of things from their yard including plants, cement, and other odds and ends that needed to be removed. It was really awesome being able to do that but not only the service but being able to spend time one on one with Brother Mason and talk with him about what pushed him away from church. This time has really allowed us to figure out how we can help him recognize for himself to come back. After lunch we had a great visit with Joe Hickman and we shared some scriptures that really helped him out. We are now going to stay in daily contact with him and give him something new to read everyday and he committed to it. We went and visited with Brother Baylor who isn't a member. He shared with us about Brother Olsen's service and how he thought it was really nice. He invited us to come back sometime for dinner with the family which is great because only 2 out the six family members are members of the church. We finished off the night after tracting by having activity night at the church. We had a decent turn out and are really hoping to invite more people and get the members more involved by inviting their friends.

Saturday we started off the morning by doing the Bishop's Storehouse. It went really well and on the way back home we dropped off some food for some members whose car broke down on the way to the chapel. After getting cleaned up and having lunch we went and visited with Sister Gover which went really well. We were able to get a new number from her and also we are working on pin pointing a date for her to come to church and she is really excited about that. We then visited with Sister Byrd and found out that she has to work on Sunday but she is hoping that soon she will get her work schedule figured out so she won't have to in the future. That night we had dinner at the Mason's home with the Hearn's which was great. We were able to here a lot of different stories of both Brother Mason and Brother Hearn's missions.

Sunday we started off the day by going over to the Fairchild's and helped administer a blessing to their son Tyler. We then went to PEC which went really well and we are now working on refocusing on 20 members to work with. We had the Johnny family at church which has been really great and we also had Mathew along with his family. It has been great seeing the Kelly family come back to church and being able to teach Mathew. After church we visited with the Johnny's and helped them fill out some paper work for their application to move to a new apartment. We were able to talk with the kids for a bit and offer service. We were also able to visit with the Millers, Jeffrey Booth, Sister Hall, and Sister Binkerd. It was amazing to see that even when things looked dim that we continued to press forward and we were able to visit with quite a few members and have some great spiritual thoughts with them. We also visited Laura Teague and will be teaching her this coming week.

This week has brought me more growth within my own testimony especially even as I had said last week, that as we press forward and work throughout the week consistently we will continue throughout the week strong. I feel that we started off this week with a bang which propelled us into finishing our week with a bang. Oh, how I love this work and the consistency that it brings into my life.

Love You

Elder Regan Hansen

Monday, April 19, 2010

Regan, April 19, 2010

This week has been a really great week and we set some really great goals last week and this week that continued to propel us into having a week full of great blessings and receiving a continual growing testimony on working hard and not having a fade out finish.

Monday we had a great opportunity to spend some quality time with the Parkes family. We went with them to Fort Gaines and were able to experience some of the history of America. It was a wonderful to read and see of the different experiences and dedication that many men and women put forth for what they believed. We came back and had a great opportunity to talk with a less active member as we were doing our emails which was really great. We had dinner with the Martyn family which was really great. We also visited with a few other less active families before the night was out.

Tuesday we had a really great opportunity to continue to allow ourselves to be more directed by our Heavenly Father as we obtained a stronger spirit from district meeting. As we were able to go over the Atonement and shared different thoughts and feeling that came to us as we pondered and discussed we were all mutually uplifted and inspired. After lunch we went and continued to tract near a potential investigators house because he wasn't home at the time. We had a great time being able to testify of the Restoration and really allow other to feel the spirit speaking to their hearts. We ended up being able to see Kyle which was really great. We had a really good discussion where he truly opened up as we asked him questions and it directed us to teach him about different things within the Plan of Salvation and also the Restoration. We then went over and visited with Rachel and read 3 Nephi 14 with her. She has been doing pretty well and we are continuing to help her pack up some things so her move won't be as hectic in a couple weeks. We had a really great dinner with the Fairchild family and shared with them about weaknesses and read Ether 12:27. We were able to commit them to try and plan how to overcome their weaknesses and then put it to action.

Wednesday we started the morning off after studies by going to the doctors, so Elder Bawden could get all of his tests done before his surgery next week. We then went and visited with Brother Van Zant who has been less active for quite sometime but moved out here for work. He hasn't had much success so he told us that he was probably planning on going back to Utah soon. We immediately went and had a really great lesson on Temples with Sister Kimberly Evans and as we were there her dog gave birth to another puppy. We had dinner with Brother Klug which went real well. We then visited with a few less active member that lived near and were able to talk with them. Sister Wyser has been doing a lot better since she has been busy with work but is still trying to see if she can get some Sundays off for church.

Thursday I experienced one of the most profound things that I have been blessed with. We were asked to visit a member of the Monroeville Branch who had just had a child. Their little daughter had been having some difficulty breathing and they asked if I could be voice for her blessing. When I placed my hands on her the greatest sence of peace encircled and she gripped my hand with the most amazing grip. I was able to be voice for that amazing blessing in which she was promised and her family was promised many great things. As I pondered and thought about this experience throughout the day I received many great things about my future concerning about being a father and a husband. I feel truly blessed because of this great experience. We then continued our planning session which went really well and we focused on really improving and setting goals that would stretch us and keep focused on His work. We then went over to the Parkes and did some service for them. We were able to finally fix a leak under there house which had been causing them some grief. I was glad that being small I was able to make it in to where I could fix the problem without any further complications. We had dinner with the Hearn family that night which was really great and we discussed with them about the Atonement and how it has blessed our lives personally and collectively.

Friday we started off the morning by going over a little bit of the plans that we set and refocusing some goals that we were able to refine so we could receive greater direction. As soon as we were done with that we got ready and went over and did some service for Rachel which she was really grateful for. We were able to rip out a bunch of carpet and fix a few cosmetic problems in and outside of the house. We then came back and traveled up to Saraland to have dinner with the Mathies but it also gave us some great opportunities to be able to visit with a few less active members. We came back down from Saraland having visited with a few people and were able to make some calls to some of our potential and other investigators.

Saturday we found out early in the morning that Brother Olsen had passed away from his short bought with cancer. His funeral is going to be this Thursday at 7 and we are looking forward to being there to support his family at their time of grief. We then began tracting which I was really happy to do. We came to find out that almost everyone on the street had little dogs in their homes and many of them were catholic. We were able to have a few good discussions and were able to ask for referrals from everyone that would allow us to. After lunch we went up near the church to help Sister Parkes with a few things after a Relief Society thing and then went and visited with the Blackmon's. We found out that Brother Blackmon was in the hospital and we ended up giving him a blessing later on that night. He had some complications some medicine to help him pass a kidney stone and he is now doing a lot better. We were able to visit with the Johnny family and they are doing really great. We got everything set up for them to make it to church and we are really grateful for the members helping us get them to church. We finished the night by visiting with Brother Serrano which went really well. He has been doing pretty good and we read some scriptures with him.

Sunday was a really great day for us and I would almost say that it was our best day of the week. We had a great time at church and really the spirit was very strong throughout all of the meetings. The Relief Society sang a beautiful intermediate hymn which brought the spirit in even stronger during sacrament meeting. After potluck we went out with Brother Norwald who is getting ready for a mission and tracted. We had a great time and found both Harry and Adi. It was amazing being able to go out and tract and really see that if we put our full effort in and finish the week strong blessings do continually come. We went and visited with the Wyser's that evening to let them know about Brother Olsen and invited them to church next week. We also received a referral from them which was really awesome. We visited with the Ferrel/Gower family which was really great and we are really hoping we can get them back to church. Brother Ferrel isn't a member but he does strongly support the church. We came back home that night and had a little bit of study and dinner time which allowed us to continue to press forward in our marking of the Book of Mormon.

This week has really been a great week and as we continue to build and strive to increase our happiness by being Obedient we will truly experience the true Joy that Heavenly Father has waiting for us.

Love You

Elder Regan Hansen

Monday, April 12, 2010

Regan April 12, 2010

This week has been very wonderful with the opportunity to have seen Keno and Valentine Johnny enter into the covenant of Baptism and Confirmation. We have been able to see what hard work has allowed the Lord to bless us with and we will continue to re-boost and seek to talk with everyone in which we have the ability to speak with.

Monday we had a really good preparation day. We found out that Elder Bawden is having to have sinus surgery because of the illness that he has had but all will go really well and as planned. We were able to prepare for different things and really had the opportunity to shop and get a few things for when his surgery will be. We had dinner with the Hearn's and found out they will be moving soon. They are heading up to Indiana for school and we will have the opportunity of helping them get ready for their move in a few months.

Tuesday we had a really good district meeting and were able to talk about getting rid of any distractions that could allow things to get in the way of the Lord's work. We then traveled to see a potential investigator that we had but they weren't home so we started to tract a little bit early. We were able to talk to some really great people and were able to ask for referrals from many of them. We had really great lesson with Rachel and she was able to read over Alma 40. We read over it with her and were able to clarify things that she had thought about or was wondering about. We had a great dinner with the Fairchild family and we are hoping that with us going over every week that it will propel them to want to be more active. We then visited with a few other less active members which went really well.

Wednesday we started off the morning by seeing and investigator we tracted into but he wasn't there at the time so we talked with her wife for a little bit. We then went and visited with a few less active members near the area. After lunch we were able to visit with Kimberly Evans and finished watching over some of the church history DVDs with her. We are now going to be watching General Conference with her in our next visits. We stopped by a potential investigators house and shared with him the Book of Mormon and he was really excited to be able to read it. We tracted a little bit around the area and then traveled to Keno and Valentine's to begin filling out the Baptismal Records. We had a really great visit with them and had the opportunity to learn a little bit more about their family in the Marshall Islands. We then went to part of Bishop Parke's daughters soccer game and were able to talk with him about different things that are happening.

Thursday we began the day with Elder Metcalf and Morrison and traveled to Saraland to sing and have some lunch with a group of elderly people. It was really a lot of fun and they really enjoyed the opportunity to sing with us and to have us there to support them. The spirit was really strong as we were able to sing. We then came down and planned those things of which we needed to and it allowed us to get the baptism ready and other crucial things. We then went and did some service for Rachel and helped her clean and fix a few things around the house. We tracted after and had the opportunity to find a few potential investigators and were able to ask 8 different people for referrals in those few hours. We then met Elder Krieser and Tolley for Keno and Valentine Johnny's baptismal interviews which went really well.

Friday we started off the day by trying to see a few investigators and getting the baptismal program completed and set up. We were able to talk with a few investigators and set up some appointments with them. We then visited with Brother Serrano and he is doing really well and getting over the sickness that has been bothering him for a bit. We then went and tracted near a few less active members home while we were waiting to get the programs typed up. We were also able to see a few less active members before activity night happened at the church. We had 2 families show up and we were able to have a lot of fun and are continuing to invite more and more families. We were also able to set up a few things for the marriage and baptism.
Saturday we had a really great morning helping out with the bishop's storehouse and then immediately going and doing service for the Mason's who are a less active couple. We had a great time with them doing service and had a great lunch with them. We are going to keep doing service for them and hopefully it will propel Brother Mason back to church. We had just enough time to get ready before we had to go to the church and get more things set up for the marriage and baptism of Keno and Valentine. Both services went really well and there was a lot of support from the ward. The spirit was very strong and Love was truly felt. We then traveled up to the Kelly's for dinner and also were able to help them do a few things since Tim broke his hand just a few days earlier. We are trying to work with Mathew and it looks like he is really close on making the commitment to be baptized.

Sunday went really well and we were able to really feel of the His spirit. I am truly grateful for the priesthood and how it is used to bless so many lives. During PEC we were able to discuss the needs and pray for individuals who are struggling at this time. We were also able to be voice to the ordinance of confirmation for Keno and Valentine. After lunch we went and visited with a few referrals and had a few really good lessons. We then continued to tract and found Bill who we are really excited to meet with again. We finished the night by having dinner with the Parke's family which went really well and we were able to get everything signed by Bishop Parke's on the baptism and confirmation records.

Though this week had many ups and downs at certain times we were able to press through and felt much love and joy with our investigators and members in which the Lord blesses us to be able to serve.

Love You
Elder Regan Hansen

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tyler April 5 2010


Well you asked some questions about favorite companions, I am on the 13th companion, I have enjoyed being around a lot of them but my favorites have been Elder Probst and Elder Marshall because I can relate to them and with Elder Probst we can continue the friendship when we get home and go snowmobiling. Elder Maja is an alright guy but with him being from another culture and being raised in different ways things just dont relate the in same way.

Well this week has been kind of deppressing. We found out that the Odells are going to be going to Port Alfred, Elder Odell is going to be a branch president in Port Alfred, it is going to be kind of hard to cope. There are going to be no senior couples here for a couple of months from what President Probst has said. We will look forward when all the Utah missionaries can take a trip to the Odells and be with them. We were not able to watch any conference since the area presidency made the announcement to all the branches and wards of South Africa. It has been a really strange Easter but they are going to just show the recorded version of conference to all of South Africa on the 24th and 25th of April. I guess a major part of why they didn't show satellite broadcast was because they wanted better church attendance at the chapels. It seems like everybody in South Africa just takes a break during the holidays and so I guess it was directed by the Lord even though it is difficult to understand. I am actually emailing at Deserees who is a recent convert in George because we could not find any emailing shops open and the town has been shut down about the whole weekend. So instead of watching conference on Sunday we had an hour of sacrament meeting and then after we went tracting. We were able to find quite a few potentials this past week and found a guy that has really impressed me because he is looking for the truth and has really been humbled by having a deaf daughter and helping her throughout her life but then again he is kind of lazy and doesn't like to read too much and doesn't have a job and says God will give him everything so I don't know some things are interesting around here. I have a feeling this upcoming transfer is going to be a changing experience for me if I stay in George, I hope this area can be a 6 week area for me but I know it probably won't happen. We are having a hard time getting member help and so I can only come up with a few other options which is tracting and street contacting which isn't as effective. We have one baptism coming up from the area which is Elizabeth Dagean, we have a date for the 17th of April but other than that it has been pretty tough for the others that we have been seeing. We have a really good feeling about Sis Johanna who was a referral from Deseree but things are slowly progressing. I just hope that everything will work ok here in the branch with no senior couples here because from what I understand they have been keeping things rolling taking major responsibilities which aren't supposed to be theirs in the branch. Today we are going to go golfing with Elder Odell since it is the last p-day with them so we better go. I will have to send some pictures next week. Have a good week stay well.

Elder Tyler Hansen

Monday, April 5, 2010

Regan, April 5, 2010

Well this week was by far one of the most uplifting and spiritual weeks that I have had on my entire mission and I am sure that His spirit won't make it be the last that I have. I am truly grateful because of the humbling messages and events that I have been able to witness this week.

Monday we had a a really great preparation day. We were able to do all of our shopping and cleaning that we needed to do. We were able to spend some time with Brother Martyn and his daughter which was really fun. Chloe is such a funny little girl and she is very smart for only being 4 yrs old. We then had dinner with the Hearns and had a really great time sharing topics of the gospel. After we went to Providence Hospital and gave a blessing to Sister Causey's Brother in the Lucedale Branch. He isn't a member but he was able to have his family there and the spirit was voice for what he needed.

Tuesday we started of the day by visiting with Sister Milburn who was in a retirement home. She really can't speak much but her spirit was so strong. We were able to give her a blessing and also read out of the Book of Mormon with her. She is such a great example to me because I have now seen for myself what true dedication to the Gospel is even when physically circumstances can become challenging. I felt the Love that Heavenly Father has for her and it was truly a savoring experience. After we tracted for a little bit before lunch which went really great. After lunch we visited with Sister Thompson who is a recent convert. We found out that her mom is now cancer free and is now going to be able to get back into the routine of things once again. We then tracted and talked with 7 different people before we were able to find some really great potentials. We are very eager to follow up with Brain and Allison about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We had a good lesson with Rachel and offered service. She didn't read Alma 40 this past week so we testified of the truth of the Book of Mormon and re-committed her. We had a great dinner with the Fairchilds and spent some time with their kids and asked them how they were enjoying primary. We had a great family home evening with Sister Byrd and invited her to General Conference.

Wednesday we started the morning off by seeing the Campbell's and they ended up feeding us an early lunch which was really awesome. We then traveled up to the Chickasaw area and tried to visit with a few referrals on the way. We ended up talking with a few other people and followed up with some of the less active members to see how they were doing. We had a great lesson on church history with Kimberly and this week we will start to leave her with a few chapters out of the Book of Mormon to read. We came back down and visited with Sister Wyser and she is doing a lot better. She has had quite a few setbacks but is still pushing forward and keeping her head held high. We received a call from some members who lived really close and gave Brother Klug and his granddaughter both blessings. It is truly amazing to see that there is always and will always be multiple reasons why we go to a certain place each day. We then had combined activity with the Young Men and Young Women which went really well and they are still working on inviting their friends out.

Thursday was a really great day of planning for us. We were able to update all of the records and also right up on the board all of our investigators who are progressing or not progressing and all those we need to follow up with and are hoping to teach. It allowed us to see who we needed to continue to keep our focus on but also those we needed to stop by and let them know we would have to be dropping them. We then visited with Melinda and asked about how all of the family was doing. Her husband Dave is the only member in the family and he has just signed with the army reserve and is now very busy and preparing for his trainings. We then went off with the Monroeville elders and had some really great opportunities tracting. I went with Elder Merkley and the others tracted on the other side of the street. We were all able to talk with some really great people and set up appointments with a couple and will be following up with the other this week. Elder Merkley and I then went and visited Jeffrey Booth and talked with her for a minute before we went and shared a message with the Parkes family. Elder Bawden and Shumway had a great lesson with Keno and Valentine and everything is still lined up for them to be getting baptized on April 10th.

Friday was truly an amazing day at Zone Conference. His spirit was able to testify to all of our hearts and knit them together as one in Unity. I felt truly blessed to be a mouthpiece for the Lord at the times that I was asked. I was strengthened through His Spirit and in increased my faith and desire to continue to act. I am truly grateful for those things of which were testified to my soul that I will be able to share with others of which I have learned for myself and will be their guides so they can learn for themselves. We immediately left and visited with Brother Serrano who had been having some really bad health problems and gave him a blessing. We were prepared to give that blessing and His voice was manifest unto Brother Serrano of the things of which he needed to hear and receive. We then had dinner with the Mathie's which went really well and then went and had activity night at the church and we had a lot of great participation.

Saturday and Sunday were both truly amazing days and I don't know how I couldn't not just combine them as with they were all such a great pattern of revelation revealed through His chosen servants. I feel from the bottom of my heart that conference was truly meant for the things of which I had been thinking and questioning within my soul. I received much comfort, peace, and guidance which is truly going to bless me as I seek to apply and use this knowledge and action in my life. We were able after Sunday session to give Sister Pacetti a blessing and then traveled and taught Keno and Valentine with Brother Nordwald. It was great to have him with us to testify and prepare himself for his mission which is hoping to be leaving on very soon. He working on all of his interviews as we speak and I am very excited for him. We truly had a great lesson and the spirit was able to speak through us and open Keno's heart to the truth. He shared with us such a powerful experience of agency that it testified to me. He had the desire come to use some chewing tobacco and his shared this with his wife and she said that he didn't need it anymore. He then immediately picked up the Book of Mormon and began to read from its marvelous pages and before he knew it that desire had been taken from him. It was a true testimony builder for him and also for us.

I am indebted and grateful for what the Lord has allowed me thus far in my life to witness and I look forward to receive more knowledge for myself and continually striving to be a guide for those who desire to know for themselves of this wonderful truth.

Love You

Elder Regan Hansen