Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tyler April 5 2010


Well you asked some questions about favorite companions, I am on the 13th companion, I have enjoyed being around a lot of them but my favorites have been Elder Probst and Elder Marshall because I can relate to them and with Elder Probst we can continue the friendship when we get home and go snowmobiling. Elder Maja is an alright guy but with him being from another culture and being raised in different ways things just dont relate the in same way.

Well this week has been kind of deppressing. We found out that the Odells are going to be going to Port Alfred, Elder Odell is going to be a branch president in Port Alfred, it is going to be kind of hard to cope. There are going to be no senior couples here for a couple of months from what President Probst has said. We will look forward when all the Utah missionaries can take a trip to the Odells and be with them. We were not able to watch any conference since the area presidency made the announcement to all the branches and wards of South Africa. It has been a really strange Easter but they are going to just show the recorded version of conference to all of South Africa on the 24th and 25th of April. I guess a major part of why they didn't show satellite broadcast was because they wanted better church attendance at the chapels. It seems like everybody in South Africa just takes a break during the holidays and so I guess it was directed by the Lord even though it is difficult to understand. I am actually emailing at Deserees who is a recent convert in George because we could not find any emailing shops open and the town has been shut down about the whole weekend. So instead of watching conference on Sunday we had an hour of sacrament meeting and then after we went tracting. We were able to find quite a few potentials this past week and found a guy that has really impressed me because he is looking for the truth and has really been humbled by having a deaf daughter and helping her throughout her life but then again he is kind of lazy and doesn't like to read too much and doesn't have a job and says God will give him everything so I don't know some things are interesting around here. I have a feeling this upcoming transfer is going to be a changing experience for me if I stay in George, I hope this area can be a 6 week area for me but I know it probably won't happen. We are having a hard time getting member help and so I can only come up with a few other options which is tracting and street contacting which isn't as effective. We have one baptism coming up from the area which is Elizabeth Dagean, we have a date for the 17th of April but other than that it has been pretty tough for the others that we have been seeing. We have a really good feeling about Sis Johanna who was a referral from Deseree but things are slowly progressing. I just hope that everything will work ok here in the branch with no senior couples here because from what I understand they have been keeping things rolling taking major responsibilities which aren't supposed to be theirs in the branch. Today we are going to go golfing with Elder Odell since it is the last p-day with them so we better go. I will have to send some pictures next week. Have a good week stay well.

Elder Tyler Hansen

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