Monday, December 29, 2008

Regan December 29, 2008

Well this week I don't have to much to say. I can explain the area that I am in can fit just perfect with the Allegory in Jacob about the Olive Tree. This past week all of the hard work with out seeing much success has paid off. We found 2 investigators this past week. With all of the meaningful prayers and positive contacts with them the doors have been opened. Today we have an appointment with Clay and we are bringing a future missionary along. We have been really excited because with what we know and the questions that he wants answered the Holy Ghost will bear witness of them to him. With this opportunity we will also be able to hopefully talk to his wife in future visits and bring there family closer together and with hope for eternity.

I have been able to feel of this Great Spirit that has been about us in this past week of Christmas. Through that special spirit we have seen the hearts soften on more people than we thought. It has truly shown me how well these miracles can happen when we bring our will and pursuit into the lords work and his will.

I want thank everyone for there support and presents that I have received this Christmas. It was great to talk to some of you and hear about the things back at home.

May we all continue to carry the spirit that is within us and be that guiding light to all those who need us.

LOve You
ELder Regan Hansen

Monday, December 22, 2008

December 22, 2008

First want to thank everyone for your support during this time of year with your letter and packages. This week during service at the zoo I really made a tiger mad and had it totally come after me. I guess my camera reflected on its face luckily there was a fence there to save me. I am hoping to send a picture of it.

This past week we have had many Christmas activities throughout our branch and also the stake. We had a branch Christmas party and were able to get many less active individuals out to it. On Friday the stake put together a great nativity program and we were able to talk to investigators and have activities and music to envelop them in the spirit of Christmas.
We have also been caroling allot lately. I can't sing but we all try and we have not yet received a bad review. We have been able to to receive investigators this way and we hope that on our last night of it tomorrow that we will be able to continue and bring that spirit to those who are not able to feel or receive it at this moment.

This past Sunday had such a great spirit filled Christmas program. We were able to bring out allot of less active members to listen to the beautiful program that was presented. Later that night we watched with a family the special witness DVD and I would suggest to everyone if you can watch that with your families, friends, and those that need to be uplifted and edified by these solemn witnesses. The testimonies on there have strengthen me and have uplifted me to a now sense of gratification of this restored gospel.

I want to wish you all a "Merry Christmas" and thank you again for all the support.

Love you
Elder Regan Hansen

Monday, December 15, 2008

December 15, 2008

Hey I just wanted to leave a quick not since I really don't have to much time because the Library has been having problems with there computers. We also have to get ready for a family home evening with a part member family that has been inactive but want to come back to church. I have really come to understand the importance of prayer as I have been out here. Especially prayers of faith. I really love what President Monson said in his past Conference.
President Monson testified, last General Conference, that there are areas of the world where our influence is limited and where we are not allowed to share the gospel freely. He urged us to pray for the opening of those areas, that we might share with them the joy of the gospel. He testified that country after country presently closed to the Church would open their doors if we pray with faith.
I know that if we all strive to have Prayers of Faith and ask for all of those who are not able to hear the Gospel at this time that they will hear it very soon.

LOve YOu all

ELder Regan Hansen

Monday, December 8, 2008

December 8, 2008

Not to much exciting stuff has happened this week. We have worked hard this week and have done tons of tracting. We had some success but we only found potential investigators because we could never actually set a return appointment for them. Yesterday we a great day of the week. Through having fast Sunday and hearing testimonies, to being able to see the Christmas devotional it was great. We watched the devotional at Brother and Sister Wagners. The messages that were contained in this devotional were truly inspiring. The message of this time of year is truly about the giving nature and have charity. With the pure love of Christ and being able to truly give myself to this work in this season inspires me. Our mission president gave us such a great message today in his letter.

If we properly celebrated this season we would not rest from our labors. We would, instead, intensify our passion to find, teach, baptize and retain. If we wanted to really show our love for Him this Christmas; we would study, pray, fast, plan, work and love with all of our heart might mind and strength so that others may partake of the true reason for this season. If we were really into the substance of the season, we would talk to everyone, trusting in faith that He would lead us to a prepared person because we were prepared servants. We would stretch to our outer limits to accomplish goals focused on the Key Indicators because these indicators represent people who we desire to see happy this season. In such effort we would bask in His Spirit, the Christmas Spirit. No celebration we could ever experience can match the beauty of seeing someone respond to our witness and change their lives to bring them in harmony with the Son of God. No song we could listen to this season could compare in inspiration to the hearing the Song of Redeeming love being expressed by someone we have found and are teaching. No present we receive could match the joy of seeing some precious soul rise from the waters of baptism clean and committed. No feeling could match the warmth of seeing someone we have grown to love receive the baptism of fire. The truest happiness we will ever experience is helping someone else partake of the great plan of happiness.

These things of which he has stated in this small simple, but powerful paragraph can truly change the work in this season of the year. I have been able to see this joy that he speaks of because of the baptisms that I have had have brought me so much joy. In this time of giving and the great Christmas season we should all give ourselves to the lords work and invite those who are less fortunate or don't have this gospel to attend our church and feel of the spirit that comes of this special season.

I love All of you and the support that you have given me. For the cards and the thoughts behind them.

Elder Regan Hansen

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I am Now in East london

hello family
I am just wondering if everyone is doing alright, Well we flew out on Tuesday morning and made it to Cape Town on Wednesday the 8 of us elders from the MTC spent the night at the mission home and the next morning I flew to my first transfer in East London my companions name is Elder Sheasby he's from Johannesburg South Africa he is a very good missionary and I look up to him as a trainer and the missionary he is. He knows how to work hard and hes very smart as well. He is white and basically one the British accent people. In our district there is the four of us Elder Fausett from castle dale and his companion Elder Dishon from Kenya and then me and Elder Sheasby. we are the 1st ward here in Beacon Bay East London. I really enjoy it out here with the first week we've meet lots of people and I was able to spend my first sacrament at the ward last Sunday. there was like only 40 people there and the main work is getting less actives back to church since the church is kind of far away from the area. It is really hot here and the wind is blowing all the time, it also rains alot here I think it has rained just about everyday here since I got here. My p days are on Mondays. I want to send some Christmas to you through a package I talked to an elder here and he is sending one that would cost about 400 rand so about 40 dollars so I don't think its to bad. The allowance they give us here on the mission is 400 rand every two weeks, so its not very much money we live off of, just enough to get some food. Mom I love you and want to tell you I miss your food I have had some really nasty food here and its just gotten worse since we came out here to East London but I'm slowly getting used to it. The Cape Town mission is a huge mission and there are about 150 missionaries out and theres about 16 in the country of Namibia. well every things going alright I hope to here from you soon.
Elder T Hansen.

Monday, December 1, 2008

December 1, 2008 Gulf Breeze

This past week by far has been my biggest struggle of my mission. But I wouldn't look at in any other way than being a blessing that has now strengthen me in so many ways. With Transfers to Gulf Breeze it was just like I was once again coming right out of the gates. I found out later that day that I am in a Bike Area.

The mission has about 17 of these area's and I am now lucky enough to be in one. My new companion is Elder Spencer Pond from Seattle. He thinks that he recognizes my cousin Elder Deven Downey's name but I will have to see. He is actually from Bellevue right outside of there. I have been strengthened so much in this week by primarily prayer and using the power of the Atonement. As we all know we can't expect thing to adjust to what we want them to so we must adjust.

I have used the enabling power of the Atonement to adjust to my new area and the new circumstances that I have been put in. I can say that the enabling power is just on of those blessings and miracles that keep us going. I never could of traveled over 27 miles in my first full day here without that power. I have seen now how much my body has now adapted and how much more it will continue to adapt. I know that through that power of the atonement that we can receive those blessings and those changes that come through it by faith and knowing he will continue to carry our burdens. Through these changes I have been able to go and find those who are searching for that true gospel and that true light that we all have.

I know that if we all pray for the strength to adapt to those things that are hard for us or even challenging that with our faith in Jesus Christ that he will enable us and carry us through those things of which stand in our way.

Love You all and Thank you for the Support

Elder Regan Hansen

Thursday, November 27, 2008

November 2008

Well hello family again I wasn't able to email on Saturday because the telephone line was out so they let us do it on Monday if we wanted during our activity time. I hope I answer most of your questions but I'll try to send some pictures as soon as I can Ihere some of the things here are cheaper anyways since its 10 rand to the dollar. All I can tell you about Johannesburg is there are tons of people everywhere and most of them are black. We go to the temple every Tuesday and we go to the city and there are people everywhere sometimes i feel like the inside of an Oreo cookie with how many black people there are. It reminds me alot like Washington D.C. When we went proselyting the other day it was kind of sad to see some of the people in total boredom and nothing to do but drink beer. we went to this little community called sueto just about 40 minutes east of the mtc and the people have nothing to do there I was in kind of in a culture shock. As we walked around many were riding horses, walking on dirt roads and the houses were very small and very dirty. I think cape town will be maybe a little better. Some of the people here just have no lives they don't work they just sit there and drink or smoke and live there Protestant religion life. I really haven't been out in the safari much but there are some pretty cool birds that fly by the mtc every once and a while. the electrical is very different in the outlet you just plug in these two big prongs and when you turn on the light it takes about 10 seconds for the light to come on. This elder that is in my room has like this conversion kit that i guess works pretty well it transfers from U.S. to Europe to South America and To South Africa It just has all those receptacle changes. the mtc is in roodeport about 40 min away from joburg and here in south africa they drive on the wrong side of the road so that will take some getting used to. That's funny that lassys getting fat I think she should have her pups right around the end of November or something I didn't write it down when she was bred. That's good that Chris made the basketball team and yes I heard that Obama is president I heard it on the plane coming from Dakar to Johannesburg When we heard it just like all the black people on the plane shouted. Right now there are the 24 elders total at the mtc its a pretty small mtc but there are 11 black elders and 1 white elder that speaks British accent. Mostly everyone knows English here but some are hard to understand. I have two teachers that are white including president cannon and sister Cannon they have a British accent and then the rest of the teachers are black teachers. mother I just want to tell you I miss some of the food here at the mtc isn't as good as yours its mainly oily and some things that are grown in south Africa that I haven't gotten used to. We have been working on the second discussion lately found in the preach my gospel that is the main focus of what we study here as well as the book of Mormon. The preach my gospel is basically a study guide that missionaries use there whole mission the better you understand it the better off you are as a teacher. well I love you all and I think by the time my letter gets to you ill be in cape town so if I don't email you next week it will have to be when I'm in cape. Love Elder T. Hansen

Pictures of Tyler in Cape town

Monday, November 24, 2008

Regan November 24, 2008, Transfer to Gulf Breeze Florida

Hey well this week has been great. With the baptism yesterday and finding about the new transfer today I don't have much time before I need to start packing. I have found out that I am now going to Gulf breeze, Florida. I have heard that it is a small little beach town. I had the opportunity to look on a map and it is south of Pensacola. I am very excited about this new change. I have come to love all of those that I have served with here in Semmes and the ward members especially. I will miss them but I now know that I must press forward and enter a new area of the Lord's Vineyard. I know that the work there is only going to get harder since there has been no missionaries there for a bit but I look forward to the hard work I must perform.

This next message is what we received as a mission from the missionary department in SLC

"I hope this e-mail finds all well with you and the great missionaries in the Florida Tallahassee Mission. Elder Mask dropped by the other day to indicate he had just conducted a mission tour with you. He couldn't’t say enough about how impressed he was with your mission and missionaries. He made particular note of what great teachers he thought they are! Congratulations."

I am grateful to be one of the missionaries. The Lord will always bless the areas that we are in and will always have those who have been prepared for us to teach. I am grateful for the support that you all give me and I am indeed grateful for your prayers. Lets all continue to labor in the Lord's Vineyard. Indeed the work is there and will always be great in our lives. As for now I must go pack for my next great adventure on the Lord's path for me.

Love all of you

Elder Regan Hansen

Monday, November 17, 2008

November 17, 2008

This week has been pretty well. We had a Zone Conference and the spirit was there very strongly. We in the mission right now have been focusing alot of prayer. We have been using Elder Bednar's last 2 conference talks on prayer and applying them into our daily life's and prayers. I have been able to see so much increase in my work through the application of those 2 talks. I know that through prayer we can make those changes in our lives that will bring us closer to our Saviour and enhance the relationship that we have with him. I have been able to see the changes through prayer that have brought me more spiritual enlightened studies in the morning and also throughout the day. I would encourage all of you to take a look at Elder Bednar's talks and see how the spirit directs you. We had our work cut out for us this past week with teaching Myya before she gets baptized. We decided to change the date of her baptism to this coming Sunday. I can't wait to see that smile on her face after she gets baptized. I love going to baptisms because the spirit is there so strongly and brings that righteousness even closer to us. Yesterday at Church I was able to hear a powerful talk given by the Stake Patriarch. The power that he had in his talk about blessings and the importance that fathers have in their role of having the priesthood was powerful. He said that when we get blessings for our fathers we should write down those things that we remember because those are the things we need to hold onto the most. He read a talk that came from a prayer meeting out of the Temple in Washington. It talks about a young man who had some problems and his faith of wanting to receive a patriarchal and those things that were bestowed upon him. I will send that letter to my dad and have him put it on the blog so everyone can see it. Those blessing that we receive from our fathers are powerful and can bring much guidance into our lives. I will get some more pictures sent in the next couple weeks so everyone can see them before the holidays.
Love all of You
Elder Regan Hansen

Monday, November 10, 2008

November 10, 2008

This past week started off great being able to see some gators which I will definitely have to get send some pictures around. This week we planned out well and went to visit all of our new potential investigators. As we went over some of them weren't home but the great thing was that other members of their families were they are we shared the message with them. Through all of this we have been able to have whole families be investigators and wanting to learn of the truths that they can add to what they already know. We had a real close friend this week get baptized in the Theodore ward. His name is Hanalae and he is in the coast guard from Hawaii. I met him within a couple weeks of being out and I have been able to see first hand of the faith and the growth that he has been able to have through the gospel of Jesus Christ. His baptism was this past Saturday and the spirit was there so strongly. He bore his testimony to us after he was baptized and I can say that it is one of the strongest that I have heard from a new member. On Sunday I ended up teaching the 12-18 year old class and let me tell you it was a struggle. I can only imagine what my teachers had to go through. I am glad though for the opportunity because by the end of it I was able to bring out the scripture in Helaman 5:12. This is a scripture that we should all apply into our lives continually and I will leave it up to all of you to read it for yourselves. After we had a lesson with a Myya she is 9, by the end of it we asked her if she would get baptized and she said yes. I was filled with so much joy and happiness. It is going to be this coming Sunday and I will definitely get some pictures sent. We have been talking to her for about 2 months little by little at church since we only have so many miles and citronelle is quite far away. I am so glad to see the child like faith that she possesses and it how much I have grown from her. I am so happy be able to proclaim this gospel to so many. I know that if we apply the gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives we will all continue to grow. I have been able to see first hand through my studies and apply the passages that I have read that I have been blessed with the spirit. As we all continue to be obedient and make it our objective, God will endow us with his power. With using the power of the Atonement in our lives and earnestly to desire to make those changes in our hearts through prayer those desires become one with us.
I love all of You
Thank you for all the support
Elder Regan Hansen

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

farwell pictures


Tyler is on his way to South Africa he was sent off at the airport by his parents Steve and Angie his brother and sisters his Grandpa and Grandma Hansen. He was all grins.

Monday, November 3, 2008

November 3, 2008

I don't have to much time to write because this p-day is pretty hectic with everything that some of the ward members have planned. We have had some continued success with tracting this week. We have also received many member referrals which are great for us. We have been able to contact every referral that we have been given and set up appointments to visit all of them. We had a conference this past week in Pensacola. We had Elder Mask of the 2nd quorum of the 70 and he is one powerful speaker. He has many stories from his mission and many that he has heard from his family members that have strengthened me. We have continued our mission culture by adding to more bullet points from "Remember This" in the back of Preach My Gospel. I have been able to see when we apply this in our work and use these great tools that we have received the spirit really does pour down. I have seen how much Unity has increased by applying all of those steps. Today we were able to go to an Alligator farm which has taken up some of my time today. I have not seen so many of them up close before, but they are some big suckers. I will eventually send another CD home so I can get some pictures posted on the blog that my dad has set up. Unfortunately we are not able to go on the air boats so we were not able to see all of the alligators. Well this is all the time that I have.

Love You all

Elder Regan Hansen

Monday, October 27, 2008

October 27, 2008

This week has been very busy indeed. We have prayerfully planned every night and success has shown. With our planning we have added tracting and picking different streets to go down. We have had tons of success and found 7 new investigators this week by simply knocking on doors. It is amazing how such a simple act can bring so much potential. I thank the lord for all the guidance through these successful days of tracting. In Alma 13:24 it gives great example to us. It declares that many angels at this time are preparing people with the gospel. There are many people out there but we have to have the faith and put our trust in the lord to guide us to them through the spirit of the Holy Ghost. If we continue to strive to feel those promptings of the spirit we can each have personal revelations in our own lives. I know that even those people who didn't want to hear of the message now that we have planted those seeds and eventually they will come unto Christ. We tracted into a lady on Wednesday and she brought us right into her house. We talked a bit and found out that she had been taught the lessons with her husband 10 years ago. He had passed away in the past two years and she has found herself questioning her Catholic faith. Just from that example we can all see how just one little seed can bring forth so much fruit. We attended a funeral today which seems almost more than I can handle. In just 8 weeks I have been to 3 different ones. I love the message that can be given at funerals because it answers those questions that people have about the plan of salvation. I love to see the strength and the faith that the families all have after they hear of that message in the talks given. It brings them much peace as stated in John 14:27. I hope that through any struggles that we all have that the lord is always there to answer those prayers and to bring that peace in our lives.

I love you all

Elder Regan Hansen

Monday, October 20, 2008

October 20, 2008

This week has been a week of Increased Unity. My companion and I have made many changes that have strengthened our Unity and we can apply it to our teachings. With this new strength it will increase the power of which we can have as we teach. We have had the opportunity to have a Zone Conference this week. We did many role plays and we follow the guidelines of "Remember This." If you don't know where or what that is, it is in the back of Preach My Gospel. That is the culture of our mission and we are becoming preach my gospel missionaries. I can testify as what the apostles have said that "this book was created on the other side and was put together on this side." The power that can be used for the teaching of this is a blessing. As we had our role plays and teach ed from those things in preach my gospel it brings the spirit out more strongly. I have been able to see the growth that I have had compared to the 6 weeks that I have been out in the mission field. The spirit of the conference was so strong that it was radiating from all angles and as I bore my testimony on faith I could feel the spirit guiding my words. All of Us can pick people up and carry them with our faith. We can lift them to an understanding that if we act on that faith it will increase those Christ like attributes that we should all desire to increase and obtain in our lives. We also had Stake Conference and had Elder Jensen from the 70 come out. His talk was very powerful and always expressed his love for those who are investigating the church and those that are being prepared. We all need to do our part in missionary work and at church we need to fellowship those that are investigating. With that friendship they will feel the love of which we have and the love that the Savior has for all of his children. I would like to thanks for the love and support that everyone has given me and I truly know that your prayers are with me. I can feel the strength that all of you have for me but also for those that are being prepared by those angels. If we continue in the process of becoming more unified as a whole the miracles and blessings from that will be powerful.

Love all of you

Elder Regan Hansen

Thursday, October 16, 2008

October 14, 2008

I am going to say first we work on Holidays so if one falls on a Monday I will have P-Day Tuesday. We did have some service this week and helped a sister in our ward who raises miniature horses. I had the experience of helping see if they were pregnant or not. I have pictures but I will save them for another time. We also brushed them and shaved them. I never knew that a miniature horse could be so much work. I am glad that I was able to help because without us being there she would of not been able to accomplish the work which was needed. I found out today that I am not being transfered out of the Semmes area. I am grateful that I can continue to serve here and grow from it all. We found out last night that they are totally taking the missionaries out of the mobile area because the ward doesn't want to help the missionaries. It is the largest city in our mission. It is a step of faith for the mission president to set forth. I hope that through this step that the Mobile ward will understand the true importance of missionary work as we do as missionaries. I still do know as stated in the Book Of Mormon that the angels are preparing the hearts of many so the mission will still go on.
I love all of You
Elder Regan Hansen

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

October 6, 2008

We have been able to have some pretty good lessons this week with our investigators. There have been some that have been so powerful that we have shed the tears of joy and peace that come with this great gospel. We have talked to a couple who need to get married before they can get baptized. She has been struggling with the decision because she has a scholarship through her dad who was in the coast guard. Along with that she will lose it and the insurance benefits that she has. We have seen so much of a change that she prays that those will not be in her way anymore to be baptized. I think within the next couple weeks she might give up those two things and get married so they can be baptized. She has truly been humbled by the lord and expressed through tears at how bad she wants to talk to the bishop even though she is scared and wants to be baptized. I know that her boyfriend feels the same way but he is a very quite and shy guy. We have also been talking to a lady who told us she had no purpose in life. As we have talked to her for two weeks she has now looked us in our eyes and has such a beautiful smile that is now being revealed. She too has had many struggles in her life but the great thing about her is she truly reads and is wanting to learn. We have set up a Baptismal date with her. I have been able to see that peace, joy, and happiness that our gospel has brought to her. When I was sitting at conference these past two days I have truly pondered on everything. I have wondered about the conferences that I have not listened to and how much I could of truly changed in those qualities of which have been asked. I feel as if the most powerful message was given Saturday afternoon when Jeffrey R. Holland gave his remarks. That story touched me so strongly and as I still ponder upon it day by day I know of those angles who have truly helped me change in life. If it wasn't for the strong support of my mother and father I truly don't know where I would be. Just the talks that I can say that we have had make such the impact on my life and have truly changed me. I can remember when I entered the MTC. That I found 2 letters in one of my bags. As I pondered on all that my mom had wrote in hers I could truly feel part of the pain, of much that I have caused her and also the joys of which we have brought each other. When I read my dad and he expressed in scriptures relating of how proud he was of me I truly felt that love and strength that he has given me through the years. As I pondered over those messages that night and as I continue to read them I am brought to many tears. I know the counsel that if we continue our family prayers that we will be brought in more closer Unity with our families. I know that if we make those changes in our life as expressed in many of the talks that we will grow and gain experience and increase our faith in our Heavenly Father and our Redeemer and Savior Jesus Christ. I know that through giving our thanks for what we have and what the lord has helped us accomplish we can receive those personal revelations. I just want to let everyone know that I can feel the Support and Love that has been here with me through the tough and perilous time but I know that with my service that my friends and family are blessed continually through the power of the Lord.

I love each and every one of You

Elder Regan Hansen

Monday, September 29, 2008

September 29, 2008

This week has not been the most productive of all weeks but it still had a great spirit to it. On Monday we ate at the bishops house and had prepared the family home evening for his family. It was great setting some goals and I have now planned on how to accomplish those goals. Without setting goals in life and not planning on how to accomplish those we will never reach our full potential. We helped Brother Shoemaker with his fence some more. We have put up a bunch of it but we still have to finish with the wire. This week our air conditioner froze up so it was crazy hot. It took 2 days to thaw it out and luckily on Sunday we got it working again. We helped the relief society set up for there dinner before the General Relief Society broadcast which I heard was good. On Saturday we had a missionary going home. His parents came out from Hawaii to come and get him. We went over to the party and they had the Bama and Georgia game on. We saw that Bama Killed them so it was all good. We all said our goodbye's in sort of a testimony type meeting and everything was so heartfelt. I only new Elder Tovo for 3 weeks but just having him around and hearing of what he had to say has been able to enlighten me in so many ways. Unfortunately this coming week we might have to drop 4 investigators that want to be baptized. Since I have been here they have not progressed at all. It is sad seeing that they are putting everything before the Lord.
I love You all
Elder Regan Hansen

Monday, September 22, 2008

September 22, 2008

This week has been very spiritual for me. First I had zone conference and did many role plays, teaching lessons, etc... I was able to learn so much and also to see how much I have progressed in such the little time that I have been in Alabama. When we were there we set a goal of 6 new investigators for the next day. As we went home that night we spent just about 2 hours planning on how to accomplish that goal. Through many prayers and prompting we finally finished. We went up to Citronelle and talked with some referrals and ended up getting 3 new investigators. We came back down to Semmes and by the end of the day and putting all of our faith in the lord we found 9 new investigators. I know that if we all put our trust in the lord he will lead and guide us through anything that we need as long as we use the enabling power of faith so the spirit can direct us. This week total we found 12 new investigators. We have been able to see miracles upon miracles by putting all of our trust in the lord. On Friday we Baptized Devon and Emily Barton. I stood as a witness and I would have to say that it is in my top 10 most spiritual moments that I have had. On Sunday we blessed them to receive the Holy ghost and seeing Devon and her daughter after that they were like 2 new people. They have such a different appearance about them and they can both now progress more than ever. They can now in a year go to the temple and be sealed to the rest of their family for eternity. I can just feel that with all the changes that they have made and how much stronger their family now is they will continue to receive blessings as they continue to follow the lord and his servants. I also had to give a talk on Sunday about charity and pride. Through my studies I know that my talks and words have become more powerful and to the point to where the spirit can bear that witness to them. Through the spirit anything is possible as long as we have that faith in the lord that he will lead and guide us in all things.
Love You All
Elder Regan Hansen

Monday, September 15, 2008

Pictures From The MTC

September 15, 2008

This week has been a different in so many ways. We have not found any new investigators this week. We do have 2 baptisms though for this saturday 20th. I am so excited about it. I have been able to see the progress from this mother and daughter over the past to weeks and it has been such a faith growing experience. Seeing Deven oversome her smoking addiction and having those desires in her heart to have those changes and the desire to be baptized is great. She has been a great example to her daughter to strengthen her faith also. My testimony has grown so much in such little and my faith is increasing as well. I was able to bear my tesimony in the fast sunday at the start of this month. It was the best one that I have ever done and I felt the spirit so strongly as I expressed it that my legs started to shake a little bit. It was such a powerful message and many ward members said that it had touched their hearts. We are so close to have 4 more baptisms. 3 of them just need to come to church for a couple weeks and then we could baptize them but it is a struggle when we commit them to come and they say they will and they don't show up. The other she still has her smoking addiction but her desires are all there and she expresses how much she wants to be baptized. We had to go back up to Citronelle this week because they buried Brother Kimmins in the wrong grave so it had to be re-dedicated. As we were there we found out that the last treaty of the civil war occured there. I have some pictures that I will send in my next e-mail if I remember to bring my camera. Shortly my dad should have some mtc pictures up. We have been able to hand out 3 book of mormons this week and we are praying for their desires to want to here more of the gospel and feel of the blessings it will bring. I have realized how important these past 2 weeks have been to be exactly obedient. The blessings are so great from it that if I don't do something right that it pulls away the spirit so much that I have to work a bit harder to have it with me. As we pray we can see the desires of our hearts help others and it is a blessing upon a blessing. Be able to share this gospel it an invitation that everyone can make and I hope that all of you will fellowship someone you know even if it just saying hi to them. An example can go a long way.

Love Elder Regan Hansen

Monday, September 8, 2008

Semmes, Alabama (First Area)

I am right now in my first transfer with Elder Ramussen in Semmes, Alabama. The worst thing down here right now are the love bugs. There is just so many of them. As I have been down here we have received some referrals and have 2 new investigators. It was so exciting to see their appearance as we talk to them. We taught the Restoration the 2nd day I got here. After we taught it and Jessica said that everything sounded right and said she would pray about what we taught her was true I got so excited I could not help it. The next day we went to a funeral and just out of no where we were asked to talk at the second one. My companion gave such a spirit felt message about the plan of salvation the we ended up get 2 more investigators. 4 total for the 4 days that I had been here is amazing to me. We already have 3 baptismal dates set up. 2 of them are still working on their smoking addiction and the other we are working on getting to come to church because work in conflicting with the times. This coming week we could get 3 more baptismal dates set which would be great. We are going to try and get 4 new investigators this coming week too. I have not yet gotten a taste of the good southern food but I am thinking Wednesday that I will get that opportunity. We are getting ready this next week for hurricane Ike. We have heard that it is heading our way and should be here by the end of the week.
Love all of You
Elder Regan Hansen

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Arrived in Florida

Elder Regan Hansen as well as two Sister's and several other Elders flew out of Salt Lake City today, stopping in Atlanta Ga. for a three hour layover, then flew on to Tallahassee Florida. He called during his lay over and is excited to be out in Florida. With the Hurricanes that have gone through and around Florida he thinks that he will spend some time helping clean up and getting peoples lives back in order. We know he will do a great service to the people in Florida as he serves them and his Heavenly Father.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

First E Mail

I just wanted to let Everyone know that this is my E-mail. Everything here has been so great. The first few days were the hardest because it seemed all so overwhelming. All I can say is prayer is so important with everything that I do. I pray before anything because the greatest gift that we will ever receive is the Holy Ghost and if we pray as it says In John 16:14 at least I hope that it is that one that the Holy Ghost will teach us all things and with all those things we will remember them. I have been able to teach lesson one a couple times so far and Elder Wood and I my companion have had the spirit with us. The food here is better than I could of expected but even Better at the Provo Temple. I have been able to play soccer with a bunch of missionaries from Germany and over in other European regions. They are good and it just helps me to become better. I can see the blessings already from daily scripture study as you pray before and after you study. As I study the scriptures I have been able to remember so much more than I have used to be able to. Dallin H. Oaks came and had a devotional about the importance of the Holy Ghost and Renewing your baptismal covenants so you can always have the spirit with you.
I can't expound much more on that as I am under a minute but always follow the teachings of the prophets and his servants.
I love all of You,
Elder Regan Hansen

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First Day of Service, MTC

Today we took Regan to the MTC, It was hard to let him leave but as the MTC President stated we are now placing them in the Hands of the Lord, and what better place could he be. Jamalyn placed his Missionary Name tag on his suit. and we all hugged (with several tears) and let him walk out the other side of the room. The Mission President stated that we should say good bye and send them away like we take off a bandage. Remove it fast and the pain is short lived. We are grateful for his decision to serve the lord. His Grandparents Jim and Evalyn Finch, and Kay and Ann Hansen were there to send him off. His Brother Austin and Sister's Caitlin and Sarah were also with us.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Church, Talk and Setting Apart

On Sunday August 10th Regan Addressed the Nibley 8th ward. His topic was the forth Section of the Doctrine and Covenant. He did a great job addressing the Christlike attitudes that he would need to serve the People in Florida, such as Faith, Patience, Brotherly Kindness and charity to name a few. we had several of our family and Friends over for Lunch after Church giving them the opportunity to say goodbye as he departs for the MTC.

Today Jamalyn and I helped him pack his bags for the MTC and clean up his room putting away all the stuff that he will not need for two years. He had a lot of stuff and I figured that it would be tough to pack it into two bags but we seemed to make it.

He is out in our car (sold his Civic last week) visiting Friends for the last time in a while. Then tonight at 8:30 we will meet with President Roland Parent where he will set him apart as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Clark Photography

Steve Clark was one of Regan's Young Men's Advisor

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Regan went to the Logan Temple July 5, 2008, for his own endowment. Those in attendance were his Grandparents: John Kay and Ann Hansen, Jim and Evalyn Finch. Parents: Paul and Jamalyn Hansen. His aunts and uncles: Jay and Jessica Finch, Mike and Trisha Downey, and Kevin and Lori Anderson. Bishop Lynn Clark.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mission Prep Information

Regan will be giving his Farwell address before entering the MTC on Sunday August 10, 2008. Church sevices begin at 1:00 pm at The Nibley Gardens Chapel.

Regan will be going to the Logan Temple on Saturday July 5, 2008. If you would like to attend please let us know. You would need to be at the Temple at 11:00 am