Monday, October 27, 2008

October 27, 2008

This week has been very busy indeed. We have prayerfully planned every night and success has shown. With our planning we have added tracting and picking different streets to go down. We have had tons of success and found 7 new investigators this week by simply knocking on doors. It is amazing how such a simple act can bring so much potential. I thank the lord for all the guidance through these successful days of tracting. In Alma 13:24 it gives great example to us. It declares that many angels at this time are preparing people with the gospel. There are many people out there but we have to have the faith and put our trust in the lord to guide us to them through the spirit of the Holy Ghost. If we continue to strive to feel those promptings of the spirit we can each have personal revelations in our own lives. I know that even those people who didn't want to hear of the message now that we have planted those seeds and eventually they will come unto Christ. We tracted into a lady on Wednesday and she brought us right into her house. We talked a bit and found out that she had been taught the lessons with her husband 10 years ago. He had passed away in the past two years and she has found herself questioning her Catholic faith. Just from that example we can all see how just one little seed can bring forth so much fruit. We attended a funeral today which seems almost more than I can handle. In just 8 weeks I have been to 3 different ones. I love the message that can be given at funerals because it answers those questions that people have about the plan of salvation. I love to see the strength and the faith that the families all have after they hear of that message in the talks given. It brings them much peace as stated in John 14:27. I hope that through any struggles that we all have that the lord is always there to answer those prayers and to bring that peace in our lives.

I love you all

Elder Regan Hansen

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