Monday, October 20, 2008

October 20, 2008

This week has been a week of Increased Unity. My companion and I have made many changes that have strengthened our Unity and we can apply it to our teachings. With this new strength it will increase the power of which we can have as we teach. We have had the opportunity to have a Zone Conference this week. We did many role plays and we follow the guidelines of "Remember This." If you don't know where or what that is, it is in the back of Preach My Gospel. That is the culture of our mission and we are becoming preach my gospel missionaries. I can testify as what the apostles have said that "this book was created on the other side and was put together on this side." The power that can be used for the teaching of this is a blessing. As we had our role plays and teach ed from those things in preach my gospel it brings the spirit out more strongly. I have been able to see the growth that I have had compared to the 6 weeks that I have been out in the mission field. The spirit of the conference was so strong that it was radiating from all angles and as I bore my testimony on faith I could feel the spirit guiding my words. All of Us can pick people up and carry them with our faith. We can lift them to an understanding that if we act on that faith it will increase those Christ like attributes that we should all desire to increase and obtain in our lives. We also had Stake Conference and had Elder Jensen from the 70 come out. His talk was very powerful and always expressed his love for those who are investigating the church and those that are being prepared. We all need to do our part in missionary work and at church we need to fellowship those that are investigating. With that friendship they will feel the love of which we have and the love that the Savior has for all of his children. I would like to thanks for the love and support that everyone has given me and I truly know that your prayers are with me. I can feel the strength that all of you have for me but also for those that are being prepared by those angels. If we continue in the process of becoming more unified as a whole the miracles and blessings from that will be powerful.

Love all of you

Elder Regan Hansen

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