Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tyler Feb 22 2010

Hello family,

Thanks for the emails, today has been devastating we had to come to the vernhill mall to pay to use the computers. I have gotten by with free e-mails for the last 6 months since I have been in Namibia with free emails but not today, I guess we will have to give the guy some cookies or something. Well this week has been good. My companion Elder Probst's rash is pretty wild. This past Tuesday we went to the dermatologist doctor that we were referred from another doctor and we basically walked out of his office with no type of resolution to the problem. They say it is urticaria, I have some pictures that I will have to send next week basically because there is no usb port from the computer to plug into for the camera. Dr. Smith told him to eat on a diet but well see what happens. My visa expires from Namibia here in the next couple of weeks so I will go back to South Africa at the end of the transfer. Our area may be whitewashed depending on if he stays here or not. There will be a general authority up here next week in Namibia so they can figure out the rash. Me and Elder Probst have had a good time though besides the rash problem this next week Namibia will have 9 baptisms that is planned for. The Katatura district will have 4 and we will have 5 baptisms here. Henry Yeta, Junior and Aminata Decruz will all be baptized this upcoming Saturday at 3. We had a lot of dropped appointments but we are just continuing to peddle around Windhoek finding people to teach. This past week we taught this girl Vistorina the restoration of the gospel and she understood what we were saying perfectly. We gave her a book of mormon and she was really excited to start reading it. We asked if we could come back in the next couple of days and she wanted us to come over the next day. I hope that everything goes well for her and she eventually gets baptized because it will strengthen my testimony about tracting. We listened to the talk from Elder Jefferey R. Holland this past week because we didn’t get to watch the Sunday afternoon session and he gave a powerful message. Bro John has been painting like crazy to obtain some money to get back to the states in April. Well the church is true. Have a good week.

Elder Tyler Hansen

Monday, February 22, 2010

Regan, February 22, 2010

This past week has been a really good week. As we have explored new options and directions that we have received, we have been able to adjust and really understand some great ways to help our investigators to progress better. We have seen allot of great things this past week and also had some trying times that really stretched us individually and as a companionship at times which enabled us to grow.

Monday we had a really great day. We were able to have a great district meeting that allowed us to follow the outline and experience a new mode of understanding and study. We are now a more unified District which has brought us a better understanding or work ethic and desire in His service. We immediately traveled to get the recall fixed on our car and while we were they we talked with a few people and also got a little more study in. We then emailed because of the Mardi Gras commotion with everything being closed for the celebration. We visited with the Johnny family that evening and had a wonderful experience getting to know them, which has opened many doors to help them on there way to Baptism. This week with their family we will be setting a Marriage date with them and also a Baptismal date with Keno and Valentine. We are excited, but they are more excited because it has been something that they let us know they have been desiring for a long time.

Tuesday we started the day by visiting with a few members and investigators. We were able to see Chiquita and followed up with her if she had watched Together Forever. She told us that she was able to watch it with her children and she really enjoyed it. We were able to testify to her and set up another appointment with her. We also stopped by and talked with Brother Baylor who is not a member and invited his family out to the activity night we are trying to start up. We stopped by a former investigator and had a great visit with her. She is going to call us to set up an appointment and we will follow up with her in a few days if we don't her back from her. We had a really great p-day and were able to accomplish allot of great things to prepare us for the rest of the week. That evening after dinner with the Odom's we traveled to the church and had a great Family Home Evening on Prayer. Sister Byrd asked us to giver her a blessing. We were able to be mouthpieces to bring her more peace and comfort into her life.

Wednesday we had a few lessons that ended up falling through in the Morning so we visited with allot of potential investigators that lived near us. Some of them dropped us and others weren't home but it allowed us to progress in the work and move on to new people to focus on. We were also able to do some tracting which really helped us out. After lunch we traveled up and had a great lesson with Kimberly Evans. She is doing really great and has recently begun a new way of studying the Book of Mormon which has enabled her to reach her goals each of setting a consistent pattern of study daily. We had a great lesson with her on church history which she was really excited about and had allot of great questions we were able to help her better understand. We traveled down to the Bromguards and had a great dinner before heading to Sister Diane Coker's funeral. It was very hard to see her go and know that we truly lost someone that we loved dearly. It has left a void is so many people hearts. She was always a kind person and I truly looked up to her because of her dedication in magnifying her callings in the nursery and also as a visiting teacher. Even though she had many hardships in her life she was dedicated to the nursery children. As was said: "She was never able to have children, but she had more children than most people." Her dedicated service will be missed but the Joy of her Life will always carry on in there Hearts of this ward. We were asked to be honorary pall bearers which was really a great honor. She has made a influence in my life that I will never forget.

Thursday we traveled with the Morris's to her Funeral service in Atmore it went really well. We were able to spend time with the family and talk with the Long's and the Kelly's. They are both Part-member families and we are now able to work with them more than we have before. We have grown a great bond that we are hoping with open the doors to a continued friendship that will progress them to enter into the fullness of the blessing of the Restored Gospel. We came back and tracted for a few hours. I was so happy to go out and to continue to testify of the restoration. It has really brought more joy into my life and brought allot of "warm fuzzies". We came back and planned and set ourselves to be ready for the remainder of the week and next week. Weekly planning has helped us so much recently in seeing where we have needed to direct our focus to help everyone. We had dinner with Sister Pacetti and then traveled to visit with Dave and Melinda. They are a part member family and we are hoping to get them back to church. Hopefully, it will soften their hearts and we will be able to teach Melinda.

Friday we started off the day with Elder Bawden getting his CT Scan. We are hoping this will help the doctors know better on how to help in on getting over the sinus problems he has been having. We then went to Walmart for a few minutes. We weren't exactly sure why we were going but we knew we needed to go. As we were there and employee who was stocking some shelves started talking with us about the church. We were able to have a great conversation with her and set up an appointment to visit with her. I've never seen results from store contacting but now I can say that it is possible when you open your heart and allow yourself to enter into the Strength of the Lord. We went to Prichard to visit James Hunter and Shirley Tucker. As we talked with James we found out that he wasn't interested in us teaching him but he was happy to receive and be able to read the Book of Mormon. We talked with Shirley after and had a good visit with her. She was really excited when we deliver the Book of Mormon to her and were able to share a bit with her about the Restoration and Testify of its truth. We were able to set up a return appointment with her and her looking forward to being able to meet more of her family. We traveled up to the Kelly's and had a really good time with them. We were able to bond with her two sons and get to know her husband a better. We were able to set up another appointment with them for this next Friday and we are hoping that we can continue with them week in and week out. We traveled to game night but no one showed up so we helped with setting up the Pinewood Derby tracks that they were setting up for the stake competition they were having the next day.

Saturday we traveled near the downtown area to visit a few referrals that we had and also a few less active members. No one was there at the time but it was great to get down there and try and see them. After lunch we traveled up and visited with the Juarez family. We had a really great visit with them and were able to finally meet all of the children. We were able to invite them to the Etiquette dinner and also to activity night. We stopped by and visited with Sister Gover and she has been really busy. She is a single mom and in school full time. She is hoping to make it to church and we are continuing to encourage her and help her on the pathway back. We visited with the Blackmon family and talked with them for a bit. We were able to invite Brother Blackmon to church. He comes off and on and we are hoping to help home have more consistency within the church. We had dinner with the Curtis's and then went and visited with the Johnny family. We were able to set up a ride to church for them and the family. They are doing really good and we are hoping to set some dates for marriage and Baptism for them this week.

Sunday was a really great day. We had the Kelly's at church which was really great. We also had Keno and Valentine and had a great lesson with them on Obedience in the Gospel Principles class. After church we were able to visit with the Ferrel/Gower family. It was exciting being able to get to know them and find out that we have allot of things in common with them. Brother Ferrel is not a member but knows allot about religion. He only claims to a few core beliefs but through all of the studies and things of which he has done he is strongly pulling towards the LDS Church. He said that he still has quite a few things to read and continue to pray about and we just continued to encourage that he does so. We were able to visit with Ruxundra and find out that she was able to get her plane ticket to Romania and allot or pressure has been lifted off her shoulders. We were hoping to be able to teach her before she left and have the missionaries go and visit with her family but she is not ready. We might still be able to send the missionaries over there to visit her family when she gets back because they could be ready. We tried to visit a few more less active members and were able to talk with a couple of them for a few brief moments.

This week has been full of many great things. My joy is overflowing from the opportunity of being able to serve the Lord here in Mobile. There are many great things that will continue to happen here in Mobile and I look forward to continue to serve here in this part of the Lord's Vineyard. We have been able to see allot of change within the members and have been able to begin to start with some great member commitments. We have asked them to pray to know wh0 they could share a Book of Mormon with. We have two families so far and are hoping to continue. I really love serving here in Mobile and look forward to the Miracles that are continuing to happen each day.

Love You

Elder Regan Hansen

Monday, February 15, 2010

Tyler Feb 15 2010

Hello family,
Happy valentines day yesterday, it just felt like another day.
This week has been pretty good, I received some pictures that you sent today I received 7 of them. I sent some pictures of some of Johns paintings, He has some pretty good paintings and he is trying to sell enough of them so that he can get enough money so that he can go to interpret for the conference in April. He said it costs about 1600 us dollars for his plane tickets so he is going to be really busy painting for the next month or so. I think I might get a small one from him to help him out a little bit.
Well this last Saturday Ndepewa and Heaven and Tendai from the other area was baptized into the church. It was cool to see their excitement and It would be really cool to see Ndepewa go on a mission in the future sometime. This past Sunday Inonge and Ntelamo spoke in the branch and there was supposed to be a third speaker but they took up all of the time and Jerry wasn’t able to speak but just bear his testimony. It was neat to see how well they presented themselves even though they were just baptized last month. We hope to have a few more baptisms on the 27 of March but we'll see what happens. We have been working extensively with the branch and we have had great support from them in the missionary work on of the best functioning unit I have ever been in. Well this one is going to short but enjoy the pictures.

Elder Tyler Hansen

Tyler Feb 8 2010

Hello family
Thank you for the emails. Well this week has been pretty good with a lot of things happening. Next week we have two baptisms with Heaven and Ndepewa. I am really excited about the both of them especially Ndepewa because she is even thinking of going on a mission maybe in the near future. She said she wants to go to Utah or somewhere in the united states so it is cool that one of our investigators has even that desire so I am pretty excited for her. I think that she will be the pioneer for her family because her mom was not really to happy about being baptized for traditional reasons but once Ndepewa shares the gospel with her mom hopefully her moms heart will change. We have been also teaching Evelyn at the Kuthtedze family and it is neat to see her excitement. Her family is from the north but she is attending university of Namibia and studying public relations. This week after teaching her about the restoration of the gospel, she was wondering about the Book of Mormon and we pulled one out of the bag and she immediately she took it out of our hands. She is coming with the Kuthedze family to church every week and so it looks like she is a near future baptismal candidate. We have received so many referrals this week and their has been almost 20 investigators at Windhoek for the district with us having 11 this past week we have had a lot of member help. We have just been trying to visit all of these people and I am particularly excited about Michael and Lucia and Neapo and Ana because they could all be baptized in next months time. This week president Probst flew up and is in Namibia and so we have our conference on the Tuesday. We had our interviews on Sunday night and I asked him if he could maybe renew my visa to stay up here but the government is quite strict here for letting our church up here. Most missionaries stay up here for the six months because of the visa restrictions so after this transfer which ends at the end of February I will most likely fly back to South Africa. I have really enjoyed being here and to see the functions of the branch because this has been one of the best functioning branches out of any ward or branch that I have ever been in. My companion Elder Probst is kind of frustrated lately he has had this rash that he has had his whole mission and doctors don’t know what it really is. It almost looks like hives but it only occurs in the morning and nights and it basically grows on his legs. He has had many steroid treatment shots for allergies but there cant seem to be any major treatment for him. He might go home because of it but we are going to go to a dermatologist this afternoon and he will do a blood test to see what it is. He is Dr. Buys who is in Olympia and he specializes in snake bites like the black mamba and the puff adder and stuff so hopefully he can be able to help him out a little. Bro John came back this week and I seen him at church. He was excited to be home but he loves America and the people of Utah. He said he enjoyed talking with you guys and said dad had a lot of questions which I thought was pretty funny knowing dad. He is probably one of the happiest guys on earth that I have ever met. He said he is going back to Utah in April to interpret his Nigeria language for the church conference, he is defiantly a miracle for the people of church of Nigeria. He said right now he is trying to save up some money so he can fly back which he said will cost him 1,600 U.S. dollars. I think I might buy one of his canvas oil paintings to help him out a little but he said he was going to talk to the church to see if they can help him out when he flies over to interpret. Well I believe that is all that is going on here. We are just peddling around Windhoek. I can’t wait for sister Ruth our Ruth to fly back. She went down to Cape Town with her daughter Lizette to take her to cape town for college, me and my companion have decided it is probably a good thing that she is leaving because she is quite a distraction. How is the snow? Well have a good week,

I love you all.

Elder Tyler Hansen

Tyler Feb 1, 2010

Hello family,
Thanks for the emails. That is really cool that there is a temple being built in Payson. That is one thing I miss is being able to go there. This week has been pretty good. My companion Elder Probst has some bad rashes on his legs and none of the doctors now really what it is. He started off in Mozambique but moved here because of health reasons in his apendex but from most of the doctors that he has talked to they believe it is a bad allergic reaction. He said that he has had the rash since he was in Mozambique and he has been out for over a year. Sister Ruth will take care of it though, she is a champion. I was wondering when John was coming home, I knew that some one from Nigeria would never come home if they went to the states. But it is good to hear that he wasn’t banished somewhere. I received your guys Christmas letter so thanks for that. Well we hope to have 9 baptisms so far this month in Windhoek for the district. I am a little worried about a few of them though. Ndepewa Nepaya who is 23 we encouraged her to tell her mom about being baptized on the 13th but her mom was really to supportive. I wish we could have missionaries go and teach her in the north but it would be nice to explain to her what we believe. We talked to the branch president Charles and he basically said to be patient because his father would not let him be baptized for 4 years so we will do our best. I don’t know about these Oshi Vombo girls. We have been also teaching Ndepewas cousin Jackobine and on my exchange with the zone leaders she said to Elder Shegena and I, she wanted to marry me, so she is one to look out for. She graduated in accounting at university of Namibia and is currently looking for a job in Windhoek or in the north. This week we have been very busy on the bike trying to see everyone in Windhoek North, Darodo Park and Eros. We have also scheduled a baptism date for Henry and Mulima on the 27 of Feb with two other Yeta family siblings. I just am concerned for Mulima because she has to work every Sunday so we are praying that she can find a job to where she can work only on the weekdays. Our district and the branch is also planning a movie night on the 26 of February. We have the films of Emma Smith and the best two years copyrighted and we wanted to make it so that families can come as long as they bring someone with them who they know is not a member. Us as the missionaries are going to be the ones who get the news to members by giving them movie tickets and as the members and investigators come in the cultural hall door we would get there names and addresses on a sign in sheet so that we have the investigators detail and the members details for following up with them and for fellowshipping reasons. The branch president seems very excited and he will provide the projector but we were thinking of renting a popcorn machine for the activity. We hope to get quite a few potential investigators that missionaries can follow up with. Junior and Aminata Dacruz we also have a projected date for the 13 of Feb but when Elder Shegena and I went to go see them their mom got arrested for her visa being expired from Angola and in the process had a heart attack from the surprise. She is fine now and back at the home but her and her boyfriend are not to supportive on helping us teach the kids anything about the gospel. It seems right now we have many dates for the people but at the same time the adversity wants to step his foot in the door with the people as well. Well I believe the highlight for the week was to see Laina and Bro. Farmer come to church. On Monday we taught the Farmers and shared a neat visual aid on the tree of life. We also were able to see Laina on Tuesday with My exchange with Elder Shegena. He was planning on bringing some one to the lesson for us to teach that he works with at his taxidermy shop but it was neat to see him come to church after going stone cold less active. Well that is what is going around here. Have a good week.

Elder Tyler Hansen

Tyler Jan 25, 2010

Hello family

Well this week was transfers; Elder Mbatha unfortunately had to go back down to South Africa in Googlethu he was a brother. Both he and I became district leaders. Elder Probst a distant relative to our mission president came up and will be my companion. He is a cool guy and his brother served here in Namibia so he has a lot of acquaintances and he is an excellent teacher with thought provoking questions. He is from Midway, Utah. This week has been a really good week for me, I thought I could avoid the leadership but it didn’t work out as planned. We have some good things coming up this transfer and we set a goal as a district for 10 baptisms a month which I believe we can achieve. I have had kind of a hard time keeping track of everyone at church because we had 13 come to church and 20 as a district. We don’t have a car so it is difficult to see everyone throughout the week just by walking around in the rain. It is the rainy season here in Namibia and it has rained about 10 inches and it will continue to rain through Feb. And so it is very green. This week though as Elder Dillon who is from Tucson, Arizona was waiting for our companions we had a really neat experience. There is this girl named Liana who I first met at the beginning of the year when she came to church. She is a girl who has had a rough childhood and she was exiled from Zambia and has lost both of her parents. A couple of weeks After I met her at church we seen her walking down the street and I got this prompting that we really need to see her because she didn’t come to church the week prior. I couldn't remember her name and I could just tell that she was having a difficult time because she just said don’t worry about it. I got her details and but throughout the time she was always neglecting my calls and finally we were able to set up a time with her where she lived in Eros. It was probably one of the greatest experiences on mission because I could see the atonement take effect on her life and a huge burden be taken off. When we first walked into her flat she did not have any electricity and she had just got her baby back from the north and the baby was sick from being malnutritioned. The baby was crying but Lianas grandparents recently tried to take of her baby but must have not fed her well. We asked why she had not been coming to church and it was because she didn’t want to be judged of others. It was just neat to see the atonement take affect in her even though she made mistakes but I was so impressed that she took the courage to come to church because we probably would have not found her. Liana was taking such good care of her of her baby and holding her (Willmana) in her arms and previous to the appointment took her to the hospital in the morning but had very little money and that is why there was no electricity. I knew that if we didn’t leave a little of something for her for the electricity I would being feeling a little guilty knowing I could of done better so we gave her a little to have electricity for a couple of days to keep the meat in her freezer frozen and prevent from spoiling. After the lesson we gave her a blessing of comfort and I was just grateful that we were there with the right people such as our fellow shipper Don to resolve her concerns. It was the neatest thing to see the power of the atonement work in her life and we asked if we could help her with anything else and she just said to keep coming back. It has left me thinking throughout the week on that miracle of the day but I am just grateful for her courage and responsibility even though her times are extremely difficult. Well have a good week.

Elder Tyler Hansen

Regan, February 15, 2010

This week has been a really good week. Even though our number don't show it I am confident that the Lord is happy with the service of which we have been able to render this week. I know that he will continue to allow us to bear the different challenges that we receive as we continue to allow ourselves to stay within the strength of the Lord.

Monday we had a really great P-day and spent most of it doing allot of cleaning in the apartment and preparing different things. We took care of our shopping and e-mails as quickly as we could so we could get started on cleaning because our rating wasn't the best. We took that challenge and cleaned the apartment and have continued to spend extra time we have on lunch or dinner to clean. We were also able to accomplish allot of preparation that will allow us to save time and keep focused on the important work we must do. We had a great evening with the Hearns and after went and tried to see the Hughett/Byrd family.

Tuesday was a great Zone Conference that allowed me to receive and write down many great promptings that as I apply will allow me to become even better and more exactly obedient. I was grateful for the messages that were discussed and shared because it allowed me to better understand of the great missionary work of which the Savior himself did. His example continues to shine forth and bring new light and lessons deep into my heart. After we visited with Sister Wyser and invited her out to some activities that are coming up and also to church. She had a very positive outlook on the idea. That night we had family home evening but we didn't have anyone come so we went into institute. We ended up talking with Breanna who is a non-member but is excited to learn more about the Book of Mormon. Her fiance is on his way down here for school and we are hoping that she will allow us to share more of this glad message.

Wednesday we stayed near our apartment because on of our appointments fell through. We were able to see a few potentials and past investigators but nothing came of it. We were also able to do 5v5's and have set a goal to testify of the Restoration to everyone that we talk along with asking them for referrals. It has definately continued to increase our finding opportunities and has continued to uplift my spirit continually everyday. We had dinner with Sister Parkes and Sister Odom which went really well and they are helping us with setting up the activity night that we are starting to allow ward members to bring and invite their friends. We then traveled to the Chickasaw area and visited with Kimberely Evans. We had a great lesson with her and have been able to get her a ride to church. Consistency with her other ride has not been established and we all want more consistency so we found a great ward member who is willing to help her out. She has been reading out of the Gospel Principles manual with her husband and we are all hoping it will continue to prepare him to accept His message. During the evening we went and visited with a few part member families who have started to show some sincere interest and are hoping to work with them.

Thursday we had a great planning session. We were able to update all of the teaching records of our investigators and learned a great lesson of being more diligent with keeping them updated. It really helped us to see more of what we will be able to do to continue to help them progress better in the Gospel. We were able to set up some great goals. Between our planning we went by the Church and tracted for a few hours. We were able to bear testimony to 4 different people that answered there doors and were able to ask for referrals from them. We found Monica and she seemed very excited to learn more about His message. We had correlation with Brother Jordan which went really well. We were able to set up a new focus of direction with the new member discussions and establish a good list of people that as a ward we are going to focus better on bringing back into the church. We ended up also visiting with Brandy Rush. She has been struggling recently and we have not been able to have contact with her for a few months now. It lifted allot of worries away and brought a new peace about us all. We gave her a few chapters to read out of the Book of Mormon and found out the next day that she had read them and we were able to commit her to read more.

Friday we tried to visit Latasha but she was not available at the time we stopped by. We went to our backup plan and visited with Brother Cleveland. He has been doing really well and desires to come to church but just doesn't have a ride. We are still working with ward members to get that set up but have not had any luck at this time. We visited with Brother Serrano and did some quick service for him which was really great. We traveled up near the Parkes home and visited quite a few less active members homes. Many people have been home because of school being canceled because of the snow. We visited with the Parkes for a little bit. We found out that a ward member had passed away which was really sad but at the same time I was filled with Joy because she is now serving the Lord in the spirit world and is continuing to magnify her calling there. We didn't have anyone show up to game night so we traveled up to the Coker's to see how they were doing with her daughters death. We ended up visiting with her other daughter and her family. We gave her grandson a blessing because he is taking the death of is aunt really hard. It brought him allot of peace and comfort and as we were able to stay and talk with him it allowed him to reflect and the great times that he had with his aunt and brought some solace into his life.

Saturday we began the day bright and early by traveling to the Bishop's Storehouse. I love being able to help serve and to also see the bright spirits of those who are in need and are willing to help others who are experiencing the same hardships. After we went and picked up Brother Serrano so he could come with us to some teaching appointments that we had. We were able to visit with Mary Tucker and she was happy to see him. His testimony and sharing with her different things of which he has experienced has opened her heart. I know that because of His spirit allowing us all to be instruments that it is allowing the spirit to testify so beautifully. We continued our travels to the Eight Mile are and visited with the Juarez family. We talked with them for a little bit and invited all of the youth in the home to activity night and also to the etiquette dinner that the youth are having. They seemed to be really excited about the invitation. We ended the night by visiting with the Baylor family. We talked with them for a bit and were also able to share with Sister Baylor about the etiquette dinner and the activity night. She seemed pretty excited and said that the kids would most likely be able to come. Only the oldest son in their family is a member and we are hoping this will continue to open the door and allow us to teach the other children or maybe even her husband.

Sunday was filled with many great opportunities of being able to help allot of great people. We didn't have anyone at church but Kimberly was able to make it which was really great and we are going to keep the consistency working each and every week. I was grateful to be able to bless the sacrament and magnify the Aaronic Priesthood. I learned allot of great lessons from talks that were given on forgiveness and also on missionary work by our ward mission leader. After church we visited with Ruxandra who is going through a difficult challenge. She found out that her visa was denied to continue school at the university. She has to be back in Romania by March 2nd, so she was asking us if we knew anyone that she could do some odd jobs for to earn up some money for the flight back. She found out that her visa had been denied just this past week. Hopefully we will be able to help her but more importantly before she leaves to share more of the Gospel with her and in turn she may desire to hear more of it back in Romania with her family. We then traveled to Brother Serrano's and had dinner with him. We followed up with him about his neighbors who he had placed a Book of Mormon with. It was exciting to see his face light up when he talked with them about it and they had been able to read some of the Book of Mormon. We expressed our gratitude for his great work. We also discussed with him about gratitude and gave him some ideas for his talk on the subject of gratitude. We stopped by the Parkes quickly because Bishop had a few questions for us. We then traveled and tried to see a few potential investigators to finish out the night.

I'm so grateful for all of the great things that Lord allows us to feel and receive as we stay within the right spirits and continue to dedicate our lives in his service.

Love You

Elder Regan Hansen

Monday, February 8, 2010

Regan February 8, 2010

This past week was filled with many amazing things that we didn't see happening but know that it was from dedication in other area's of the Lord's Work.

Monday we had a pretty good P-day. We spent sometime with the Theodore Spanish elders and played some sports with them. We had dinner with Eric and Melissa Hearn which went well and tried to see the Hughett/Byrd family. Brother Hughett is a recent convert and Eddie Byrd is the only one in the family who isn't a member.

Tuesday we had a great day. We started off well and continued to gain a boost from District Meeting. We went over the upcoming Zone Conference packet. We then traveled up into the Eight Mile area and tried to visit a few of the appointments we had set. We weren't able to see them so we tracted while we were up there. We talked to some great people but, none that were interested in us coming back. On our travels back we visited with the Lewis family. We gave Sherman Jr. a blessing and invited them to church. They have been struggling recently. We had dinner with the Parkes family which was great and then traveled to family home evening that night.

Wednesday we tracted all of Old Government St. We didn't have much success but as we were out we ran into a few less active members that had been coming back to church recently. We kept encouraging them to come back. They have really enjoyed it since they have came back. We had a great lesson with Kimberly Evans. She has been having some health problems, so we focused on the Atonement and helping her seek and understand better how the Lord will help her though her sickness. We tried to visit Marcella but didn't make it on time so we left her with the DVD she ordered and set up a new appointment. We traveled back and had dinner with the Bromguard family. Brother Bromguard has been working here and is originally from Idaho. We found out that he is willing to come out with us which is great.

Thursday we had a pretty great planning day. We started off by seeing Rebbecca Pettway. We talked with her for a few precious moments but she was in allot of distress because of a recent passing of one of her family members. We came pack and had a really good planning session. We were able to update all the record forms. We were able to try and call all of the former investigators. We were able to talk with a few of them and will be setting up a few appointments shortly. We stopped and saw the Baylor family which went really well. We are hoping to start teaching the kids and hopefully that will pull Sister Baylor back into activity. We had dinner with Brother Klug which went really well. After we tried to visit a few less active members in the area before we headed home.

Friday we started off the day by heading over to the Campbell's, to do some service for them. It went really well and we are working with other ward members to encourage Brother Campbell to join the church. He has been an active non-member for over 20 years now. He just hasn't committed to baptism and recently the Bishop mentioned that while talking with him his interest has begun to peak on the idea. We traveled up to Saraland and spent the rest of our day there. We visited with Brother Madden and found out that work has been keeping him extra busy. We saw sister Wilson and found out that her work schedule has now changed so she can come back to church. We are really excited about that because she has dealt with allot of difficult things lately. We had dinner with the Mathie's and were asked to give them both blessings. We then traveled and visited with Brother Peoples. He is still going through allot of challenging aspects but is willing to allow the Lord to help him through it all. He asked us to give him a blessing of comfort and counsel which really helped him and answered many of his questions.

Saturday we started the day off by delivering a few referrals. We were able to deliver Martha Tucker her item and set up a return appointment to teach her. We stopped by Brother Serrano's and shared with him some things that we had learned. He shared with us that he invited his neighbors over for dinner and gave them a Book of Mormon to read. He told us they were excited about the commitment that he gave them. We had a great lesson with Mary Tucker and taught the 2nd half of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It went really well and we are still working on getting her a ride to church. We traveled around to visit some other members and talked with Sister Harbour and also visited with the Mason's. We finally have a great opening with them which is now going to allow the youth and Elders quorum to do some service for them. Not many people have been able to make it in the door to talk with them and see what their needs are.

Sunday we had a great day. We had a great lesson on Charity with 2 investigators that showed up for church who had in the past been taught by the Theodore Elders. We also had Cyrstal Bedwell at church which was great. We hadn't expected Keno or Valentine, but when we talked with them after church the only issue they have had with not getting baptized was because they aren't married. Bishop Parkes is now helping them so they will be able to overcome that obstacle.
The tender mercies of the Lord were shown to us this week. With Keno and Valentine unexpectedly showing up at church and being able to now teach them and help them progress to the Baptism of which they have not been able to experience yet. I know that through hard work miracles and blessings like this will continue to happen here.

Love You

Elder Regan Hansen

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Regan, February 1, 2010

This week has been really well even with a few surprises along that way that allowed us to really stretch ourselves and see some really great experiences happen.

Monday we had a great P-day. We were able to talk with quite a few people throughout the day as we shopped and took care of other things we were able to do. As a District we have continued to strengthen our Unity by really getting to know each other these past few weeks since transfers. We had a great dinner with Eric and Mellisa Hearn and discussed the promises they have been able to find out of the conference talks they have been reading.

Tuesday we had a great district meeting. We were able to discuss about the Key and really see and discuss about things that we wanted to continue to work on that would allow us to continue to progress more rapidly. We were also able to share with each other our testimonies of missionary work that has been happening in our areas. Elder Bawden and I then continued by visiting Chiquita and Lorraine Tucker. We had a really great lesson with them and discussed about the Together Forever DVD they had watched and tied it into the Restoration with them. We continued the day with tracting and visiting referrals that had been given to us from investigators and media referrals. We had family home evening that night.

Wednesday we helped move a member out of the Theodore area into our area. We were able with Elder Burnham and Tolley loading and Elder Metcalfe and Peterson helping with the unloading we were able to get done very quickly. We visited with Brother Serrano that night and had a great lesson with him focusing on missionary work because he is introducing his neighbors to the church. We were also able to visit a few less active member on our travels to and from.

Thursday we spent a good portion of our day over in Theodore for Michael McGuff's baptismal interview in Irvington. We then came back and visited a few less active members we have been focusing on before we planned. We were able to plan and set some goals for this week that are going to continue to stretch us. We visited with the Baylor's who are a part member family but they were sick at the time so we just offered them what we could. We had dinner with the Campbell's and talked with their grandson who we are trying to get back to church.

Friday we tried to visit Latasha but weren't able to see her. We have decided to drop her Baptismal Date because she has not been committed to the commitment she has made. The next time that we see here we are going to express how important the commitment is and see if she is will to progress with His plan in her life. We continue the day but tracting near the church. We visited a investigator that we had found but he wasn't home. We ended up talking with his sister and sharing with her about the Restoration. We also gave her a Book of Mormon and Pamphlet and are hopeful she will give us a call back. It started to rain heavily so we continued to make calls we weren't able to make the day before and it went really well. We finished the night by having dinner with Chris and Crystal Bedwell. Crystal has been taught in the past and as we were able to get to know them both it seems that the feeling is right for us and them to begin to teach her again.

Saturday we started the day of with the Morris's and Sister Jett. We traveled to the Bishop's Storehouse which to me is one of the greatest things that I look forward to. His Spirit is so strong as we serve together to help those of His children who are in need. That afternoon we were able to have Brother Serrano come out with us for a few teaching appointments. Out of the 3 member presents we were hoping to have we were able to teach Mary Tucker. She is doing really well and we are still working on finding her a ride to church. Brother Serrano was able to share such powerful testimony from his heart. He has been coming actively for the past 3 months and his testimony is growing so rapidly and beautifully. When we were with him we visited a few referrals and potentials which went well and hopefully we will be able to set up some appointments with them. We finished the night off by visiting with Brother Hughes and then traveling to the Martyn's to have dinner.

Sunday was a really great day. Even thought we didn't have any investigators at church we had 6 less-active families at church that we have been working with. The Shock and Awe was turned to Joy and Love that was shown by everyone. The trust that we have been able to build with the Ward leaders and members is growing stronger week by week and missionary work is enlivening in their homes. I was also touched as we talked about the Ministering of Angels and have started in prayer to have those angels help our investigators and I felt the spirit so strongly as I was able to say those prayers. We visited a few less active members throughout the day which went well. We talked with the Miller's. Sister Miller suffers from MS which has been very hard on her. We had dinner with the Fairchild's and she shared with us her re-activation story, which was full of inspiration. We received an emergency call and went with the Klug's to give Kimberly Evans a blessing. It went really well and it helped her out allot.

This week has been a really great week. I love serving here around so many great people and seeing the Lord continue to work simple but powerful Miracles in all of our lives.

Love You

Elder Regan Hansen