Monday, February 1, 2010

Regan, February 1, 2010

This week has been really well even with a few surprises along that way that allowed us to really stretch ourselves and see some really great experiences happen.

Monday we had a great P-day. We were able to talk with quite a few people throughout the day as we shopped and took care of other things we were able to do. As a District we have continued to strengthen our Unity by really getting to know each other these past few weeks since transfers. We had a great dinner with Eric and Mellisa Hearn and discussed the promises they have been able to find out of the conference talks they have been reading.

Tuesday we had a great district meeting. We were able to discuss about the Key and really see and discuss about things that we wanted to continue to work on that would allow us to continue to progress more rapidly. We were also able to share with each other our testimonies of missionary work that has been happening in our areas. Elder Bawden and I then continued by visiting Chiquita and Lorraine Tucker. We had a really great lesson with them and discussed about the Together Forever DVD they had watched and tied it into the Restoration with them. We continued the day with tracting and visiting referrals that had been given to us from investigators and media referrals. We had family home evening that night.

Wednesday we helped move a member out of the Theodore area into our area. We were able with Elder Burnham and Tolley loading and Elder Metcalfe and Peterson helping with the unloading we were able to get done very quickly. We visited with Brother Serrano that night and had a great lesson with him focusing on missionary work because he is introducing his neighbors to the church. We were also able to visit a few less active member on our travels to and from.

Thursday we spent a good portion of our day over in Theodore for Michael McGuff's baptismal interview in Irvington. We then came back and visited a few less active members we have been focusing on before we planned. We were able to plan and set some goals for this week that are going to continue to stretch us. We visited with the Baylor's who are a part member family but they were sick at the time so we just offered them what we could. We had dinner with the Campbell's and talked with their grandson who we are trying to get back to church.

Friday we tried to visit Latasha but weren't able to see her. We have decided to drop her Baptismal Date because she has not been committed to the commitment she has made. The next time that we see here we are going to express how important the commitment is and see if she is will to progress with His plan in her life. We continue the day but tracting near the church. We visited a investigator that we had found but he wasn't home. We ended up talking with his sister and sharing with her about the Restoration. We also gave her a Book of Mormon and Pamphlet and are hopeful she will give us a call back. It started to rain heavily so we continued to make calls we weren't able to make the day before and it went really well. We finished the night by having dinner with Chris and Crystal Bedwell. Crystal has been taught in the past and as we were able to get to know them both it seems that the feeling is right for us and them to begin to teach her again.

Saturday we started the day of with the Morris's and Sister Jett. We traveled to the Bishop's Storehouse which to me is one of the greatest things that I look forward to. His Spirit is so strong as we serve together to help those of His children who are in need. That afternoon we were able to have Brother Serrano come out with us for a few teaching appointments. Out of the 3 member presents we were hoping to have we were able to teach Mary Tucker. She is doing really well and we are still working on finding her a ride to church. Brother Serrano was able to share such powerful testimony from his heart. He has been coming actively for the past 3 months and his testimony is growing so rapidly and beautifully. When we were with him we visited a few referrals and potentials which went well and hopefully we will be able to set up some appointments with them. We finished the night off by visiting with Brother Hughes and then traveling to the Martyn's to have dinner.

Sunday was a really great day. Even thought we didn't have any investigators at church we had 6 less-active families at church that we have been working with. The Shock and Awe was turned to Joy and Love that was shown by everyone. The trust that we have been able to build with the Ward leaders and members is growing stronger week by week and missionary work is enlivening in their homes. I was also touched as we talked about the Ministering of Angels and have started in prayer to have those angels help our investigators and I felt the spirit so strongly as I was able to say those prayers. We visited a few less active members throughout the day which went well. We talked with the Miller's. Sister Miller suffers from MS which has been very hard on her. We had dinner with the Fairchild's and she shared with us her re-activation story, which was full of inspiration. We received an emergency call and went with the Klug's to give Kimberly Evans a blessing. It went really well and it helped her out allot.

This week has been a really great week. I love serving here around so many great people and seeing the Lord continue to work simple but powerful Miracles in all of our lives.

Love You

Elder Regan Hansen

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