Monday, February 8, 2010

Regan February 8, 2010

This past week was filled with many amazing things that we didn't see happening but know that it was from dedication in other area's of the Lord's Work.

Monday we had a pretty good P-day. We spent sometime with the Theodore Spanish elders and played some sports with them. We had dinner with Eric and Melissa Hearn which went well and tried to see the Hughett/Byrd family. Brother Hughett is a recent convert and Eddie Byrd is the only one in the family who isn't a member.

Tuesday we had a great day. We started off well and continued to gain a boost from District Meeting. We went over the upcoming Zone Conference packet. We then traveled up into the Eight Mile area and tried to visit a few of the appointments we had set. We weren't able to see them so we tracted while we were up there. We talked to some great people but, none that were interested in us coming back. On our travels back we visited with the Lewis family. We gave Sherman Jr. a blessing and invited them to church. They have been struggling recently. We had dinner with the Parkes family which was great and then traveled to family home evening that night.

Wednesday we tracted all of Old Government St. We didn't have much success but as we were out we ran into a few less active members that had been coming back to church recently. We kept encouraging them to come back. They have really enjoyed it since they have came back. We had a great lesson with Kimberly Evans. She has been having some health problems, so we focused on the Atonement and helping her seek and understand better how the Lord will help her though her sickness. We tried to visit Marcella but didn't make it on time so we left her with the DVD she ordered and set up a new appointment. We traveled back and had dinner with the Bromguard family. Brother Bromguard has been working here and is originally from Idaho. We found out that he is willing to come out with us which is great.

Thursday we had a pretty great planning day. We started off by seeing Rebbecca Pettway. We talked with her for a few precious moments but she was in allot of distress because of a recent passing of one of her family members. We came pack and had a really good planning session. We were able to update all the record forms. We were able to try and call all of the former investigators. We were able to talk with a few of them and will be setting up a few appointments shortly. We stopped and saw the Baylor family which went really well. We are hoping to start teaching the kids and hopefully that will pull Sister Baylor back into activity. We had dinner with Brother Klug which went really well. After we tried to visit a few less active members in the area before we headed home.

Friday we started off the day by heading over to the Campbell's, to do some service for them. It went really well and we are working with other ward members to encourage Brother Campbell to join the church. He has been an active non-member for over 20 years now. He just hasn't committed to baptism and recently the Bishop mentioned that while talking with him his interest has begun to peak on the idea. We traveled up to Saraland and spent the rest of our day there. We visited with Brother Madden and found out that work has been keeping him extra busy. We saw sister Wilson and found out that her work schedule has now changed so she can come back to church. We are really excited about that because she has dealt with allot of difficult things lately. We had dinner with the Mathie's and were asked to give them both blessings. We then traveled and visited with Brother Peoples. He is still going through allot of challenging aspects but is willing to allow the Lord to help him through it all. He asked us to give him a blessing of comfort and counsel which really helped him and answered many of his questions.

Saturday we started the day off by delivering a few referrals. We were able to deliver Martha Tucker her item and set up a return appointment to teach her. We stopped by Brother Serrano's and shared with him some things that we had learned. He shared with us that he invited his neighbors over for dinner and gave them a Book of Mormon to read. He told us they were excited about the commitment that he gave them. We had a great lesson with Mary Tucker and taught the 2nd half of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It went really well and we are still working on getting her a ride to church. We traveled around to visit some other members and talked with Sister Harbour and also visited with the Mason's. We finally have a great opening with them which is now going to allow the youth and Elders quorum to do some service for them. Not many people have been able to make it in the door to talk with them and see what their needs are.

Sunday we had a great day. We had a great lesson on Charity with 2 investigators that showed up for church who had in the past been taught by the Theodore Elders. We also had Cyrstal Bedwell at church which was great. We hadn't expected Keno or Valentine, but when we talked with them after church the only issue they have had with not getting baptized was because they aren't married. Bishop Parkes is now helping them so they will be able to overcome that obstacle.
The tender mercies of the Lord were shown to us this week. With Keno and Valentine unexpectedly showing up at church and being able to now teach them and help them progress to the Baptism of which they have not been able to experience yet. I know that through hard work miracles and blessings like this will continue to happen here.

Love You

Elder Regan Hansen

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