Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tyler Feb 22 2010

Hello family,

Thanks for the emails, today has been devastating we had to come to the vernhill mall to pay to use the computers. I have gotten by with free e-mails for the last 6 months since I have been in Namibia with free emails but not today, I guess we will have to give the guy some cookies or something. Well this week has been good. My companion Elder Probst's rash is pretty wild. This past Tuesday we went to the dermatologist doctor that we were referred from another doctor and we basically walked out of his office with no type of resolution to the problem. They say it is urticaria, I have some pictures that I will have to send next week basically because there is no usb port from the computer to plug into for the camera. Dr. Smith told him to eat on a diet but well see what happens. My visa expires from Namibia here in the next couple of weeks so I will go back to South Africa at the end of the transfer. Our area may be whitewashed depending on if he stays here or not. There will be a general authority up here next week in Namibia so they can figure out the rash. Me and Elder Probst have had a good time though besides the rash problem this next week Namibia will have 9 baptisms that is planned for. The Katatura district will have 4 and we will have 5 baptisms here. Henry Yeta, Junior and Aminata Decruz will all be baptized this upcoming Saturday at 3. We had a lot of dropped appointments but we are just continuing to peddle around Windhoek finding people to teach. This past week we taught this girl Vistorina the restoration of the gospel and she understood what we were saying perfectly. We gave her a book of mormon and she was really excited to start reading it. We asked if we could come back in the next couple of days and she wanted us to come over the next day. I hope that everything goes well for her and she eventually gets baptized because it will strengthen my testimony about tracting. We listened to the talk from Elder Jefferey R. Holland this past week because we didn’t get to watch the Sunday afternoon session and he gave a powerful message. Bro John has been painting like crazy to obtain some money to get back to the states in April. Well the church is true. Have a good week.

Elder Tyler Hansen

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