Monday, December 29, 2008

Regan December 29, 2008

Well this week I don't have to much to say. I can explain the area that I am in can fit just perfect with the Allegory in Jacob about the Olive Tree. This past week all of the hard work with out seeing much success has paid off. We found 2 investigators this past week. With all of the meaningful prayers and positive contacts with them the doors have been opened. Today we have an appointment with Clay and we are bringing a future missionary along. We have been really excited because with what we know and the questions that he wants answered the Holy Ghost will bear witness of them to him. With this opportunity we will also be able to hopefully talk to his wife in future visits and bring there family closer together and with hope for eternity.

I have been able to feel of this Great Spirit that has been about us in this past week of Christmas. Through that special spirit we have seen the hearts soften on more people than we thought. It has truly shown me how well these miracles can happen when we bring our will and pursuit into the lords work and his will.

I want thank everyone for there support and presents that I have received this Christmas. It was great to talk to some of you and hear about the things back at home.

May we all continue to carry the spirit that is within us and be that guiding light to all those who need us.

LOve You
ELder Regan Hansen

Monday, December 22, 2008

December 22, 2008

First want to thank everyone for your support during this time of year with your letter and packages. This week during service at the zoo I really made a tiger mad and had it totally come after me. I guess my camera reflected on its face luckily there was a fence there to save me. I am hoping to send a picture of it.

This past week we have had many Christmas activities throughout our branch and also the stake. We had a branch Christmas party and were able to get many less active individuals out to it. On Friday the stake put together a great nativity program and we were able to talk to investigators and have activities and music to envelop them in the spirit of Christmas.
We have also been caroling allot lately. I can't sing but we all try and we have not yet received a bad review. We have been able to to receive investigators this way and we hope that on our last night of it tomorrow that we will be able to continue and bring that spirit to those who are not able to feel or receive it at this moment.

This past Sunday had such a great spirit filled Christmas program. We were able to bring out allot of less active members to listen to the beautiful program that was presented. Later that night we watched with a family the special witness DVD and I would suggest to everyone if you can watch that with your families, friends, and those that need to be uplifted and edified by these solemn witnesses. The testimonies on there have strengthen me and have uplifted me to a now sense of gratification of this restored gospel.

I want to wish you all a "Merry Christmas" and thank you again for all the support.

Love you
Elder Regan Hansen

Monday, December 15, 2008

December 15, 2008

Hey I just wanted to leave a quick not since I really don't have to much time because the Library has been having problems with there computers. We also have to get ready for a family home evening with a part member family that has been inactive but want to come back to church. I have really come to understand the importance of prayer as I have been out here. Especially prayers of faith. I really love what President Monson said in his past Conference.
President Monson testified, last General Conference, that there are areas of the world where our influence is limited and where we are not allowed to share the gospel freely. He urged us to pray for the opening of those areas, that we might share with them the joy of the gospel. He testified that country after country presently closed to the Church would open their doors if we pray with faith.
I know that if we all strive to have Prayers of Faith and ask for all of those who are not able to hear the Gospel at this time that they will hear it very soon.

LOve YOu all

ELder Regan Hansen

Monday, December 8, 2008

December 8, 2008

Not to much exciting stuff has happened this week. We have worked hard this week and have done tons of tracting. We had some success but we only found potential investigators because we could never actually set a return appointment for them. Yesterday we a great day of the week. Through having fast Sunday and hearing testimonies, to being able to see the Christmas devotional it was great. We watched the devotional at Brother and Sister Wagners. The messages that were contained in this devotional were truly inspiring. The message of this time of year is truly about the giving nature and have charity. With the pure love of Christ and being able to truly give myself to this work in this season inspires me. Our mission president gave us such a great message today in his letter.

If we properly celebrated this season we would not rest from our labors. We would, instead, intensify our passion to find, teach, baptize and retain. If we wanted to really show our love for Him this Christmas; we would study, pray, fast, plan, work and love with all of our heart might mind and strength so that others may partake of the true reason for this season. If we were really into the substance of the season, we would talk to everyone, trusting in faith that He would lead us to a prepared person because we were prepared servants. We would stretch to our outer limits to accomplish goals focused on the Key Indicators because these indicators represent people who we desire to see happy this season. In such effort we would bask in His Spirit, the Christmas Spirit. No celebration we could ever experience can match the beauty of seeing someone respond to our witness and change their lives to bring them in harmony with the Son of God. No song we could listen to this season could compare in inspiration to the hearing the Song of Redeeming love being expressed by someone we have found and are teaching. No present we receive could match the joy of seeing some precious soul rise from the waters of baptism clean and committed. No feeling could match the warmth of seeing someone we have grown to love receive the baptism of fire. The truest happiness we will ever experience is helping someone else partake of the great plan of happiness.

These things of which he has stated in this small simple, but powerful paragraph can truly change the work in this season of the year. I have been able to see this joy that he speaks of because of the baptisms that I have had have brought me so much joy. In this time of giving and the great Christmas season we should all give ourselves to the lords work and invite those who are less fortunate or don't have this gospel to attend our church and feel of the spirit that comes of this special season.

I love All of you and the support that you have given me. For the cards and the thoughts behind them.

Elder Regan Hansen

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I am Now in East london

hello family
I am just wondering if everyone is doing alright, Well we flew out on Tuesday morning and made it to Cape Town on Wednesday the 8 of us elders from the MTC spent the night at the mission home and the next morning I flew to my first transfer in East London my companions name is Elder Sheasby he's from Johannesburg South Africa he is a very good missionary and I look up to him as a trainer and the missionary he is. He knows how to work hard and hes very smart as well. He is white and basically one the British accent people. In our district there is the four of us Elder Fausett from castle dale and his companion Elder Dishon from Kenya and then me and Elder Sheasby. we are the 1st ward here in Beacon Bay East London. I really enjoy it out here with the first week we've meet lots of people and I was able to spend my first sacrament at the ward last Sunday. there was like only 40 people there and the main work is getting less actives back to church since the church is kind of far away from the area. It is really hot here and the wind is blowing all the time, it also rains alot here I think it has rained just about everyday here since I got here. My p days are on Mondays. I want to send some Christmas to you through a package I talked to an elder here and he is sending one that would cost about 400 rand so about 40 dollars so I don't think its to bad. The allowance they give us here on the mission is 400 rand every two weeks, so its not very much money we live off of, just enough to get some food. Mom I love you and want to tell you I miss your food I have had some really nasty food here and its just gotten worse since we came out here to East London but I'm slowly getting used to it. The Cape Town mission is a huge mission and there are about 150 missionaries out and theres about 16 in the country of Namibia. well every things going alright I hope to here from you soon.
Elder T Hansen.

Monday, December 1, 2008

December 1, 2008 Gulf Breeze

This past week by far has been my biggest struggle of my mission. But I wouldn't look at in any other way than being a blessing that has now strengthen me in so many ways. With Transfers to Gulf Breeze it was just like I was once again coming right out of the gates. I found out later that day that I am in a Bike Area.

The mission has about 17 of these area's and I am now lucky enough to be in one. My new companion is Elder Spencer Pond from Seattle. He thinks that he recognizes my cousin Elder Deven Downey's name but I will have to see. He is actually from Bellevue right outside of there. I have been strengthened so much in this week by primarily prayer and using the power of the Atonement. As we all know we can't expect thing to adjust to what we want them to so we must adjust.

I have used the enabling power of the Atonement to adjust to my new area and the new circumstances that I have been put in. I can say that the enabling power is just on of those blessings and miracles that keep us going. I never could of traveled over 27 miles in my first full day here without that power. I have seen now how much my body has now adapted and how much more it will continue to adapt. I know that through that power of the atonement that we can receive those blessings and those changes that come through it by faith and knowing he will continue to carry our burdens. Through these changes I have been able to go and find those who are searching for that true gospel and that true light that we all have.

I know that if we all pray for the strength to adapt to those things that are hard for us or even challenging that with our faith in Jesus Christ that he will enable us and carry us through those things of which stand in our way.

Love You all and Thank you for the Support

Elder Regan Hansen