Monday, December 29, 2008

Regan December 29, 2008

Well this week I don't have to much to say. I can explain the area that I am in can fit just perfect with the Allegory in Jacob about the Olive Tree. This past week all of the hard work with out seeing much success has paid off. We found 2 investigators this past week. With all of the meaningful prayers and positive contacts with them the doors have been opened. Today we have an appointment with Clay and we are bringing a future missionary along. We have been really excited because with what we know and the questions that he wants answered the Holy Ghost will bear witness of them to him. With this opportunity we will also be able to hopefully talk to his wife in future visits and bring there family closer together and with hope for eternity.

I have been able to feel of this Great Spirit that has been about us in this past week of Christmas. Through that special spirit we have seen the hearts soften on more people than we thought. It has truly shown me how well these miracles can happen when we bring our will and pursuit into the lords work and his will.

I want thank everyone for there support and presents that I have received this Christmas. It was great to talk to some of you and hear about the things back at home.

May we all continue to carry the spirit that is within us and be that guiding light to all those who need us.

LOve You
ELder Regan Hansen

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