Monday, December 22, 2008

December 22, 2008

First want to thank everyone for your support during this time of year with your letter and packages. This week during service at the zoo I really made a tiger mad and had it totally come after me. I guess my camera reflected on its face luckily there was a fence there to save me. I am hoping to send a picture of it.

This past week we have had many Christmas activities throughout our branch and also the stake. We had a branch Christmas party and were able to get many less active individuals out to it. On Friday the stake put together a great nativity program and we were able to talk to investigators and have activities and music to envelop them in the spirit of Christmas.
We have also been caroling allot lately. I can't sing but we all try and we have not yet received a bad review. We have been able to to receive investigators this way and we hope that on our last night of it tomorrow that we will be able to continue and bring that spirit to those who are not able to feel or receive it at this moment.

This past Sunday had such a great spirit filled Christmas program. We were able to bring out allot of less active members to listen to the beautiful program that was presented. Later that night we watched with a family the special witness DVD and I would suggest to everyone if you can watch that with your families, friends, and those that need to be uplifted and edified by these solemn witnesses. The testimonies on there have strengthen me and have uplifted me to a now sense of gratification of this restored gospel.

I want to wish you all a "Merry Christmas" and thank you again for all the support.

Love you
Elder Regan Hansen

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