Monday, December 8, 2008

December 8, 2008

Not to much exciting stuff has happened this week. We have worked hard this week and have done tons of tracting. We had some success but we only found potential investigators because we could never actually set a return appointment for them. Yesterday we a great day of the week. Through having fast Sunday and hearing testimonies, to being able to see the Christmas devotional it was great. We watched the devotional at Brother and Sister Wagners. The messages that were contained in this devotional were truly inspiring. The message of this time of year is truly about the giving nature and have charity. With the pure love of Christ and being able to truly give myself to this work in this season inspires me. Our mission president gave us such a great message today in his letter.

If we properly celebrated this season we would not rest from our labors. We would, instead, intensify our passion to find, teach, baptize and retain. If we wanted to really show our love for Him this Christmas; we would study, pray, fast, plan, work and love with all of our heart might mind and strength so that others may partake of the true reason for this season. If we were really into the substance of the season, we would talk to everyone, trusting in faith that He would lead us to a prepared person because we were prepared servants. We would stretch to our outer limits to accomplish goals focused on the Key Indicators because these indicators represent people who we desire to see happy this season. In such effort we would bask in His Spirit, the Christmas Spirit. No celebration we could ever experience can match the beauty of seeing someone respond to our witness and change their lives to bring them in harmony with the Son of God. No song we could listen to this season could compare in inspiration to the hearing the Song of Redeeming love being expressed by someone we have found and are teaching. No present we receive could match the joy of seeing some precious soul rise from the waters of baptism clean and committed. No feeling could match the warmth of seeing someone we have grown to love receive the baptism of fire. The truest happiness we will ever experience is helping someone else partake of the great plan of happiness.

These things of which he has stated in this small simple, but powerful paragraph can truly change the work in this season of the year. I have been able to see this joy that he speaks of because of the baptisms that I have had have brought me so much joy. In this time of giving and the great Christmas season we should all give ourselves to the lords work and invite those who are less fortunate or don't have this gospel to attend our church and feel of the spirit that comes of this special season.

I love All of you and the support that you have given me. For the cards and the thoughts behind them.

Elder Regan Hansen

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