Monday, January 26, 2009

Regan January 26, 2009

Well this week has been slowed down a bit because of the rain. We have had so much more support from the member this past week since Elder Costa came and talked to us.

We talked with Marty this past week and he is still struggling with his smoking addiction. We had a powerful lesson and watched Finding Faith In Christ with him. We showed him the miracles that Christ performed while he was performing his earthly ministry. We asked him if he would like a blessing since we to hold that same priesthood authority that Jesus Christ has. We found out that he is not ready yet and we will hope that he will be sometime in the near future. He is really into poker and that is basically what he does for a living.

We tracted into Alex this week and talked to him on his doorstep for about an hour. We taught a brief lesson on the Restoration and he had many questions concerning our belief of the Godhead. We answered it the best we could but he was still not totally satisfied. We are going to talk to him within the next few days and answer it more fully.

We were able to study the scriptures and Conference Talks. Through fasting and prayer we have been able to bring out simple and precious truths that we are going to share with him. We found out after we talked to him that he is a Minister at his own Church but he still wants to know and learn new truth.

We talked to Kane last night and found out that he has not been reading in the Book Of Mormon. We committed him again and this time he seems willing and ready to read and pray. We told him we would ask him some questions about it so he really is going to take it seriously now. Hopefully in the next few weeks we can commit him to baptism and strengthen him and his Family.

I know that through Fasting and Meaningful Prayer that we can receive answers that we are diligently seeking for. I have seen the power behind it and it has once again opened my eyes to new truth and enabled me to teach with more Power and Authority. I encourage everyone that if they have a question or even need help with anything to submit to the Lord in Fasting and Prayer and you will receive guidance.

I love You all

Elder Regan Hansen

Jan 26 2009

hi family,
It sounds like everything is going well at home and your having a white snowy year. This week was kind of a rough week but I hope that it will get better this upcoming week. I just wish I could get more out of my scripture reading The Els family is doing ok we were able to give Sheena another blessing during the week. It looks like they might take her to Joburg hospital to find out exactly what is going on. The hospitals here in East London aren't the best from what I have seen especially the public hospitals, but I think that is a very good decision that they have made to take her to the Joburg hospital. I was able to receive the christmas letters that you sent to me and I also got the story that Josh had sent that is good to hear. Here in East London it has been extremely hot and humid this week During the winter they say that it snows on the tops of the mountains but not in valleys just a cold rain. Send some pictures of the puppies sometime and also some packages. Mom I hope you sent some some stuff. I'm just not to happy with the week and with the computer erasing my message that I typed but oh well. Have a great week, my thoughts and prayers are with you. love Elder T Hansen

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Regan January 20, 2008

Well this week has been a very good settling and we have built a firm foundation to grow from. We have had much success this week in finding, teaching, and to see how well everyone will keep there commitments. We had the opportunity to see that many of our investigators are progressing well and they are continuing to come unto Christ.

This past week we had the opportunity for another Zone Conference but this time I am now in a smaller Zone and I really enjoy it better. I have been able to apply my studies into my teachings there and I have seen the power that is continuing to grow in me. I talked to the mission president in my interview and he has expressed at how now I have taken charge and have really focused on many new aspects to strengthen my knowledge in the gospel, so I can teach with more power.

He asked us to study and mark the "IF" and "THEN" promises in the Book Of Mormon. It is amazing the promises in just a few chapter will enable us to change our lives for the better. With this great and new understanding that I have received from my 30 or more minutes of just study in the Book Of Mormon I have been able to begin my day on such a high spiritual charge that I can show everyone the blessings that come from following the Gospel.

I know that the Book Of Mormon truly allows us to have a new sense in the way that we truly ponder and contemplate on the message that it contains within. The Truths in it and also the way it guides us through each and everyday is amazing. The messages that comes from within its pages allows us all to teach with power and authority.

This past Sunday we had Stake Conference and Elder Costa of the presidency of the 70 came out and talked. I would like to mention the one thing that stood out to me the most. He said, "We should not receive blessing because the mercy that God has, but because we are WORTHY of those blessings." It has allowed me to ponder on this thought and brought me to a new appreciation of the Understanding of Blessing.

I know that If we all take in the message that is within his quote that we can all receive those blessings because we are worthy and it allows us to have a better self satisfaction in what we do.

Love You

Elder Regan Hansen

Monday, January 19, 2009

January 19, 2009

hello family,
It sounds like all is going well and you are all having fun. The sling shot that we made went really good, we went to Gonubie and shot rocks into the ocean. This week though will definitely be a week to remember for me. On Tuesday we went to the Els family to do some service for them. We tore out an old rotted fence and also started sanding their swing set in their backyard that we were going to varnish while we were sanding their chair we heard a cry for help. When I heard it I ran inside the house to see where the noise was coming from I heard it come from the bathroom so I went in after Elder Sheasby and Sheena Els was lying on the floor. Elder Fausett from Utah was an EMT before he came out, took care of her. She had foam coming out of her mouth and had a hard time breathing we really didn't know what was going on other than she was going through a seizure. Her mom was trying to call an ambulance and was in a little bit of shock but nobody had consecrated oil. I had some so I ran to the living room where my scripture pack was, got my oil, ran back, me and Elder Fausett we gave her a blessing. After we gave her a blessing I knew she would be ok but she was a little unconscious and we carried her out to the car to take her to the hospital. She had a bruise on her right cheek. What happened was, while she was puking from her sickness she passed out and hit her head on the toilet. She then had like epileptic seizure and also had a concussion. It has been a real interesting week though as I thought about what happened I thought how the missionaries were there at the right time and able to give a blessing. To make a long story short she is a sixteen year old investigator that we have been working with. The best part was we saw her at church this week. You can just see how the lord works through this family. Their dad is not a member but through the blessings and prayer he can see the influence the priesthood and the church has. Her brother and her mom are the only members of the church, the brother is a returned missionary from Joburg. IT was kind of a scary situation but truly a spiritual experience that I will always remember. We also had zone conference this week and was able to be spiritually uplifted but I can see through fasting and prayers that this girl has really been through a miracle. She had some other seizures throughout the week but is better and really looked good at church. The family is an Afrikaans family and very good to be around. I was wondering through all this you could send me a story of my accident. I just want it for my journal. This experience brought back a lot of memories. I truly think that she will be baptized but she has to pray for herself. The story may seem a little scatterbrained but I am typing way fast because I don't have a lot of time. This week was a good week and I hope things will get better for me for having charity in my life because it is not an easy thing to have. Please write that up and email it back to me. Thanks for the messages and let me know if you have a package on the way. I was thinking it was a good thing also that Lyman Willardson taught us how to throw a sling. If there is any good advise you can give me dad on charity let me know,

thank you and I love you all.

Elder Tyler Hansen

Monday, January 12, 2009

January 12, 2009

Hi family!
It is good to here that you are doing well I got your package this week! Thank you for all of the stuff that you gave me they will be used for sure. I hope that you have another one on its way It is like Christmas to receive packages and mailed letters. This week will be a good week I hope now that things are coming back into the swing of things. Me and my companion are going to fast alot this week and go on a diet since we think that we are getting fat sitting in the car and all the Dinner appointments we have had. I hope that there will be miracles happen and I can just become totally devoted. I have had a really challenging week and Have pointing out some of the weaknesses that I have that I can fast about and really strive to work more on. Every morning I wake up and me and my companions stomachs don't feel the best, the other morning I thought me and him were going to throw up after running every morning. I am really excited for today though we bought some string and some leather and I'm going to show the district how to make slings and were going to shoot rocks into the ocean so it will be kind of fun. We are kind of running out of ideas to do things on p-days. thank you for your prayers and I hope all is well for you. Oh I also heard the elder that came back from cape town the same time that I left got in a car accident and died, that is to bad to here but I'm sure he has a mission in the spirit world.
well I love you all and wish you a wonderful week!

love Elder Tyler Hansen

Regan January 12, 2009

Well I have found out today that at the library here that I only get 60 minutes so I have to hurry along. This week has been crazy with having transfers and white washing a new area. We have had some great success in just the little time that we have been here. We have found 2 new investigators. We have also talked to an investigator that was here and set up a new Baptismal Date with him but I am just not sure if he is truly ready to give up smoking. We have some great support from the ward and have a great ward mission leader. We have a busy week coming up because we have set allot of appointments up and will be teaching which is great.I like it here in Crestview since I am now back in some country. It has some hills but that might just be because it is the highest point in Florida of like 300-400 ft.

I have had some great moments in my studies this week to receive so great answers of how to help those around me. I know that if we all study the scriptures diligently and look and the promises that the scriptures have in store for us. I have been uplifted this past week as I have studied 1 Nephi 1-11. I have been able to see all the promises the lord blesses us with as long as we have faith and do those things that he desires us to do. I have grown in faith and testimony because of the Faith that Nephi leaves with us in the passages.I know that If we all strive to Prayerfully study in the scriptures that we can all receive new enlightenment through the spirit and always stand prepared and ready to begin a new day.

Love you All

ELder Hansen

368 Hospital Dr.Crestview, Fl 32539

Friday, January 9, 2009

hello from South Africa

hello family,
It is good to here from you each and every week It seems like everything is working ok with the Email so that is one less thing to worry about. Happy Birthday Chris! How have you guys been doing with the basketball games and when does school start back up for the new year. That is good to here the puppies and also the baby calves are doing alright you'll have to send some pictures when they get bigger. Thank you so much for fasting and praying for me I can already see the change and help from lord. This week though was kind of relaxed and nothing really happened to much with the new years and not doing anything for the two days. This week though I bought my own shaver to cut my hair and when I was cutting my hair the trimmer guide broke and started cutting short so I messed up on my hair. I just put it to a lower adjustment and basically just buzzed my hair so I kind of look like a military guy. On Sunday though after church and 12 o'clock we went to a guys house named Robert and was going to share the plan of salvation with him when we got there he wasn't there; he seems to be one of those guys that likes to flea but, his cousin was there named Agustine, We were able to share the restoration of the gospel with him and he said he wanted to make a change in his life. The day before he cut his hair from long to short and but you can see that he wants to make a change in his life he loved the message of the restoration. There has been some mixed feeling about that home and the people evertime we visit them but I think that your prayers have helped. At the church on new years we had like 20 elders or so from all over east London come and we had a braii. There is just the four in my district and my companion is the district leader. I think there are like 8 zones in the mission with about 20-30 missionaries in each zone. This week was the last week of my first transfer so I have been through my first transfer. I haven't been able to drive a car yet but I think this transfer I will they don't want the missionaries in there first transfer to drive just to get used to driving on the left side of the road. How is Regan doing? Does he ever email you guys? You will have to give me his email address. Most of the people that serve in South Africa are from the states. I think that there are like 70elders or something but there are a few from Australia and alot from Africa as well. There are missionaries from Madagascar, Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana and a few from England as well. I haven't got your package that you sent me yet but hopefully it will come sometime this week. There are like 15-20 families in the area that we mainly work with but we are mainly focusing on like 6 people right now. The Els family is like our primary focus and also Mr. Nkohle these are the ones that we are trying to get baptismal dates set up for upcoming in this next transfer. Thank you for your prayers they are so much a blessing to me and give me strength I love you all have a good new years. love Elder T Hansen

Monday, January 5, 2009

Regan January 5, 2009, Transfer to Crestview Florida

Well This week has been quite a great week. We have had the opportunity to teach a lesson with a member to Clay. Even though today I found out that I am getting moved to Crestview I know that there will be some great people there to also find. We had the opportunity to talk to Clay last night and we found out that he has been reading Ether 12 and has allot of questions about it. It is amazing to see how well the spirit leads and guides us in all that we do. We told him when he read to pray first for a better understanding and he took that challenge and it has really blessed him in his studies. Hopefully with this we will be able to soon be able to talk to his Girlfriend and begin to teach her too.

Thank you all for the E-mails for the new year the support is really great. I will let everyone know my new address as soon as I can find out what it is.

I have been studying about how to better feel and understand the nature of the the Holy Ghost. It has blessed me to better understand when I have the spirit and how I can obtain the spirit more fully. Our mission President found a quote about this that President Hinckley said concerning this matter.

“That’s the test, when all is said and done. Does it persuade one to do good, to rise, to stand tall, to do the right thing, to be kind, to be generous?...You recognize the Spirit by the fruits of the Spirit—that which enlighteneth, that which buildeth up, that which is positive and affirmative and uplifting and leads us to better thoughts and better words and better deeds is of the Spirit of God.” (PMG p.97)

Love You all

Elder Regan Hansen