Monday, January 26, 2009

Regan January 26, 2009

Well this week has been slowed down a bit because of the rain. We have had so much more support from the member this past week since Elder Costa came and talked to us.

We talked with Marty this past week and he is still struggling with his smoking addiction. We had a powerful lesson and watched Finding Faith In Christ with him. We showed him the miracles that Christ performed while he was performing his earthly ministry. We asked him if he would like a blessing since we to hold that same priesthood authority that Jesus Christ has. We found out that he is not ready yet and we will hope that he will be sometime in the near future. He is really into poker and that is basically what he does for a living.

We tracted into Alex this week and talked to him on his doorstep for about an hour. We taught a brief lesson on the Restoration and he had many questions concerning our belief of the Godhead. We answered it the best we could but he was still not totally satisfied. We are going to talk to him within the next few days and answer it more fully.

We were able to study the scriptures and Conference Talks. Through fasting and prayer we have been able to bring out simple and precious truths that we are going to share with him. We found out after we talked to him that he is a Minister at his own Church but he still wants to know and learn new truth.

We talked to Kane last night and found out that he has not been reading in the Book Of Mormon. We committed him again and this time he seems willing and ready to read and pray. We told him we would ask him some questions about it so he really is going to take it seriously now. Hopefully in the next few weeks we can commit him to baptism and strengthen him and his Family.

I know that through Fasting and Meaningful Prayer that we can receive answers that we are diligently seeking for. I have seen the power behind it and it has once again opened my eyes to new truth and enabled me to teach with more Power and Authority. I encourage everyone that if they have a question or even need help with anything to submit to the Lord in Fasting and Prayer and you will receive guidance.

I love You all

Elder Regan Hansen

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