Friday, January 9, 2009

hello from South Africa

hello family,
It is good to here from you each and every week It seems like everything is working ok with the Email so that is one less thing to worry about. Happy Birthday Chris! How have you guys been doing with the basketball games and when does school start back up for the new year. That is good to here the puppies and also the baby calves are doing alright you'll have to send some pictures when they get bigger. Thank you so much for fasting and praying for me I can already see the change and help from lord. This week though was kind of relaxed and nothing really happened to much with the new years and not doing anything for the two days. This week though I bought my own shaver to cut my hair and when I was cutting my hair the trimmer guide broke and started cutting short so I messed up on my hair. I just put it to a lower adjustment and basically just buzzed my hair so I kind of look like a military guy. On Sunday though after church and 12 o'clock we went to a guys house named Robert and was going to share the plan of salvation with him when we got there he wasn't there; he seems to be one of those guys that likes to flea but, his cousin was there named Agustine, We were able to share the restoration of the gospel with him and he said he wanted to make a change in his life. The day before he cut his hair from long to short and but you can see that he wants to make a change in his life he loved the message of the restoration. There has been some mixed feeling about that home and the people evertime we visit them but I think that your prayers have helped. At the church on new years we had like 20 elders or so from all over east London come and we had a braii. There is just the four in my district and my companion is the district leader. I think there are like 8 zones in the mission with about 20-30 missionaries in each zone. This week was the last week of my first transfer so I have been through my first transfer. I haven't been able to drive a car yet but I think this transfer I will they don't want the missionaries in there first transfer to drive just to get used to driving on the left side of the road. How is Regan doing? Does he ever email you guys? You will have to give me his email address. Most of the people that serve in South Africa are from the states. I think that there are like 70elders or something but there are a few from Australia and alot from Africa as well. There are missionaries from Madagascar, Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana and a few from England as well. I haven't got your package that you sent me yet but hopefully it will come sometime this week. There are like 15-20 families in the area that we mainly work with but we are mainly focusing on like 6 people right now. The Els family is like our primary focus and also Mr. Nkohle these are the ones that we are trying to get baptismal dates set up for upcoming in this next transfer. Thank you for your prayers they are so much a blessing to me and give me strength I love you all have a good new years. love Elder T Hansen

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