Monday, January 12, 2009

Regan January 12, 2009

Well I have found out today that at the library here that I only get 60 minutes so I have to hurry along. This week has been crazy with having transfers and white washing a new area. We have had some great success in just the little time that we have been here. We have found 2 new investigators. We have also talked to an investigator that was here and set up a new Baptismal Date with him but I am just not sure if he is truly ready to give up smoking. We have some great support from the ward and have a great ward mission leader. We have a busy week coming up because we have set allot of appointments up and will be teaching which is great.I like it here in Crestview since I am now back in some country. It has some hills but that might just be because it is the highest point in Florida of like 300-400 ft.

I have had some great moments in my studies this week to receive so great answers of how to help those around me. I know that if we all study the scriptures diligently and look and the promises that the scriptures have in store for us. I have been uplifted this past week as I have studied 1 Nephi 1-11. I have been able to see all the promises the lord blesses us with as long as we have faith and do those things that he desires us to do. I have grown in faith and testimony because of the Faith that Nephi leaves with us in the passages.I know that If we all strive to Prayerfully study in the scriptures that we can all receive new enlightenment through the spirit and always stand prepared and ready to begin a new day.

Love you All

ELder Hansen

368 Hospital Dr.Crestview, Fl 32539

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