Monday, January 12, 2009

January 12, 2009

Hi family!
It is good to here that you are doing well I got your package this week! Thank you for all of the stuff that you gave me they will be used for sure. I hope that you have another one on its way It is like Christmas to receive packages and mailed letters. This week will be a good week I hope now that things are coming back into the swing of things. Me and my companion are going to fast alot this week and go on a diet since we think that we are getting fat sitting in the car and all the Dinner appointments we have had. I hope that there will be miracles happen and I can just become totally devoted. I have had a really challenging week and Have pointing out some of the weaknesses that I have that I can fast about and really strive to work more on. Every morning I wake up and me and my companions stomachs don't feel the best, the other morning I thought me and him were going to throw up after running every morning. I am really excited for today though we bought some string and some leather and I'm going to show the district how to make slings and were going to shoot rocks into the ocean so it will be kind of fun. We are kind of running out of ideas to do things on p-days. thank you for your prayers and I hope all is well for you. Oh I also heard the elder that came back from cape town the same time that I left got in a car accident and died, that is to bad to here but I'm sure he has a mission in the spirit world.
well I love you all and wish you a wonderful week!

love Elder Tyler Hansen

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