Monday, January 19, 2009

January 19, 2009

hello family,
It sounds like all is going well and you are all having fun. The sling shot that we made went really good, we went to Gonubie and shot rocks into the ocean. This week though will definitely be a week to remember for me. On Tuesday we went to the Els family to do some service for them. We tore out an old rotted fence and also started sanding their swing set in their backyard that we were going to varnish while we were sanding their chair we heard a cry for help. When I heard it I ran inside the house to see where the noise was coming from I heard it come from the bathroom so I went in after Elder Sheasby and Sheena Els was lying on the floor. Elder Fausett from Utah was an EMT before he came out, took care of her. She had foam coming out of her mouth and had a hard time breathing we really didn't know what was going on other than she was going through a seizure. Her mom was trying to call an ambulance and was in a little bit of shock but nobody had consecrated oil. I had some so I ran to the living room where my scripture pack was, got my oil, ran back, me and Elder Fausett we gave her a blessing. After we gave her a blessing I knew she would be ok but she was a little unconscious and we carried her out to the car to take her to the hospital. She had a bruise on her right cheek. What happened was, while she was puking from her sickness she passed out and hit her head on the toilet. She then had like epileptic seizure and also had a concussion. It has been a real interesting week though as I thought about what happened I thought how the missionaries were there at the right time and able to give a blessing. To make a long story short she is a sixteen year old investigator that we have been working with. The best part was we saw her at church this week. You can just see how the lord works through this family. Their dad is not a member but through the blessings and prayer he can see the influence the priesthood and the church has. Her brother and her mom are the only members of the church, the brother is a returned missionary from Joburg. IT was kind of a scary situation but truly a spiritual experience that I will always remember. We also had zone conference this week and was able to be spiritually uplifted but I can see through fasting and prayers that this girl has really been through a miracle. She had some other seizures throughout the week but is better and really looked good at church. The family is an Afrikaans family and very good to be around. I was wondering through all this you could send me a story of my accident. I just want it for my journal. This experience brought back a lot of memories. I truly think that she will be baptized but she has to pray for herself. The story may seem a little scatterbrained but I am typing way fast because I don't have a lot of time. This week was a good week and I hope things will get better for me for having charity in my life because it is not an easy thing to have. Please write that up and email it back to me. Thanks for the messages and let me know if you have a package on the way. I was thinking it was a good thing also that Lyman Willardson taught us how to throw a sling. If there is any good advise you can give me dad on charity let me know,

thank you and I love you all.

Elder Tyler Hansen

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