Monday, June 29, 2009

Regan June 29, 2009

This week has been an adjustment but it has been great and the work still continues on.

On Monday we went up to President Coleman's house in Laurel Hill and had a great lesson with Ron and his Family and will be figuring out a great day this week to set up another appointment with them. Ron has a smoking problem but he said that if that was needed he would give it up in a heart beat.

On Tuesday we had district meeting and continued throughout the day visiting member and tracting by there houses. We dropped off the new DVD to the referral that she received but she was not interested at that time to hear anymore. That evening we went back to President Coleman's and had a lesson with Sheila Parker. It went really well and she seems excited to continue to learn about the Gospel.

On Wednesday we had transfers and got things all adjusted and did a little bit of tracting. We had a softball social within Crestview 2nd ward and we had quite a few investigators there. We all had a great time and enjoyed each others company and meeting the new members.

On Thursday we did a bit of planning and got some appointments squared away. We went to visit Marty but he wasn't home at the time so we are rescheduling that appointment here very quickly. We tracted a bit by some less active members and found Shawn and will be teaching him on Wednesday and also quite a few potential on the same street. We had a dinner appointment that night at a the Gillespie's and it was great. We then had our basketball night and had 3 investigators there and it went well.

On Friday we planned a little bit more and looked over the area books to familiarize with all the areas. We set up and appointment with Brother Phillips for this Wednesday and will be setting a BCD with him that day. We then went to Misty's house and visited Kevin and Joey before she got there. It went real well and we had some fun activities that we did with them. We then taught a lesson with Misty about Authority. She had some doubts come into her mind that she was struggling with. We committed her to pray about authority and also the specific verses in 3 Nephi 11 that talk about Authority.

On Saturday we called and visited a couple less active members in the Olive Branch and also picked up a few past investigators who we will be teaching tomorrow.

On Sunday we had meetings that covered the Day and then Stake Conference. The messages were great and the spirit was so strong. We had dinner at a members house and then went on splits with the ward mission leader to visit less active members.

The District is doing well and we will continue to serve diligently in the areas that the lord has directed us to be in.

Love You

Elder Regan Hansen

Monday, June 22, 2009

Tyler June 22 2009

Here are some pictures hope you enjoy them


Elder Tyler Hansen

Regan June 22, 2009

This Past week went well and we saw many of our opportunities work out even better than we had planned.

On Monday We tried to visit Cassie but she wasn't home so we will have to see how to get in contact with her. We went with President Miller and his wife to Paxton for a social and it went well. We were able to get appointments with Ron Fellins and his family for tonight and Also Sheila Parker for tomorrow night.

On Tuesday we had a great district meeting in the direction that you showed us. My direction of teaching has changed to really focus heavily on simplicity and the first principles and ordinances of the Gospel. We went over to Misty's that afternoon and found out a few things that will help us better our situation with Kevin. It has been hard to teach him but we have found the route of that problem.

On Wednesday we tracted almost all day taking a few breaks in between because the weather being over 100 degrees we had to fill up our water quite rapidly. We had dinner with some less active members and that went well. We are going to set up some appointments to teach them about the gospel because it has been a long time since they have understood all basic principles. We taught Candy after and also her two kids Marquissa and Jay. We were able to teach the Restoration with them and they enjoyed what we had to over and desire to hear more of the message.

On Thursday we went and talked with Gloria Clark. Even after a year of no contact she is not ready to except the gospel. We did not get a great spirit as we were there and will not be returning very soon. We taught Marty that day by reading parts of 3 Nephi. He has been progressing real well and keeping his reading commitments. We will be getting the Addiction Recovery workbook for him to help him overcome his battle with smoking.

On Friday we did the majority of our planning because of Thursday being so busy. We didn't have to much success with getting appointments sent up everywhere but we confirmed the ones we had in Paxton and coordinated our rides to get there. We taught Brother Despain about how to receive answers to our prayers and showed him examples of how different prophets pray with faith and their examples. It went real well but I am not sure that he is really willing to let the message carry into his heart. We talked with Sister Woodard who is a less active member who is striving to get work off so she can come to church. We taught her the first principles and ordinances of the gospel and it went well.

On Saturday we decided we would start early in the day tracting to try and stay out of the heat. It didn't pan out as well as we would of hoped but we just kept on knocking. We found Ecko and she is really interested and we will be following up with her here in the next few days. We went and had a great lesson with Misty about some of the church history and she thoroughly enjoyed learning more about the Gospel as it was restored. Her testimony continues to get stronger and stronger each and everyday.

On Sunday we had great success with investigators coming in both wards and the branches. We were able to have some great gospel principles classes with Misty and also the Phillips family who we will be teaching this Friday. They are a young couple who have been discussing the gospel for a long time now. She is a member and as they traveled to Utah to meet her family he was inspired by how the church was and the format of it work. He believes that Joseph Smith Truly was called to restore the gospel.

I am also grateful for the Knowledge that I have been able to receive through the confirming witness of the Holy Ghost. What a magnificent gift that our Heavenly Father has so dearly allowed us access to receive in our lives. I know that through the spirit we can all be directed to perform those righteous desires that our Heavenly Father has for us and to put them to action through our Faith.

Love You

Elder Regan Hansen

Oh and I did find out transfers today and I will be staying in Crestview for another 6 weeks and will be have 2 new companions come in. I have never met them but I am sure that they are some great missionaries.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Tyler June 15 2009

Thank you for your emails they are very much appreciated. The Beals family here is having a rough time finding work, and you see a lot of the white people are having a harder time finding jobs. You find many white Africaans people and white people in general are leaving the country to try and find jobs. A lot of the South Africa jobs now many are required to be black which is creating a problem for the white people of South Africa. The Beals have there own home improvement business but work has not been going well for them this past year. Andrew and Kituchka Beal have one boy named Kenneth and another one on the way. It is just good that they have their family nearby to help them financially but have been looking for jobs outside the country. We were able to do some service for them this week which helps in any way that they need. This week has been cold and raining a lot which has presented a problem for the township people coming to church on Sundays. Our investigators have been keeping there commitments like reading and praying but when it rains on Sundays it creates a problem for them since many don't have cars. We had zone exchanges this week and we double booked the area, we were able to find 4 new investigators in the Mt Pleasant area so this upcoming week is booked with appointments. We have been working also with the Mangenna family and Adams family a lot and has been our main area of focus since they are really doing great. We had a solid appointment with Walter and Suzan Coetzer on Wednesday. We gave Walter and his wife a Book of Mormon last week and he said he has read already up to Words of Mormon so things are going great for him and I look forward to the appointment and answering the questions that he says he has. We were able to meet with a Jehovah's Witness last week named Die. Her mother is a member of the branch and she wanted us to come and resolve some concerns with her. She is probably the nicest Jehovah's Witness I have ever met, She knew her scriptures very well and we hope to resolve some of her concerns. We resolved many of her concerns. We left Acts 7:55 for her to read and also 1 Peter 3 as well to help her but with the changed bible it is harder to make certain points of the gospel. Many of the problems that we have in Hermanus is finding people who are willing to accept the Book of Mormon since many are of the Dutch reformed church and they wont accept anything but there bible and ignorant to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thanks for the emails, hope you all have a good week.
Elder Tyler Hansen

Regan June 15, 2009

This week as been great with all of the support we have received from ward leaders and especially the Lord.

On Monday we re-evaluated our goals because of the area that has been added on. We figured the goals that seemed to be great but I was still very hesitant with what was going to happen throughout the week. We help President Campa of the stake presidency with service at his house. They put in some nice new hardwood floor so we helped move so furniture around so they could install the flooring.

On Tuesday We traveled into Defuniak for District Meeting. It went really well and we talked about Elder Bednar's questions even though many of us were still pondering the thought of "What have I observed and learned. What will I do?" We came back and started getting the maps for our area out of the other apartment so we could see how big of an area we had and where we could tract. We had dinner with a member that evening and also set up and appointment with Brother Despain for this coming Thursday.

On Wednesday we helped a part member family with some service at their house and it went great. We were able to really spend time with her husband who is not a member and he was grateful for our service and what we were able to share with him. We went and visited a few media referrals that we had received but didn't have anything come from them yet.

On Thursday we spent allot of time planning and focusing on all of the areas. We opened all the Area Books and called every past investigator to try and set up appointments with them. So far we have had success in setting up an appointment with one investigator.

On Friday We decided to go tracting for a bit that day. The area that we first went to, there were Jehovah Witnesses already tracting through so we went into our back up plans. We visited a few member and offered service as we were there. We tracted another area that was close to a media referral but nothing came out of it. Later that night we went over to Sister Misty Royce's house and her niece was there. She talked to her mom and we now have permission to teach her and had a great experience with Joey there teaching her.

On Saturday our main focus was to get out and start knocking on some doors so we could find those the Lord has prepared for us. We found Cassie and she was super excited. She has a very young family and we will be teaching her later Today. We also tracted into Candy. She was very interested and had the questions as do some about how the Godhead could be 3 in the same because she notices in the Bible that Jesus is not Praying to himself. We have appointment with her on Wednesday. We received a call from President Coleman in Paxton about a few people that they are wanting us to start teaching. We will be going up there tonight with President Miller and his wife to meet them and set up appointments. With that we should be able tonight to get our teaching pool around 15 people.

We're very excited with all that is happening and will keep on continuing to press forward and help those people come unto Christ. I am grateful for the opportunity to cover all of the two wards and two branches because it allows us to teach and experience the Joy with everyone that we have the opportunity to teach. It keeps us even busier than before which I enjoy so much.

Love Y'all and thanks for the support and letters.

Elder Regan Hansen

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tyler June 9 2009

Happy Birthday yesterday Mom! I hope you had a good day. I'm really not learning any other language right now at the moment but just a little Africaans I can learn from the coloured folk. In the western cape it is mainly the coloureds that we work with. They are kind of like the hispanic people of the states. I am really missing the Utah weather this past week it has just rained and has been cold. Elder Pauna and I have had the flu for the past few days, but I think today I'm getting better from it. Elder Pauna says he still isn't feeling too great.
This past Tuesday we drove out to Somerset West from Hermanus to have our workshops with President Probst, Sister Probst and the assistants. I really like the way President Probst does the workshops in districts because it makes everything so much more meaningful and personal. As I was talking to him he said he was looking up Cape Town missionaries on an engine and the family blog was the first to come up. He said he read through it and thought it was neat.
We have a couple of baptisms on the first week of next month with Lungiswa and Chokiswa. They are sisters one is 37 and the other is 17 they seem very excited about it and Lungiswa bore a wonderful testimony yesterday. Lungiswa is married but her husband doesn't want anything to do with church. We had a discussion about dispensations with them which went quite well. I'm really excited for them I just wish we could find more potential priesthood holders for the branch. Things are going quite well for the most part. The highlight of the week was to be able to find an Africaans guy named Walter and his wife named Suzan. They lived in Pretoria before they moved to Vermont. They have been here for the past year. I have a really good feeling about him and his family. Walter is 29 and Suzanne is 26 they are engaged and have a little boy who is 3. Walter works at a board shop here in Hermanus and both of his parents died when he was younger. He said he has been recently looking for a religion but has not found the right one, he just recently read through all the bible, the old and new testament and is excited about the Africaans Book of Mormon that we gave to him this last Friday. He said he has been down some dark roads in his life but wants to change and you can see it with how humble he is. We found him while he was mowing his lawn but hopefully through the power of the Book of Mormon it will motivate them to stop smoking and drinking. I look forward with being able to work with them and help them. Many families that we teach we have been seeing miracles with their diligence of reading the Book of Mormon. We are excited about a colored family that lives in Mt. Pleasant named the Adams. Sister Adams has been taking the Book of Mormon and reading it during her lunch break and this week we gave them an Africaans version so they can compare and understand more between Africaans and English.
Have a good week,
Thanks for everything.
Elder Tyler Hansen

Monday, June 8, 2009

Regan June 8, 2009

This past week will be one of the most memorable weeks I have had so far in my life.

On Monday we were able to teach Misty about the Plan of Salvation again. She has so many new questions each and every time that we go over to her house that it is truly a blessing in disguise. We had dinner with members that night and shared a great experience with them and there family.

Tuesday we planned allot for what we could do with Joey to continue his progress and discussed some of the planning of the baptism. We went and talked with him and his family and set up everything for the baptism on Saturday. We discussed the interview questions with Joey and continued to help his progress to be baptized. We had ward council that evening and we are seeing miracles in all the service that the ward members are performing in the work.

Wednesday it was thundering and lighting quite a bit. So we decided to do a little bit of planning and try to set up appointments with many of our past investigators. We didn't have to much luck contacting them but we were able to talk with Marty and set up an appointment for Thursday.

Thursday read 3 Nephi 11 with Marty and it went so great. We are beginning to help him build his foundation upon daily prayer and study. We left him with the remaining chapters of Christ's visit to the America's. We had Joey's baptismal interview which went smashing great. He has been progressing each and everyday and will continue to do so.

Friday we went and taught Maeson the Plan of Salvation and answered many questions that she had thought of that had her confused. We answered all of those questions and the spirit was there very strongly. We stopped by and set up and appointment with Michael and will be talking with his whole family. Tons of great potential.

Saturday was a great day. To start it all of with Elder Bednar and Elder Richards was great. The Revelatory experience was the most amazing but personal setting that I have been in. The spirit was so immense and all of my questions were answered through the spirit without even asking the questions. We then came back and prepared everything for Joey's Baptism. His family was there with support and there was such a great member turnout that I was truly humbled by all of their love and support.

Sunday we were getting adjusted with the news of taking over all of Crestview into one big area. I don't feel overwhelmed at all because I know that as we go out and fulfill our responsibilities with diligence and exercise our faith through action that there is a way already prepared for us to accomplish all that he asks of us. We found out that one of the sisters was going home because she has had some medical problems. We now have a car which is nice but we are going to utilize the bikes as much as possible to save as many miles as we can until we really have to use them. We will now be covering 2 wards and 2 branches. It is going to be crazy but I am totally excited because now we will never see and ounce of spare time and be busy as ever.

Love You All

Elder Regan Hansen

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tyler June 1 2009

Hey family
Well this week was pretty rough for the most part, the appointments with Major, Chris Kallani, El Marie, Cornelius Williams, Reamus, and Edward did not succeed. It has been hard to have a good attitude about everything that has cancelled but what do you do. My companions grandma passed away as well so both him and his family are going through a hard time. Yesterday church was interesting, all the power throughout Hermanus and clear out to Bettys Bay was all out. So we fired up a generator to run the speakers and piano, with no lights except the sunlight. We had to spend a couple of nights by the candle lights so it was different in a way. I really admire the strong and faithful who hold this branch together who sacrifice so much of their time and energy to keep things operating, especially President Mickennon and his wife. I had a couple of zone leaders Elder Wells, Lakeland and Ballard who Knew Elder Gordon but I didn't know of him serving in this area, but its neat that you got to see him. Titos husband, Class was able to sit in with us during a discussion this week, I could really see the change that he has experienced recently. When we would come in the home before, he would dash out as soon as he could, but now he is a lot more responsible which is wonderful to see. With the preach my gospel that we gave Tito she has taken it and has read through chapters 3,6and 9 so she is really a strength to us and to everyone around her as she carries the light in her countenance. Tito's sister Mimi introduced the Book of Mormon to her friend Richmond, we were able to see him this Saturday and have a very good discussion with him about the Book of Mormon and the restoration. He has come to church the last two weeks, so things are working very well for him. Lungiswa and Chokisa are still coming each week to church but this past week they had obligations to attend to so as a backup plan we had a nice discussion with Portia and her sister. An eternal investigator named Clif is building a new home so we were able to do some landscaping and leveling to plant some grass. A lot of the problem around here with the lawns are the moles that make burrows and holes for the people. We hope to help him some more on his home as he gets some more time off from his business but his house looks really nice. thanks for the emails have a good week. love
Elder Tyler Hansen

Tyler May 25 2009

Hey family,
Hey thanks for the emails. It just sounds like everyone is vacationing... people and there vacationing, I don't know whats going on. Well this week was pretty good it had its ups and downs but Elder Pauna and I was able to share the restoration of the gospel a lot this past week and I can't believe how many interruptions come about while you just try to share the restoration message. For example this past week we visited Chris Kallani one of our investigators that is slowly coming along and we showed him the restoration dvd, while we were showing him some crazy guy came down the road with a microphone speaker saying some stuff. I always realize how many distractions the adversary trys to display when we share the restoration such as cell phone rings, people yelling across the road, drunk people making strange noises what ever the case may be there is always some interruption that takes place besides the gifts of the spirit. (galations 5.22) This week though we have some good success with investigators finding there friends and letting them know of the message, you can see its a trickle effect. Cornelius Williams one of our investigators was telling his friends about the families can be together forever dvd. Mimi Tito one of the recent converts helped by inviting her friend Brighton to church this past week so not only the member involvement is good but also the pass along cards are working very well for us. Hermanus is doing really well and is on fire for this year with 7 baptisms that have been of this year and 3 of last year. With the very fluent speaking Africaans families we have been getting a guy named Corneals who is in the Elders Quorum Presidency to help us along with families like the Arendorf family who really prefer speaking Africaans instead of English for better understanding. Tomorrow is zone conference for us in Somerset West so we will drive tonight and stay at the zone leaders place. I look forward to the upcoming zone conferences and workshops and the messages that will be born. Sister Probst has always been one who inspires me with her messages and seems to always share something that I need at the time. Thanks for everything it is all good. have a good week.
Elder Tyler Hansen

Monday, June 1, 2009

Regan June 1, 2009

This week took longer to achieve some of our goals but our focus is on completing the work we have set out to do and he is blessing us with results that further his work.

On Monday we had district meeting and went over the assignment for District Meeting. The spirit was there strongly as each and everyone of us had the opportunity to teach. We tracted a bit but found no real success. Even with the Holiday many people weren't home. We went over to Misty's house to talk with Joey about the Baptismal Interview questions and to help him become more familiarized with what will be happening. Members had us over for a barbecue with there non-member families and we had a great time.

Tuesday we got set up with everything that we needed to clean the apartment. We spent a couple hours making sure everything was taken care of. It is now cleaner and the spirit should be there even more because of that. We had dinner with Members and had an awesome time with there little kids. They love to learn about the gospel so much even at their young age.

Wednesday everything was all set up pretty good but there started a nice thunder and lightning storm. We decided to do a little planning and studied and re-setup lessons that we had. We went over and taught Maeson but I just don't think that it is time to try and re-commit her to baptism.

Thursday we planned and went over all of our past investigators. We planned during this next week that we will be trying to visit all of them or at least try and get into contact with them. I was reading in Preach My Gospel on Past investigators and it struck that we needed to look over all of those. We had activity night and we had allot of investigators and potentials and it keeps getting better.

Friday our main focus was to get Joey's Baptismal Interview set up and also for the Baptism this coming Saturday. It was a struggle because some of the other kids where getting ready for the dance that was going on and many of their friends were there. We have everything set up and it is going to go well.

Saturday we talked with a past investigator. He is now ready and more attentive than when we last talked with him. We also started to teach his daughter and will be hoping to teach his wife here very shortly to. There was a ward social and we had some part member families there.

Sunday we had a great Ward Correlation before PEC. We took care of getting everything set up and discussed many things that will help further the work here. We visited a few less-actives but didn't have to much luck.

I will have a pictures to send next week and also some great things that I will be able to share from our Mission Conference that will be with Elder Bednar this Saturday. I am also very excited for the Baptism this week of Joey and I will definitely have some great things about that to.

I know that with be diligent in our efforts in work in all aspects of our life that the Lord will bless us even as it has blessed our companionship with the opportunity to help Joey Come Unto Christ through Baptism.

Love you All

Elder Regan Hansen