Monday, September 19, 2011

That is great about the Payson temple haha ya never know I might get married there haha. Well the sac temple is so amazing and so different because I have just been to the Provo temple but it was so great to be able to have Sister Davis. Sorry i would have pictures, but i dont have my camera but next week i promise. Well this week we were able to pick up two new investigators and that was good, they are just a couple kids from a part member family. Two girls named Katherine and Annissa or however you spell it, but they are 8 and 10 but it is so amazing how much they know in the gospel. The mom is all excited and said she would go to church but didn't show up Sunday but grandpa brought the kid the dad isn't a member but isn't holding anything back yet well see if he does. We also were able to pick up another investigator i told you about her last week but it was really cool to hear her story. I guess she had a dream of the temple and just started to research the church so that was really cool she has been to church she loves it i think she knows she is getting spiritually feed so that is good she knows its the true church. We watched the restoration with her on Sunday for the class it was good. The ward is starting to pick up, yesterday we talked to this farmer. He and his girls are into showing, i told him to show calfs it was funny that the lord picked me to come here because i get to be with all the farmers. I told him all about our farm and how we work, we talked for a good forty five mins it was way good. Now we just need to get in and talk about the gospel. They are the Miller family, so well see what happens there. Well this week was a good one though, thanks for all you guys do i hope you have a good week and everything goes ok. Dont be afraid to take some pictures and send them, its good to get some every once in a while. Thanks family have a good week love you all.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hey Family,
Well his week has been a good one. We had an emergency preparedness fair with everyone in town and that was really good. We were able to get one investigator from it, she is our only investigator but really there wasn't that many people at the fair so i wonder if it will be done again. But other then the people it was put on really well. Wheatland is a small town and there isn't many people interested like i said we only have one investigator we are hoping to pick up one this week a couple of kids that we are going to start teaching so that should be good. I get to go to the temple this week this Saturday with my trainer who we taught she is an 85 year old woman and she is just cool. but we had Elder Kearon of the first quorum of the seventy come to our half mission conference yesterday so we are taking our p day today but that was really good they are all so spirituall it is amazing they gave good talks and helped us out so much on some of the things. It is funny because it is just review but its so good how much deeper they go into the doctrine. Other then that the ward is doing good we are just going to start new ways to find and do things out there so it will be a good week. Thanks for all you guys do, I hope you have a good week. Thanks so much i love you all have a good week.

Love Elder Hansen

Monday, August 8, 2011

Hey family,
Well this week went good we got a new investigator just like that then just like that she was gone and down in the bay area she is eight months pregnant and she is staying with mom tell the baby is out and a couple weeks after but she is interested we want to send the missionaries down there it was cool so her name is paulina but she was interested enough to listen then we got to families can be together forever and she just light up so it was cool to be able to see that and how she was excited we were going to have two lessons with her but she left before we got the second one in so now we just have to worry about jo still we are going to have to push back her date because we have stake conference on the 20th so we are moving it back one week i hope she is fine with it she should be. but this week went fast we have done alot of tracting and everything we visit alot of members to try and get them motivated to find those people who are looking for the gospel. the girls over here just had young womans camp too i guess two went up sick and got everyone else sick haha it cracked me up. its funny so our ride to get us around on p day ditched us so this week we found a baby cart and we are going to use it to do laundry and get groceries its funny my comp doesnt like it but i think its funny so its on my bike now haha. we also met a lady who is less active she has a daugther who is twelve but she wants to be baptised i dont think the dad wants it but we will have to start working with them the mom has memory loss too so she just knew us because of the white shirt and ties haha. other then that its still hot but we dont know the temp. so we just keep on moving no matter what happens our bikes are our ac so we just ride. I hope all is well with you guys. well love you all have fun .
Love Elder Hansen

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July 25, 2011

Hey family,
I hope all is well with you guys. well this week we got a new investigator her name is Jo. she is in her fifties but she was being taught by the sister missionaries and then she had to move she lives in a trailer and man she loves to talk she will talk you ear off. but she will be getting baptized am sure before the transfer is up i would think. she loves to talk so much and asks us questions so we just kinda answer them and try to get a lesson in but she is really solid so it is good to see that. Rosie actually moved back down to her home town we just found out it was funny she just picked up and moved i think she didn't want to tell anyone because she didn't want to be baptized then run but she is a good person i want to keep in touch with her and see how the church really changes her life. other then those we have been trying to find people. we go out tracting and we ran into a woman who seamed interested and was open for a lesson but wanted to talk to her husband before but since we seen her last we haven't been able to get a hold of her haha its funny how people are like that but that is what happens during missionary work i guess. well have a happy 24th have a good one. love you all
Love Elder Hansen

Thursday, March 31, 2011

hello family. Well just so you know, tell the smarts that chad says hi. They told me about him. He is my ward .It was funny to meet him and i was way suprised. It was funny to meet him in my first area and i laughed when i met him. Dad how is work? Thanks for all you do, i have had a really good time out here trying to stay busy and work, but we havent found anyone really to teach. We have a couple,but they need to come to church then they can be baptized. We are working really hard with them. It is Millie, she is nine and Tim, he is thirteen but i havent met him yet haha . We get feed by members every night. It is hard because they dont like to keep commitments. It is really hard because i feel that their parents are holding them back. I am sure Ty knows what am talking about but i know if they continue to do the things they should they will make it. I have loved doing the work. It is sunny out and wow it is hot. I dont like to bike out in the hot with my jacket, but today we went up to the old peoples homes that are all retired i got asked a lot what i did before i was out here. It is'nt farming its ranching so i tell them about the farm and everything its funny to meet all the old timers who say they were ranchers and all that but i have been trying to love the people and just enjoy everything that comes to me. I hope you have a great week and I havent received your package yet, but am sure i will soon. i hope all is well and send some picutres i am going to try to figure out how to work this thing so I can send pictures too. Have a good week and my p days are monday we got busy monday so I wasn't able to write, but have a good week love you all. Elder hansen

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Chris went into the MTC on Wed the 23 of Feb. He will be there for 3 weeks