Thursday, March 31, 2011

hello family. Well just so you know, tell the smarts that chad says hi. They told me about him. He is my ward .It was funny to meet him and i was way suprised. It was funny to meet him in my first area and i laughed when i met him. Dad how is work? Thanks for all you do, i have had a really good time out here trying to stay busy and work, but we havent found anyone really to teach. We have a couple,but they need to come to church then they can be baptized. We are working really hard with them. It is Millie, she is nine and Tim, he is thirteen but i havent met him yet haha . We get feed by members every night. It is hard because they dont like to keep commitments. It is really hard because i feel that their parents are holding them back. I am sure Ty knows what am talking about but i know if they continue to do the things they should they will make it. I have loved doing the work. It is sunny out and wow it is hot. I dont like to bike out in the hot with my jacket, but today we went up to the old peoples homes that are all retired i got asked a lot what i did before i was out here. It is'nt farming its ranching so i tell them about the farm and everything its funny to meet all the old timers who say they were ranchers and all that but i have been trying to love the people and just enjoy everything that comes to me. I hope you have a great week and I havent received your package yet, but am sure i will soon. i hope all is well and send some picutres i am going to try to figure out how to work this thing so I can send pictures too. Have a good week and my p days are monday we got busy monday so I wasn't able to write, but have a good week love you all. Elder hansen

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