Monday, February 23, 2009

Feb 23, 2009

This week has been extremely busy and things are going to be a big change for me. On Saturday we picked up Elder Marshall from the airport. He flew in from Fish Hoek which is in the bottom part of the Cape Town zone. He has been on his mission for 21 months. He will probably finish his mission in the East London zone. I am excited to learn from him and the experiences that he has had. This week I started driving the car. They put me on a 30 day probation so I will drive the car a little bit for the next month. I received the package as well it looked beautiful and thanks for everything, I am surprised some of the stuff stayed in tact for traveling all the way across the world. Elder Marshall got two packages as well of food he is a good guy he is very smart. He is from Texas, he is a big guy and an only child in his family. Right now I learning how to act with a new companion he is a lot different than Elder Sheasby but I look forward to the things that I get to learn from him. I just need to learn to be myself and be confident in myself. My trainer is a good missionary and set the pace for me. He is going to Port Elizabeth and going to be a zone leader there. This last week we spent a lot of time making a movie for his sister who is getting married in Australia so this week wasn't the most productive but it was good to get his film done for his sister. Thanks for all the support this week will be very interesting we have 1 investigator with a baptismal date but he is just to much into the world. He is always busy and is extremely hard to set appointments with. We have two others who are progressing as well, Mama Tillie and Zinkhle. Mama Tillie has a lot of questions and Zinkhle swears a lot, sometimes I am afraid to bring him to church because he might start swearing in priesthood meeting but he is a good man. Thanks for the package it is very well appreciated. It sounds like you guys are just having a lot of fun. For this transfer I need to set some goals of just loving the people and not get to stressed. I have learned that when you over stress yourself is when you cant learn and confuse yourself and you don't enjoy life. I miss the cold weather, it is hot here all year round and the only difference between summer and winter is the light change. It is gets dark really early in the winter. Thanks for everything I hope to send you some pictures soon I pray for you always and love you very much.
Tyler Hansen

Regan February 23, 2009

Well this week I will have to let you Know about the past 2. I have made sure that I have plenty of time to get it all in. These past weeks since we had our fast on the First Sunday of February have been the best success in my mission.

We have been able to see so many miracles around the mission and here in Crestview. I have been able to Tract on many doors and share the Beautiful message of the Restoration. The spirit that is always present with the Restoration has just continued and continued to Increase. We have been able to find in just the past 2 weeks 7 new investigators.

As we have been able to teach them I have grown so much. We have been able to have member at many of the lessons and they always bring something new and exciting to the Lesson. Deven might know them because they are Brother Don and Sister Donna Sanders who served with him. We have been able to teach important truths through the spirit that have allowed these sweet people that I love so much to receive a witness of there own and also strengthen my Testimony.
This past Monday we went and taught Misty the Message of the Restoration and her Daughter Masen was right by her side listening. When the end of the lesson came we asked if she would like to Kneel in Prayer with us to know that what we have taught her is true and to act upon it by learning more with this. We were able to Set and example for her to Follow and she said the most beautiful prayer. With the faith that she has she received her answer with the feeling of Goodness from the Holy Ghost.

At the End of the lesson she asked us to give her and her daughter a blessing to overcome things that are standing in her way. With that great power that has been restored we were able to perform such sacred miracles that blessed her. She has been able to overcome her depression and she longs to continue to learn of the message that we have.

I know that if we all follow the example of Prayer that we to can find and Know of the people in our lives that we should Invite to hear this Beautiful Message. I know that through pleading prayers with a broken heart and a contrite spirit that I have been able to see success here on my mission. I know that we can all receive our own witnesses to strengthen our Testimonies and our Families and continue to build up the Kingdom that our Redeemer asks of Us.

I Love You all

Elder Regan Hansen

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Feb 18 2009

Thanks for the messages once again, It sounds like Grandma Warrens funeral went well and that you had a good week. My week was pretty good this week Elder Diphala crashed his bike into a wall, so We spent a lot of time at the hospital this week watching over him. He cracked his helmet and almost broke his cheek bone. It was one of the worst bike accidents I've seen. He is fine now with the power of the priesthood and being able to heal quickly. I have learned a lot about there hospitals, I hope I never have to go to one because they are not the cleanest facilities and you might get aids or something. This week is transfer week and I get a new companion on Thursday his name is Elder Marshall he is from Texas, and I guess that he is a pretty big guy who played football for Texas. We had a wonderful zone conference this week. It was a three zone conference and there where about 50 elders. Elder Michael Watson of the seventy was in town touring the mission, his hometown is in Spring City and he was a secretary for the Quorum Of The Twelve for 38years and has served under the last 7 prophets. He is great guy and we have something in common, he was also peppered by a shotgun when he was younger. He shared the story of him and his brother pheasant hunting and his brother shot and peppered him and hit him in his legs and a bb went into his cheek. He shared the bb that went into his cheek they were able to remove. The bb's in his legs they never found it would cause to much damage to retrieve them. He shared how the temple garments stopped the bb's from penetrated into his legs and how there was no holes in his garments when he took his garments off. I just thought it was a miracle how the temple garments not only protect you spiritually but also physically as well as a shield and a protector. He is a great speaker and has a lot of knowledge of the gospel, it was great to receive some insight from him and be spiritually uplifted. I am going to miss my trainer, he has taught me a lot but this transfer will really be a learning experience for me. I tried looking for the ensign this week, We don't receive any ensigns because the amount of money it costs to have them sent out. I would like you to please send out that ensign about testimony and hopefully it will help me. Please send the general conference ensigns when you get them so I can go over the talks. I hope you all have a good week and its good to here from you all and the things that are going on.
Elder Tyler Hansen

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

feb 11 2009

Dear Family,
Thank you for what you have written dad, I think the things that you have said will really help me. As I have thought a lot about things I have thought how a change is really a process and not just an overnight process to change from one person to another. I look back at the few months that I have been here and how much more knowledge and wisdom I have than what I had when I had come out. I have also come to realize what a mission is really about, that I didn't realize before, and just how it is up to myself to make it as fun or as boring as I would like it to be, and to also teach the way that is best for me. I strive everyday to do my best. I look at the words line upon line precept upon precept and I realize that everything has an order. This week I really felt joy we were able to get a couple of investigators out to church that we have been trying to get out since I have been here. It was kind of fun we had a carpool to the church since we cant pickup investigators. Our one investigator Zinkle Jamela called us just before we were going to his house and said that he had a dead battery in his car and so we jumped started him and was able to get him to church. It is just interesting some of the obstacles that you have to overcome to help someone get somewhere. I think that Mama Tillie and Zinkle really enjoyed it and felt the spirit in the meetings that they attended. Sheena our other teenage investigator wasn't able to come but I think it will just take some time for her. Her mom is a very large influence in her life and also her older brother. Thank you for the things that you write to me each week, it helps me to get over my week and the hard days but things are coming along well. We have been sharing the family mission plan a lot to the members in our area and I think things will really progress in the area. One member that we meet with last week has already shared the Book of Mormon to two other people so the family mission plan will really help move the area along. We are going to try to share it with a few other families this week before the transfer ends so it will help a lot. thanks for the love and support
Elder Tyler Hansen

hello. I just read some of things that went on during the week It makes me sad that grandma warren died when I heard that I started crying but I think it just helps me to gain a stronger testimony of the plan of salvation and how this life is not the end. I appreciate the life that grandma lived and the heritage that she has. Mom when you sent the letter it sounds like it must of been a rough week and rough for the Money family as well. I am very excited for Jordan and the lives that he will touch in Brazil. I am just grateful for the gospel and for Christ making it possible for us to live eternally as families.
love Tyler

Monday, February 9, 2009

Regan February 9, 2008

I heard about Great Grandma Warren and all I can say is it brings me comfort knowing that she has returned to Great Grandpa and together they will be able to live eternally and continue to grow together more than we can imagine. We have much to be thankful for because of the example she was and the Charity that she showed for us all. I am thankful for the great Knowledge of the Plan of Salvation and knowing that she has achieved so much in being a diligent disciple of our Father in Heaven.

This week my companion went on a trade-off after District Meeting and Elder Manning came here for a couple of Days. As we planned that night we felt that we should go tracting on Wednesday morning. I kept wondering why because that is not a great time to tract. Through our diligence we found Ashley and Stephanie and were able to teach them about the Restoration.

We had a hectic day when we helped move a Sister and her Family to Alabama. We had to load a 26 foot truck and come to find out she had a whole storage unit full of stuff. Thankfully the Truck was perfect and we were able to pack it all up.

That day I felt that we had done the best missionary work through service that I have done. Some of her children are not members so we were able to talk with them. They were thankful for what we had to offer and hopefully they will continue to seek the word through the Missionaries in Enterprise.

I hope Everyone is doing well. Congrats Jordan you are going to Have a Blast serving in Brazil and doing what the Lord wants you to do.

Love You All

Elder Regan Hansen

Monday, February 2, 2009

Feb 2 2009

Hey thanks for sending those pictures they look really good. This week was ok but for the most part it is tough things just aren't coming as good as I like. Thanks dad for giving me the advice I think it will work a lot better for me to study topics and make my study time more productive. If there is any other helpful hints just let me know, but I think the way you do it will help me. This week we had zone workshops it was good to see President Probst and the love he has for the missionaries and the missionary work. This week we able to do a lot of trackting and we were able to bring out Xwisha who is a member and he can speak Xosa so it was alot better for us instead of us trying to speak english to them. The Afrikaans people are harsh though they don't really have a lot of respect. It is always nice to speak to someone that is accepting and feel of there spirit and the love they have for the missionaries. A lot of people think that we are Jehovah's Witnesses we knocked on this one door and this big man walks out with a cigar in one hand and just very cranky but it makes things always interesting when you tract an area. I just hope I can gain more confidence in talking to people. We have a rough area and I don't know what it really is but we haven't had a baptism in the area since last march but the ward mission leader gave some advice to the district that may help move the missionary work forward. We hope that the ward/family mission plan can help bring those into the gospel. Everyday is an adventure though sometimes a rough adventure I just have to remember the good things that come from it. Thanks for everything!
love Elder Tyler Hansen

Regan February 2, 2009

Well this week has been a trial of our faith. We started out the week with district meeting on Tuesday. We had to travel about 30 miles with the sister to Defuniak Springs. We played a game called the missionary game and it was as close to a missionary game as I have ever seen.
We invited one of our investigators to Basketball this week. Kane came with us and we were able to fellowship him into the ward. We set up an appointment the next day but we found a surprise waiting for us. We are not sure if he did it or if his friends who don't like us did it. Unfortunately we found the Book of Mormon discarded and burned.

ON Saturday we started a mission wide fast that went great. We had the fast for us to be more prepared servants to find those who are searching for the gospel for them to find us. The members across the mission joined in also for there own strength to open there mouths and invite.

When the fast began I received my witness that the fast was what we should be doing and it strengthened me. That night we picked out around 24 less active families for the ward to fellowship in and I know that success will begin to show.

The following Sunday we had testimony meeting and it was powerful. I have never received so many witnesses of truth and the strength that came from all those who bore there testimonies. There was such a sweet spirit there and it continued through all of the classes. We went and visited a less active family before we ended the mission wide fast and they had referrals waiting there for us. We began to see miracles happening right before our eyes. We ended the fast that night and spent the rest of the night at a members house.

I know that through the Power of Fasting and Prayer that miracles will continue to happen and we can receive our own personal revelation and strength to overcome any obstacle in our way. I know that through this fast that this mission will continue to bring forth many fruits of our labors. Through the love of our Heavenly Father and his direction we will find and teach those who need the Gospel.

Love You

Elder Regan Hansen