Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Feb 18 2009

Thanks for the messages once again, It sounds like Grandma Warrens funeral went well and that you had a good week. My week was pretty good this week Elder Diphala crashed his bike into a wall, so We spent a lot of time at the hospital this week watching over him. He cracked his helmet and almost broke his cheek bone. It was one of the worst bike accidents I've seen. He is fine now with the power of the priesthood and being able to heal quickly. I have learned a lot about there hospitals, I hope I never have to go to one because they are not the cleanest facilities and you might get aids or something. This week is transfer week and I get a new companion on Thursday his name is Elder Marshall he is from Texas, and I guess that he is a pretty big guy who played football for Texas. We had a wonderful zone conference this week. It was a three zone conference and there where about 50 elders. Elder Michael Watson of the seventy was in town touring the mission, his hometown is in Spring City and he was a secretary for the Quorum Of The Twelve for 38years and has served under the last 7 prophets. He is great guy and we have something in common, he was also peppered by a shotgun when he was younger. He shared the story of him and his brother pheasant hunting and his brother shot and peppered him and hit him in his legs and a bb went into his cheek. He shared the bb that went into his cheek they were able to remove. The bb's in his legs they never found it would cause to much damage to retrieve them. He shared how the temple garments stopped the bb's from penetrated into his legs and how there was no holes in his garments when he took his garments off. I just thought it was a miracle how the temple garments not only protect you spiritually but also physically as well as a shield and a protector. He is a great speaker and has a lot of knowledge of the gospel, it was great to receive some insight from him and be spiritually uplifted. I am going to miss my trainer, he has taught me a lot but this transfer will really be a learning experience for me. I tried looking for the ensign this week, We don't receive any ensigns because the amount of money it costs to have them sent out. I would like you to please send out that ensign about testimony and hopefully it will help me. Please send the general conference ensigns when you get them so I can go over the talks. I hope you all have a good week and its good to here from you all and the things that are going on.
Elder Tyler Hansen

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