Monday, February 2, 2009

Regan February 2, 2009

Well this week has been a trial of our faith. We started out the week with district meeting on Tuesday. We had to travel about 30 miles with the sister to Defuniak Springs. We played a game called the missionary game and it was as close to a missionary game as I have ever seen.
We invited one of our investigators to Basketball this week. Kane came with us and we were able to fellowship him into the ward. We set up an appointment the next day but we found a surprise waiting for us. We are not sure if he did it or if his friends who don't like us did it. Unfortunately we found the Book of Mormon discarded and burned.

ON Saturday we started a mission wide fast that went great. We had the fast for us to be more prepared servants to find those who are searching for the gospel for them to find us. The members across the mission joined in also for there own strength to open there mouths and invite.

When the fast began I received my witness that the fast was what we should be doing and it strengthened me. That night we picked out around 24 less active families for the ward to fellowship in and I know that success will begin to show.

The following Sunday we had testimony meeting and it was powerful. I have never received so many witnesses of truth and the strength that came from all those who bore there testimonies. There was such a sweet spirit there and it continued through all of the classes. We went and visited a less active family before we ended the mission wide fast and they had referrals waiting there for us. We began to see miracles happening right before our eyes. We ended the fast that night and spent the rest of the night at a members house.

I know that through the Power of Fasting and Prayer that miracles will continue to happen and we can receive our own personal revelation and strength to overcome any obstacle in our way. I know that through this fast that this mission will continue to bring forth many fruits of our labors. Through the love of our Heavenly Father and his direction we will find and teach those who need the Gospel.

Love You

Elder Regan Hansen

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