Monday, February 23, 2009

Regan February 23, 2009

Well this week I will have to let you Know about the past 2. I have made sure that I have plenty of time to get it all in. These past weeks since we had our fast on the First Sunday of February have been the best success in my mission.

We have been able to see so many miracles around the mission and here in Crestview. I have been able to Tract on many doors and share the Beautiful message of the Restoration. The spirit that is always present with the Restoration has just continued and continued to Increase. We have been able to find in just the past 2 weeks 7 new investigators.

As we have been able to teach them I have grown so much. We have been able to have member at many of the lessons and they always bring something new and exciting to the Lesson. Deven might know them because they are Brother Don and Sister Donna Sanders who served with him. We have been able to teach important truths through the spirit that have allowed these sweet people that I love so much to receive a witness of there own and also strengthen my Testimony.
This past Monday we went and taught Misty the Message of the Restoration and her Daughter Masen was right by her side listening. When the end of the lesson came we asked if she would like to Kneel in Prayer with us to know that what we have taught her is true and to act upon it by learning more with this. We were able to Set and example for her to Follow and she said the most beautiful prayer. With the faith that she has she received her answer with the feeling of Goodness from the Holy Ghost.

At the End of the lesson she asked us to give her and her daughter a blessing to overcome things that are standing in her way. With that great power that has been restored we were able to perform such sacred miracles that blessed her. She has been able to overcome her depression and she longs to continue to learn of the message that we have.

I know that if we all follow the example of Prayer that we to can find and Know of the people in our lives that we should Invite to hear this Beautiful Message. I know that through pleading prayers with a broken heart and a contrite spirit that I have been able to see success here on my mission. I know that we can all receive our own witnesses to strengthen our Testimonies and our Families and continue to build up the Kingdom that our Redeemer asks of Us.

I Love You all

Elder Regan Hansen

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