Monday, February 2, 2009

Feb 2 2009

Hey thanks for sending those pictures they look really good. This week was ok but for the most part it is tough things just aren't coming as good as I like. Thanks dad for giving me the advice I think it will work a lot better for me to study topics and make my study time more productive. If there is any other helpful hints just let me know, but I think the way you do it will help me. This week we had zone workshops it was good to see President Probst and the love he has for the missionaries and the missionary work. This week we able to do a lot of trackting and we were able to bring out Xwisha who is a member and he can speak Xosa so it was alot better for us instead of us trying to speak english to them. The Afrikaans people are harsh though they don't really have a lot of respect. It is always nice to speak to someone that is accepting and feel of there spirit and the love they have for the missionaries. A lot of people think that we are Jehovah's Witnesses we knocked on this one door and this big man walks out with a cigar in one hand and just very cranky but it makes things always interesting when you tract an area. I just hope I can gain more confidence in talking to people. We have a rough area and I don't know what it really is but we haven't had a baptism in the area since last march but the ward mission leader gave some advice to the district that may help move the missionary work forward. We hope that the ward/family mission plan can help bring those into the gospel. Everyday is an adventure though sometimes a rough adventure I just have to remember the good things that come from it. Thanks for everything!
love Elder Tyler Hansen

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