Monday, February 23, 2009

Feb 23, 2009

This week has been extremely busy and things are going to be a big change for me. On Saturday we picked up Elder Marshall from the airport. He flew in from Fish Hoek which is in the bottom part of the Cape Town zone. He has been on his mission for 21 months. He will probably finish his mission in the East London zone. I am excited to learn from him and the experiences that he has had. This week I started driving the car. They put me on a 30 day probation so I will drive the car a little bit for the next month. I received the package as well it looked beautiful and thanks for everything, I am surprised some of the stuff stayed in tact for traveling all the way across the world. Elder Marshall got two packages as well of food he is a good guy he is very smart. He is from Texas, he is a big guy and an only child in his family. Right now I learning how to act with a new companion he is a lot different than Elder Sheasby but I look forward to the things that I get to learn from him. I just need to learn to be myself and be confident in myself. My trainer is a good missionary and set the pace for me. He is going to Port Elizabeth and going to be a zone leader there. This last week we spent a lot of time making a movie for his sister who is getting married in Australia so this week wasn't the most productive but it was good to get his film done for his sister. Thanks for all the support this week will be very interesting we have 1 investigator with a baptismal date but he is just to much into the world. He is always busy and is extremely hard to set appointments with. We have two others who are progressing as well, Mama Tillie and Zinkhle. Mama Tillie has a lot of questions and Zinkhle swears a lot, sometimes I am afraid to bring him to church because he might start swearing in priesthood meeting but he is a good man. Thanks for the package it is very well appreciated. It sounds like you guys are just having a lot of fun. For this transfer I need to set some goals of just loving the people and not get to stressed. I have learned that when you over stress yourself is when you cant learn and confuse yourself and you don't enjoy life. I miss the cold weather, it is hot here all year round and the only difference between summer and winter is the light change. It is gets dark really early in the winter. Thanks for everything I hope to send you some pictures soon I pray for you always and love you very much.
Tyler Hansen

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