Wednesday, February 11, 2009

feb 11 2009

Dear Family,
Thank you for what you have written dad, I think the things that you have said will really help me. As I have thought a lot about things I have thought how a change is really a process and not just an overnight process to change from one person to another. I look back at the few months that I have been here and how much more knowledge and wisdom I have than what I had when I had come out. I have also come to realize what a mission is really about, that I didn't realize before, and just how it is up to myself to make it as fun or as boring as I would like it to be, and to also teach the way that is best for me. I strive everyday to do my best. I look at the words line upon line precept upon precept and I realize that everything has an order. This week I really felt joy we were able to get a couple of investigators out to church that we have been trying to get out since I have been here. It was kind of fun we had a carpool to the church since we cant pickup investigators. Our one investigator Zinkle Jamela called us just before we were going to his house and said that he had a dead battery in his car and so we jumped started him and was able to get him to church. It is just interesting some of the obstacles that you have to overcome to help someone get somewhere. I think that Mama Tillie and Zinkle really enjoyed it and felt the spirit in the meetings that they attended. Sheena our other teenage investigator wasn't able to come but I think it will just take some time for her. Her mom is a very large influence in her life and also her older brother. Thank you for the things that you write to me each week, it helps me to get over my week and the hard days but things are coming along well. We have been sharing the family mission plan a lot to the members in our area and I think things will really progress in the area. One member that we meet with last week has already shared the Book of Mormon to two other people so the family mission plan will really help move the area along. We are going to try to share it with a few other families this week before the transfer ends so it will help a lot. thanks for the love and support
Elder Tyler Hansen

hello. I just read some of things that went on during the week It makes me sad that grandma warren died when I heard that I started crying but I think it just helps me to gain a stronger testimony of the plan of salvation and how this life is not the end. I appreciate the life that grandma lived and the heritage that she has. Mom when you sent the letter it sounds like it must of been a rough week and rough for the Money family as well. I am very excited for Jordan and the lives that he will touch in Brazil. I am just grateful for the gospel and for Christ making it possible for us to live eternally as families.
love Tyler

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