Monday, August 8, 2011

Hey family,
Well this week went good we got a new investigator just like that then just like that she was gone and down in the bay area she is eight months pregnant and she is staying with mom tell the baby is out and a couple weeks after but she is interested we want to send the missionaries down there it was cool so her name is paulina but she was interested enough to listen then we got to families can be together forever and she just light up so it was cool to be able to see that and how she was excited we were going to have two lessons with her but she left before we got the second one in so now we just have to worry about jo still we are going to have to push back her date because we have stake conference on the 20th so we are moving it back one week i hope she is fine with it she should be. but this week went fast we have done alot of tracting and everything we visit alot of members to try and get them motivated to find those people who are looking for the gospel. the girls over here just had young womans camp too i guess two went up sick and got everyone else sick haha it cracked me up. its funny so our ride to get us around on p day ditched us so this week we found a baby cart and we are going to use it to do laundry and get groceries its funny my comp doesnt like it but i think its funny so its on my bike now haha. we also met a lady who is less active she has a daugther who is twelve but she wants to be baptised i dont think the dad wants it but we will have to start working with them the mom has memory loss too so she just knew us because of the white shirt and ties haha. other then that its still hot but we dont know the temp. so we just keep on moving no matter what happens our bikes are our ac so we just ride. I hope all is well with you guys. well love you all have fun .
Love Elder Hansen

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