Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tyler May 25 2009

Hey family,
Hey thanks for the emails. It just sounds like everyone is vacationing... people and there vacationing, I don't know whats going on. Well this week was pretty good it had its ups and downs but Elder Pauna and I was able to share the restoration of the gospel a lot this past week and I can't believe how many interruptions come about while you just try to share the restoration message. For example this past week we visited Chris Kallani one of our investigators that is slowly coming along and we showed him the restoration dvd, while we were showing him some crazy guy came down the road with a microphone speaker saying some stuff. I always realize how many distractions the adversary trys to display when we share the restoration such as cell phone rings, people yelling across the road, drunk people making strange noises what ever the case may be there is always some interruption that takes place besides the gifts of the spirit. (galations 5.22) This week though we have some good success with investigators finding there friends and letting them know of the message, you can see its a trickle effect. Cornelius Williams one of our investigators was telling his friends about the families can be together forever dvd. Mimi Tito one of the recent converts helped by inviting her friend Brighton to church this past week so not only the member involvement is good but also the pass along cards are working very well for us. Hermanus is doing really well and is on fire for this year with 7 baptisms that have been of this year and 3 of last year. With the very fluent speaking Africaans families we have been getting a guy named Corneals who is in the Elders Quorum Presidency to help us along with families like the Arendorf family who really prefer speaking Africaans instead of English for better understanding. Tomorrow is zone conference for us in Somerset West so we will drive tonight and stay at the zone leaders place. I look forward to the upcoming zone conferences and workshops and the messages that will be born. Sister Probst has always been one who inspires me with her messages and seems to always share something that I need at the time. Thanks for everything it is all good. have a good week.
Elder Tyler Hansen

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