Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tyler June 1 2009

Hey family
Well this week was pretty rough for the most part, the appointments with Major, Chris Kallani, El Marie, Cornelius Williams, Reamus, and Edward did not succeed. It has been hard to have a good attitude about everything that has cancelled but what do you do. My companions grandma passed away as well so both him and his family are going through a hard time. Yesterday church was interesting, all the power throughout Hermanus and clear out to Bettys Bay was all out. So we fired up a generator to run the speakers and piano, with no lights except the sunlight. We had to spend a couple of nights by the candle lights so it was different in a way. I really admire the strong and faithful who hold this branch together who sacrifice so much of their time and energy to keep things operating, especially President Mickennon and his wife. I had a couple of zone leaders Elder Wells, Lakeland and Ballard who Knew Elder Gordon but I didn't know of him serving in this area, but its neat that you got to see him. Titos husband, Class was able to sit in with us during a discussion this week, I could really see the change that he has experienced recently. When we would come in the home before, he would dash out as soon as he could, but now he is a lot more responsible which is wonderful to see. With the preach my gospel that we gave Tito she has taken it and has read through chapters 3,6and 9 so she is really a strength to us and to everyone around her as she carries the light in her countenance. Tito's sister Mimi introduced the Book of Mormon to her friend Richmond, we were able to see him this Saturday and have a very good discussion with him about the Book of Mormon and the restoration. He has come to church the last two weeks, so things are working very well for him. Lungiswa and Chokisa are still coming each week to church but this past week they had obligations to attend to so as a backup plan we had a nice discussion with Portia and her sister. An eternal investigator named Clif is building a new home so we were able to do some landscaping and leveling to plant some grass. A lot of the problem around here with the lawns are the moles that make burrows and holes for the people. We hope to help him some more on his home as he gets some more time off from his business but his house looks really nice. thanks for the emails have a good week. love
Elder Tyler Hansen

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