Monday, June 15, 2009

Regan June 15, 2009

This week as been great with all of the support we have received from ward leaders and especially the Lord.

On Monday we re-evaluated our goals because of the area that has been added on. We figured the goals that seemed to be great but I was still very hesitant with what was going to happen throughout the week. We help President Campa of the stake presidency with service at his house. They put in some nice new hardwood floor so we helped move so furniture around so they could install the flooring.

On Tuesday We traveled into Defuniak for District Meeting. It went really well and we talked about Elder Bednar's questions even though many of us were still pondering the thought of "What have I observed and learned. What will I do?" We came back and started getting the maps for our area out of the other apartment so we could see how big of an area we had and where we could tract. We had dinner with a member that evening and also set up and appointment with Brother Despain for this coming Thursday.

On Wednesday we helped a part member family with some service at their house and it went great. We were able to really spend time with her husband who is not a member and he was grateful for our service and what we were able to share with him. We went and visited a few media referrals that we had received but didn't have anything come from them yet.

On Thursday we spent allot of time planning and focusing on all of the areas. We opened all the Area Books and called every past investigator to try and set up appointments with them. So far we have had success in setting up an appointment with one investigator.

On Friday We decided to go tracting for a bit that day. The area that we first went to, there were Jehovah Witnesses already tracting through so we went into our back up plans. We visited a few member and offered service as we were there. We tracted another area that was close to a media referral but nothing came out of it. Later that night we went over to Sister Misty Royce's house and her niece was there. She talked to her mom and we now have permission to teach her and had a great experience with Joey there teaching her.

On Saturday our main focus was to get out and start knocking on some doors so we could find those the Lord has prepared for us. We found Cassie and she was super excited. She has a very young family and we will be teaching her later Today. We also tracted into Candy. She was very interested and had the questions as do some about how the Godhead could be 3 in the same because she notices in the Bible that Jesus is not Praying to himself. We have appointment with her on Wednesday. We received a call from President Coleman in Paxton about a few people that they are wanting us to start teaching. We will be going up there tonight with President Miller and his wife to meet them and set up appointments. With that we should be able tonight to get our teaching pool around 15 people.

We're very excited with all that is happening and will keep on continuing to press forward and help those people come unto Christ. I am grateful for the opportunity to cover all of the two wards and two branches because it allows us to teach and experience the Joy with everyone that we have the opportunity to teach. It keeps us even busier than before which I enjoy so much.

Love Y'all and thanks for the support and letters.

Elder Regan Hansen

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