Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tyler June 9 2009

Happy Birthday yesterday Mom! I hope you had a good day. I'm really not learning any other language right now at the moment but just a little Africaans I can learn from the coloured folk. In the western cape it is mainly the coloureds that we work with. They are kind of like the hispanic people of the states. I am really missing the Utah weather this past week it has just rained and has been cold. Elder Pauna and I have had the flu for the past few days, but I think today I'm getting better from it. Elder Pauna says he still isn't feeling too great.
This past Tuesday we drove out to Somerset West from Hermanus to have our workshops with President Probst, Sister Probst and the assistants. I really like the way President Probst does the workshops in districts because it makes everything so much more meaningful and personal. As I was talking to him he said he was looking up Cape Town missionaries on an engine and the family blog was the first to come up. He said he read through it and thought it was neat.
We have a couple of baptisms on the first week of next month with Lungiswa and Chokiswa. They are sisters one is 37 and the other is 17 they seem very excited about it and Lungiswa bore a wonderful testimony yesterday. Lungiswa is married but her husband doesn't want anything to do with church. We had a discussion about dispensations with them which went quite well. I'm really excited for them I just wish we could find more potential priesthood holders for the branch. Things are going quite well for the most part. The highlight of the week was to be able to find an Africaans guy named Walter and his wife named Suzan. They lived in Pretoria before they moved to Vermont. They have been here for the past year. I have a really good feeling about him and his family. Walter is 29 and Suzanne is 26 they are engaged and have a little boy who is 3. Walter works at a board shop here in Hermanus and both of his parents died when he was younger. He said he has been recently looking for a religion but has not found the right one, he just recently read through all the bible, the old and new testament and is excited about the Africaans Book of Mormon that we gave to him this last Friday. He said he has been down some dark roads in his life but wants to change and you can see it with how humble he is. We found him while he was mowing his lawn but hopefully through the power of the Book of Mormon it will motivate them to stop smoking and drinking. I look forward with being able to work with them and help them. Many families that we teach we have been seeing miracles with their diligence of reading the Book of Mormon. We are excited about a colored family that lives in Mt. Pleasant named the Adams. Sister Adams has been taking the Book of Mormon and reading it during her lunch break and this week we gave them an Africaans version so they can compare and understand more between Africaans and English.
Have a good week,
Thanks for everything.
Elder Tyler Hansen

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