Monday, June 15, 2009

Tyler June 15 2009

Thank you for your emails they are very much appreciated. The Beals family here is having a rough time finding work, and you see a lot of the white people are having a harder time finding jobs. You find many white Africaans people and white people in general are leaving the country to try and find jobs. A lot of the South Africa jobs now many are required to be black which is creating a problem for the white people of South Africa. The Beals have there own home improvement business but work has not been going well for them this past year. Andrew and Kituchka Beal have one boy named Kenneth and another one on the way. It is just good that they have their family nearby to help them financially but have been looking for jobs outside the country. We were able to do some service for them this week which helps in any way that they need. This week has been cold and raining a lot which has presented a problem for the township people coming to church on Sundays. Our investigators have been keeping there commitments like reading and praying but when it rains on Sundays it creates a problem for them since many don't have cars. We had zone exchanges this week and we double booked the area, we were able to find 4 new investigators in the Mt Pleasant area so this upcoming week is booked with appointments. We have been working also with the Mangenna family and Adams family a lot and has been our main area of focus since they are really doing great. We had a solid appointment with Walter and Suzan Coetzer on Wednesday. We gave Walter and his wife a Book of Mormon last week and he said he has read already up to Words of Mormon so things are going great for him and I look forward to the appointment and answering the questions that he says he has. We were able to meet with a Jehovah's Witness last week named Die. Her mother is a member of the branch and she wanted us to come and resolve some concerns with her. She is probably the nicest Jehovah's Witness I have ever met, She knew her scriptures very well and we hope to resolve some of her concerns. We resolved many of her concerns. We left Acts 7:55 for her to read and also 1 Peter 3 as well to help her but with the changed bible it is harder to make certain points of the gospel. Many of the problems that we have in Hermanus is finding people who are willing to accept the Book of Mormon since many are of the Dutch reformed church and they wont accept anything but there bible and ignorant to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thanks for the emails, hope you all have a good week.
Elder Tyler Hansen

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