Monday, June 1, 2009

Regan June 1, 2009

This week took longer to achieve some of our goals but our focus is on completing the work we have set out to do and he is blessing us with results that further his work.

On Monday we had district meeting and went over the assignment for District Meeting. The spirit was there strongly as each and everyone of us had the opportunity to teach. We tracted a bit but found no real success. Even with the Holiday many people weren't home. We went over to Misty's house to talk with Joey about the Baptismal Interview questions and to help him become more familiarized with what will be happening. Members had us over for a barbecue with there non-member families and we had a great time.

Tuesday we got set up with everything that we needed to clean the apartment. We spent a couple hours making sure everything was taken care of. It is now cleaner and the spirit should be there even more because of that. We had dinner with Members and had an awesome time with there little kids. They love to learn about the gospel so much even at their young age.

Wednesday everything was all set up pretty good but there started a nice thunder and lightning storm. We decided to do a little planning and studied and re-setup lessons that we had. We went over and taught Maeson but I just don't think that it is time to try and re-commit her to baptism.

Thursday we planned and went over all of our past investigators. We planned during this next week that we will be trying to visit all of them or at least try and get into contact with them. I was reading in Preach My Gospel on Past investigators and it struck that we needed to look over all of those. We had activity night and we had allot of investigators and potentials and it keeps getting better.

Friday our main focus was to get Joey's Baptismal Interview set up and also for the Baptism this coming Saturday. It was a struggle because some of the other kids where getting ready for the dance that was going on and many of their friends were there. We have everything set up and it is going to go well.

Saturday we talked with a past investigator. He is now ready and more attentive than when we last talked with him. We also started to teach his daughter and will be hoping to teach his wife here very shortly to. There was a ward social and we had some part member families there.

Sunday we had a great Ward Correlation before PEC. We took care of getting everything set up and discussed many things that will help further the work here. We visited a few less-actives but didn't have to much luck.

I will have a pictures to send next week and also some great things that I will be able to share from our Mission Conference that will be with Elder Bednar this Saturday. I am also very excited for the Baptism this week of Joey and I will definitely have some great things about that to.

I know that with be diligent in our efforts in work in all aspects of our life that the Lord will bless us even as it has blessed our companionship with the opportunity to help Joey Come Unto Christ through Baptism.

Love you All

Elder Regan Hansen

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