Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Regan May 26, 2009

This past week has went really well for us here in helping our progressing Investigators to their Baptismal Dates.

On Tuesday after Zone Conference Elder Gudmundson and I went on a trade off. We tracted in an area near the end of the day and Found 2 really great potentials and Nate who we have a return appointment with later on this week.

Wednesday we Taught Krystal the Gospel of Jesus Christ and have continued to commit her to read and pray. We were able to have Kevin, Joey, and Maeson come to Young men's and Young women's. They really seem to enjoy it and it is great being able to see them in that joy.
Thursday we planned and set up a few things for the next week. We really strive to have Kevin, Joey, and Maeson to activity night. They played Basketball and had fun as always. We have more Investigators coming between us and the sisters than we do members.

Friday we tracted in a neighborhood close to us that we haven't tracted since we have been here so we figured we would take a shot at it. Not allot of People were home. We did find a stay at home mom that was sick and wanted us to come back on Wednesday so that was great. We also went and taught Joey the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the rest of the commandments we needed to teach him. We have been asking him about the baptismal interview questions and he is doing great.

Saturday we went to a Member Baptism and Joey came with us. He enjoyed it and is ready and excited for his. We talked to the Bishop and we have decided to Kevin and Joey's baptism on June 6. They will be in the evening so their family can come and it is exciting.

We had Misty, Kevin, Joey, and some others at church on Sunday. It was exciting because Kevin and Misty have both came twice now. We had all of them in the Gospel Principles class and they were involved and asking great questions.

I guess the greatest thing to add to all of this is that we will be having Elder Bednar coming out on June 6th to train our mission for 3 hours. It is going to be really awesome. He is coming out for Stake Conference in Pensacola so President called his secretary and got it all set up. I am way excited right now. He is having us Prepare by ready "Seek learning by Faith" and "Ask in Faith". These talks our so amazing but I have not studied through them totally yet. It has been taking me awhile because of marking them up and searching references to be able to better study and ponder the messages which are contained in his talks.

I know that has we Pray and Study that we will have many new things opened unto us. That through pondering over the messages our hearts won't only be opened but the spirit will carry the messages in our hearts and the hearts of those we are around. May the spirit continue to bless us all with the messages that will carry into our hearts and act in faith upon those things of which we receive.

Love You

Elder Regan Hansen

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