Monday, May 18, 2009

Tyler May 18 2009

hello family,
Well right now at the moment as I write an ambulance pulled up and is helping someone out in the cafe next to us. Things are unpredictable in this place. This past week it has been freezing cold, its not Utah cold but it is still cold. It has been rainy and windy mostly this past week in most of the western cape. All the rain and cold though have some advantages though with a lot of people being in their homes and not having to wash the car. This past week though we seen Thomas Peschen a German guy that gives guided bus tours all around the country including Namibia, Botswana,and Lesotho and said he'll be back in the next few weeks. We were able to teach him about the priesthood and deliver some liahonas to him. When he is home he and his family make the 45 minute drive to the Hermann's branch from Bettys Bay. I marvel at some of the sacrifices some of these people make to get to church. Before the branch was established more than 5 years ago most of the members made the drive to Summer Set West, over a set of mountains, about an hours drive, before my mission you wouldn't find me doing that. This past week has been really well though with a lot of good appointments. I think the best one that we had was with Major and Prudence Muyo who just recently had a baby and we shared with them the plan of salvation where he was asking us some really good questions, where it was more us having a debate rather than just talking. I think the miracle of the week was to see an investigator named Cornelius Williams and his daughter come to church, just after following up on the families can be together dvd. Its definitely given me some encouragement to hand more of the free dvd cards out after the success we have been having with those. We have about 17 potential investigators who have been given the cards and have called the office to receive a free dvd that we need to still follow up and see. Most of our time is spent in Zwelihle a township that has hundreds of shacks everywhere. But our area that we cover is probably the size of Spanish Fork or bigger except right against the bays of the ocean. Well it looks like the guy that they pulled out is alright. I don't know what happened to him but he looks ok, as I look out the glass of the shop. Today we were going to hike to the top of this mountain, but due to rain I think well talk to some wine farmers and give some service or just play golf, anyway have a good week, thanks for the emails.
Elder Tyler Hansen

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