Monday, May 4, 2009

Regan May 4, 2009

I hope everything with all of you is going as well is it has been here.

Everything here this week has been full of miracles and new strengths that are hard to exactly put into words at the moment.

On Wednesday we talked with Misty and the kids and were making sure that they were still planning to come to the Barbecue on Thursday. As we were there one of Misty's friends she has been talking to asked us if we could give her a blessing. I truly was an instrument in the Lord's hands and felt the spirit envelop me 3 times during her blessing. We taught her a brief restoration and set up an appointment for this Wednesday. Her name is Krystal and she has 8 children.

On Thursday we had the Barbecue with some ward members and our ward mission leaders family. Misty and her family came and so did Jeff and Kira. We enjoyed each others company and taught some things and finished the night of by watching the Testaments DVD. It was very powerful and the spirit was powerful.

On Friday we went over and taught Misty's children. Masen is 15 and we committed her to Baptism for May 30th. We then visited a potential investigator who is in a hospice and taught her. Her name is Betty Sawyer and we have another appointment with her tomorrow. We then went and taught Kevin and Joey. Misty's two sons. We also committed them to Baptism with Masen on May 30th.

On Friday we went and taught Kevin and Joey the Plan of Salvation. We also committed them to Mark and Read in the Book of Mormon each day. They said they would.

On Sunday Joey, Jeff, and Kira were at church with us. Joey stayed the whole time and enjoyed it. Masen and Kevin will be there with Joey next week.

We were asked by our President Summerhays to attend Elder Bednar's CES fireside. For those who had the opportunity it was amazing. He shared some very powerful messages with this generation of youth that I would love to pass on.

Elder Bednar stated:

"The youth of this generation have a greater capacity for obedience than any other generation.” Spirits of the faithful, coming to the earth in this generation, have a greater capacity for valiance, courage and obedience.”

“Lucifer tempts us to misuse or minimize our bodies to decrease our happiness and increase our misery.” “Lucifer encourages us to Lower the Bar.” “Lucifer will lead us into lowering the bar by suggesting we take a few minutes of needed relief from a hectic daily schedule and engage in activities that lack fidelity.”

One other thing that I would like to add is that "Obedience is our Weapon to fight the Adversary."

I know of these things that he has said for a surety because the Holy Ghost has given a witness to me of the truth of these things. I know that has we all strive for Exact Obedience to the Gospel that we will have power to overcome all that stands in our way. I know that Our Heavenly Father lives. That he sent his Begotten Son to take upon the sins of the world and through him we can return to his presence. I Know that through the resurrection that Jesus Christ lives and that we to can live. I know that through Modern Day revelation that we know for a surety of the true Nature of the Godhead. I know that the rightful power of the Priesthood has been restored to bless us all not only individually but as families for time and all eternity. I know that the Book of Mormon is the Word of God and answers the questions that we seek for each and everyday. I know through Daily prayers and reading that we will continually be strengthened and receive guidance and protection over the Adversary. I know that Joseph Smith was and Instrument in the Lords hands who brought forth the Gospel in it Fullness for these latter days. I know and Testify of these things in the Sacred name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

I love All of you.

Elder Regan Hansen

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