Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April 28 2009

Yesterday I wasn't able to email because of the Monday holiday that happens around here. I appreciate all the birthday greetings that I received and thank you for that. It wasn't to bad of a day but it could of been better, if we would of had more investigators at church. We had plenty of commitments but no follow ups which seems to be quite common around here. This week I look forward to because we found six new investigators, who we will talk to this week and find there houses. The one thing about the townships is the houses have no numerical order so sometimes it is tricky to find where your going in this part of the vineyard. This last week was pretty laid back despite the elections but we were able to do some productive things such as a couple of games of football and soccer on Tuesday and have workshops and interviews. I really enjoy the interviews and workshops and admire the care and love that President and Sister Probst have for the missionaries. With the many missionaries that President Probst has to watch over it really boggles my mind to know how he remembers each and every missionary in the mission, and how they are doing. He truly inspires me with the wisdom that he has. We were able to have two full working days though on Thursday and Friday where we were able to get some less active hours and also some service hours which is harder to get in the townships since the people don't have any money. I am really getting used to their square mouth shovel and it is a tool for everything around here, even to cut the lawn. It truly makes me miss the dependability and durability of the American tools instead of third world country tools. While Ive been here In Mdantsane I am amazed at the love the Xhosa people have for missionaries and when we pass by everyone says umlungu which means white person which the kids typically have fun with since not many white people are here. The kids around here have nothing to do in this town so we usually see them playing the tire and stick game where they roll a tire across the road with a pair of sticks with piece of plastic at the end of the stick to prevent the friction and therefore makes it slick on the inside of the tire. Some of them are usually pretty good. A lot of the problem around here encompass the law of chastity since not a lot of amusement is around and absolutely nothing to do. I look forward to talking to you on mothers day, give me a time when you want me to call, I don't know what the time difference is now, but I think it is 8 hours with daylight savings. Just let me know what time we will call from the church when ever. Here's a few pictures from the previous weeks take care have a good week.
Elder Tyler Hansen

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