Monday, April 13, 2009

April 13 2009

Hello family,
Well today we are emailing in a different location than usual, in our bubble where we stay it is a holiday so a lot of the shops are closed and are not going to open until Tuesday. Well this week was rather a more discouraging week and I hope things will work out better through time. This past weekend it was terrible in MD with the amount of drunk people because of the holidays. It is sad to see the life that these people live and what they do all day, they have no where to go and all day to get there. They spend most their money on the booze and when they are hungry they beg until they get something so a lot of the people don't have much of a work ethic. If it is one thing that I learn while I'm here in Mdantsane it will be to love the Xhosa people despite their work ethic and the way that they live there lives, but it is difficult. The thing that really frustrates me is how they spend their money they spend more money on their tv's, booze, cars, drugs and personal entertainment than what their actual house is worth. You can see how pride really settles into their lives. This past week though Elder Smith and I worked with the Vuyelle family and read out from the Book of Mormon, She has a testimony that it is true but despite the fact she still goes to her church for the social hour or whatever they do. We explained to her that if the Book of Mormon is true, then that proves and means, several true and important points. I think the key for her family is finding a member that will befriend the Vuyelles and really take Mama Vuyelle under their wing, she is the key to that family. I am really impressed with the ward and how they are committed to missionary work, and the support that they give. But as far as this week we will just be looking forward to tracting. Right now in the area their is not much progression happening but hopefully with the 5 week transfer that we might have something happen. This transfer is shortened because President Probst has a meeting in Joburg. As for our schedule we do everything that we need to in the morning and then at one o'clock we leave to MD which is about half an hour drive from our boarding and there we stay until 8 at night or until the other elders with the car pick us up at the Hanis families house. What we eat is usually in the boarding for breakfast and lunch and then when we get back during the night at 9. The whole of East London though I would say would be as big as Salt Lake I would guess but towns spread across everywhere. Thanks for everything I hope you all have a good week, please send a picture or two sometime. Love you all and I pray for you, pray for me that my heart can be softened.
Elder Tyler Hansen

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