Monday, April 20, 2009

Regan April 20, 2009

Well this past week has been a week for me personally up and down. It has seemed like everything is hitting me harder than ever but then everything is blessing me and our work.

This passed week we talked to Misty and she wants to be baptized which is great but she hasn't married Brad and most likely he won't move out. We found out they are planning on getting married in June which lifted me up again. She told us how she was talking with a preacher this past week who helped her with some bills. They ended up talking about the Book of Mormon and she defended it. It was exciting to here and understand that she is gaining a testimony of it's truth. She even included that she talked about Joseph Smith and explained that a bit. She is an awesome Daughter of God.

We talked with Jeffrey and Kira this week. We committed them to Live the Word of Wisdom and expressed how it would greatly improve there quality of Life. They said they would and also they would do it Cold Turkey. All seems to be going well that way.

We had activity night and were able to have Misty's kids come again. It is great that they want to come and enjoy it. We have really begun a great friendship and trust us. We should be able to teach them all very shortly and maybe even set some BCD's with them. It will be awesome.

This next week we will be having Zone Conference so I am very excited about that. It is one of those things like a General Conference that just uplifts and Boosts you up to continue in the work more diligently.

When I was reading a book yesterday I found out how much Strength and Power we can receive from Virtue. It is not just keeping ourselves clean but living at the Highest Standards of the gospel and being Obedient to them. I have set myself that this next week I will be Studying Virtue and also the "Law of the Harvest." Elder Parkinson shared a bit with me and it is really intrigued me.

If you a Curious about it you can find it in Alma 41-42 and Doctrine and Covenants 45. I am really excited to learn about it because it help me to understand that even if we are not seeing everything from our work at this time that we will receive great thing because of our Good Works in the Service.

Love You

Elder Regan Hansen

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