Monday, April 13, 2009

Regan April 13, 2009

Well this week has been a bit slower but we were able to continue the good service that the lord asks of us. Sister Parson's is doing really well and her family is doing great. Thank you for all of your prayers in her behalf.

Elder Manning ended up having to come home this past week because of medical things that had been happening. I will miss him dearly but he has such a great attitude to continue the work back at home. He was called for 2 years so either way he said he will serve it here or he will finish serving it at home. He is a great example to me and a great friend.

We had District Meeting on Tuesday and I was nervous as ever being it the first one that I have had to teach. I feel as If it went real well and the spirit used me as an instrument in his hands. Elder Mortensen said that I did good so that helped me calm down a bit after.

After ward Council this week we decided to spend a couple hours in prayer and pondering on which less active members we should really focus on. We were directed in all this and came across those we had not even discussed. I feel that if we put all diligence in bringing them back that they will be strengthened and we will see the blessings that will come of it.

We were able to talk with Misty this week which has been great. She has been given a good bill of health. We have been working with the family quite a bit. We were able to have 3 of her kids come to Activity night and play basketball and they seem to enjoy it. It has been great getting to know them and the work with there family is continuing to grow and miracles will soon come in abundance as we are diligent and obedient in this work.

I have been able to listen to the Conference talks quite a few times since they were released and there are so many great talks on faith. I know that if we all strive to have the "eye" of Faith as talked about in Alma that we will all be able to control our growth in the gospel and have more power to overcome the Adversary. I know that through Obedience that Power is truly Manifest through the spirit and increases our faith so me can see many of the Miracles that are in our life each and everyday.

Love you

Elder Regan Hansen

Thank you for all the Packages and letters.

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