Monday, April 6, 2009

Regan April 6, 2009

Well this past week has been so amazing. After Finding out that I was going to be a district leader I made every change that I could possibly make to be more exact obedient and be a better example for those whom I am serving.

It has been amazing to see with that bit of dedication and using the enabling power of the atonement to make those changes that so much has come from it. I have been able to see more of the power and strength that I have been given to resist temptation and how much easier it has been to be even more obedient.

This past week we have had some really great companion studies out of preach my gospel. We were studying in recognizing the spirit and did the activity which allows how to better understand where to go, what to do, what to say, how to use the Book of Mormon with those we teach, and also how to better adjust to their needs.

It was amazing to see the power in all of the scriptures and how well it enabled us to have the best planning session for the next week that we have had. His hand is in everything and with putting our hands in his we are drawn to all that he wants and desires for us .

We have had some amazing member present lessons this week and all of those who have received our prayers have been strengthened and they are getting better physically and spiritually.

Wow!!! I don't even know how to express or where to begin on how amazing Conference was. I could of not asked for better direction than what was given. I loved all the talks and will be studying them just as President Monson as Directed us to. I am ready to Ponder the messages that are contained within and apply them into my life with all diligence.

I hope that all of you enjoyed the marvellous talks and received the inspiration that you had been seeking for. I know that I received those things that I have been pondering on for my district and also for all of those we are teaching and will find. There is not greater Message than that of the Restoration. We all need to continue as was directed yesterday to share this gospel to all of those who are around and about us.

Thanks for the letters and the e-mails they are great.

Love You

Elder Regan Hansen

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