Tuesday, March 31, 2009

march 31 2009

Hello family,
It sounds like you all had a pretty good week and things are quite well. This week went pretty well we were able to render a lot of service. Right now we are building a game park fence in Brother Billy Vanheardens backyard and it is truly something fun for me to relieve some of the stresses of missionary work. I do get frustrated sometimes because the guy does not know how to build a fence. Something that I am learning with him is complete patience, when he doesn't know what he is doing. This week is transfer week, me and Elder Marshall will see if we stay together another transfer. Here in the next few months our mission is going to see a lot of change. Because the shortage of missionaries in the world our mission will drop down to less than 100 missionaries. When Elder Marshall's group of missionaries leave there will be no incoming missionaries for the next 6 months or next 4 transfers, only departing missionaries. It just simply means that there will be no biking areas and the areas that we are in are going to be huge. Right now the area that we are in is big enough it is probably the size of half of Utah valley. So anyways big changes are happening in the mission in the next six months. Well today will be a short letter but I look forward to general conference and also the game drive that we are going on today with the senior couples. We will be going to Inquenqeze and see the big 5 that they have. Sorry I would write some more but we have to go. Well Have a good week and be sure to write more in your emails they're looking a little skimpy. love you all

Elder Tyler Hansen

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