Monday, March 16, 2009

march 16 2009

Hey dad when did you get a new job you never told me? It sounds like everything is going well though. I enjoy my companion he makes everyday an adventure and he is about ready to go home, so he is quite trunky. We had zone workshops and interviews this week, me and my companion made the request to stay together another transfer since this transfer is almost finished. We will see if we stay together but I hope I do because I really like this ward and the people in the area of Gonubie. I love being by the ocean and trackting by the ocean, just makes missionary work a lot more fun. This week was stake conference and we all gathered together in Mdansane Enu 2 chapel. It was a full chapel but it would be great to see another chapel full with all the area of East London and Mdansane. In Cape Town if everyone was active there there would be enough for 9 stakes and probably even a temple there. But there is only one stake in Cape Town as well as one in Port Elizabeth and also East London. There are two branches in the country of Namibia. I look forward to this week and the few people that are progressing especially the Howe family I think the focus in our area would be finding new progressing investigators. We have a lot of investigators but a lot of them are not progressing at all and its more of just a social hour when your with them, rather than us teaching them. The white people that you see in the picture are the Africans people which contains most of our ward. There are also some from Britain and very few from Scotland but the majority are the Africans which is a the language of Dutch and German and they are a harder people to talk to, that will let us into there house I think a lot because of the apartate in 1994 but they are good people. Thanks for the emails each week they help to encourage me, but I love you all.
Elder Tyler Hansen

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