Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Regan March 9, 2009

Well this week has been great.

I found out on Tuesday night that a little girl in the ward was being baptized on Saturday and she wanted me to baptize her. She is in a part member family and we are hoping to work with them and bring their family closer together.

We did not have the Opportunity to teach Misty this week. She has been in Gainesville and the Hospital because of the tumor that she has in her liver. I have prayed that she will be blessed and overcome this trial and I have only had peace in my heart.

We talked with Jeffrey and Kiera this week. After their vacation we were finally able to set up a time to talk with them. I found out that Jeffrey was excommunicated 13 years ago but wants to come back. His girlfriend Kiera has heard a lot about the church from him and has been begging him to reach us for the past few months. She was really excited to read the Book of Mormon. We will be teaching them tomorrow.

We received a lot of referrals this week from Salt Lake and we were able to deliver all of them very quickly. We set up an appointment with one of them but she wasn't there. We stopped and talked to a few people that were around her complex and found Stephan. He is a really cool guy and is interested in what we have offered him.

We taught Suzin this week. We taught her The plan of Salvation and it went real well. At the end of the lesson we kneeled down in prayer to show her how to pray. She was a little bit reluctant but she said she would pray after we left. I felt the need to commit her to baptism and she said yes. We are shooting for March 28. She wasn't able to attend church yesterday so we are hoping to have it then. If you could Keep her in your prayers that would be great.

The spirit has been so strong since the baptism. I felt such love from our Saviour after I had performed the ordinance. She was so happy after and it just made me so joyful. I know that with the work that we are doing at this time that we can all feel the joy and satisfaction as we invite all our friends and families to come unto Christ.

Thank you and I love all of You

Elder Regan Hansen

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