Monday, March 23, 2009

Regan March 23, 2009

I hope all is well and the snow should soon be fading away quickly. It has started to warm up here and has been quite consistent at about 75 degrees now. The Humidity has not picked up a ton yet but it will be very soon so I'm not to excited about it.

This past week had its up and downs but all and all it was good. On Tuesday we went to visit all the new move-ins south of the Highway. We were able to leave cards with them but many of them were not available at the time. We looked at the end of the day and we bike 17 miles.

On Wednesday we basically did the same thing but in the north part our area. We were able to talk with a couple of Move ins and visited some member as we were out and about. We traveled 20 miles and I felt so exhausted that I slept really well.

Thursday we planned so we got a bit of a break from riding but by the end of the day we were playing basketball with the sisters, investigators, and members that join us in some fun.

We traveled a lot today because we had a lot of referrals but we did not see much come from those things. I have learned this week on how to have Patient perseverance.

I was thinking that this week had almost been bombed because we had not found any new "gators." On Saturday we decided that we would go out and tract an area with a ton of townhouses. We found 3 new investigators and found many more potential that we were not able to set appointments up with.

I have been able to see that having patience and persevering through hard times that seem as if you are not accomplishing anything are truly a blessing. It allowed me to understand better how we need to be dependent on our Heavenly Father. Through the great gift of the Holy Spirit we are able to receive a greater hope and hope for those things of the future. With Hope we can always be prepared for out destiny but we will never fully comprehend how great it will be as we enjoy the Fullness of times with our Father and Saviour.

Love You

Elder Regan Hansen

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