Tuesday, March 24, 2009

march 24 2009

well hello family,
It is good to here from you and all the new changes that are happening. Dad I hope all is well with your back you will have to tell me what your new job is. It is good that you guys were able to experience the witness of an Apostle and feel of Elder Jefferey R. Hollands spirit. He sends a powerful message and I truly look forward to conference in the next couple of weeks, they mean a lot more on a mission than back at home. I hope that I can be able to hear something that will help benefit me and also the investigators that we invite to come. This week we were able to go out to the town of Butterworth which is a very dirty town but once you get into the outskirts/farmlands they show some pride in there town. I will show you some pictures of the town, I don't have any inside the town but some of the outskirts. We only go out to Butterworth once or twice every transfer which is every six weeks and meet with the Bakitcha family. We really didn't get to teach anyone out there but gave Tata Bakitcha a blessing since his foot was swollen. Butterworth is about an hour and a half away from Beacon Bay but the bishop likes us to go out there to see that all is well with the Bakitchas since they are basically the only members in the whole town. We went fellow shipping with Sepocacula who just received the Aaronic Priesthood and visited some of his family. This transfer is winding to an end, me and my companion requested to President that we stay together another transfer, but we will see what happens. Elder Marshall has a lot of knowledge of the gospel and this next transfer will be his last on his mission. We have quite a few progressing investigators now and this next transfer we may have quite a few baptisms depending on there commitments. We were able also to give a lot of service this week with me and my companion putting in about 30 service hours a week which is really good for South Africa and Beacon Bay since the country is accustomed to beggars. Thanks for the emails and if you would please send some pictures of back home since I realized that I came out here with no pictures. It sounds like things are starting to warm up It will be interesting to experience my first winter here in South Africa since the nights now are starting to get a little bit cold which I like. Thank you for the support I pray for you all the time and look forward to a package.
Elder Tyler Hansen

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